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  1. DTC Area VS Cherry Creek

    Gents and Ladies, Since I am not from the area I need a bit of help. Can you inform me the pros and cons of each area. I have only stayed in the DTC area, but would love to try other areas as well. Which area is the most convenient and easily accessible. Or is this question like saying do you have a butt hole? lol lol Any input is greatly appreciated! And if you don't like to comment here you can always PM me. Thanks bunches! ~Kisses~
  2. References

    Yes they do! And I know ya'll have the reference thing on your profiles, but I am still new to Denver and until I know a lady's word is 100, then I will continue to ask for one. Just so everyone knows, I am reference friendly and will help any time I can. And if I am slow to respond just probably means I am on tour myself with limited computer access, but will get back to you as soon as I can.
  3. References

    A special Shout out to Sofia, Raquel, Lexi-skate,Rylee,and Montero,Ashley(Alternative Therapy),and Tara. I appreciate you ladies taking the time to help me with references. I am forever grateful for your time and help!! I don't get some of you Denver ladies that wouldn't help. But totally cool. I get that it is your choice to help or not. Just not cool in my books! But who am I to say, right? lol lol
  4. Thank You Denver!!

    I just want to Thank the incredible Denver Men who made my trip a Phenomenal one!! I am very grateful to ya'll! Thank you soo much! I will be back for more!! ~Kisses~

    Thank you Sapphire! I appreciate the support. It only has to get better!

    Thank ya'll for understanding. It took a lot to post what I did and some of what I posted was not allowed so there was a reason I did not post right after I got back to TX. A lot of what happened I feel like I could have kept from happening so I do apologize more than you know.

    Denver forum members, I was supposed to have visited middle Dec and ended up NCNS the trip. I just wanted to post to let everyone who contacted me know why you never heard from me. I am not a type of provider who ever just NCNS anyone. I am a very respectable and reliable and it has been killing me knowing I had to NCNS the trip. So I took off Monday evening and just about an HR before I was due to reach Denver I got a phone call from my BFF's mom asking if I had talked to my BFF. I said yeah.. What's going on? She hadn't seen or heard from my BFF and was getting worried. I started panicking cause she was driving when I last talked to her. I started calling her phone over and over and not getting a response. I called her mother back and she said they were going to her house to check on her. I was like she was driving when I talked to her, please check the route, maybe something happened. About 30 mins later her mom called to tell me the highway was shut down. She spoke to an officer who let her know there was a fatal car crash and asked what type of vehicle cause she couldn't reach her daughter. I turned around and hauled ass back to the Dallas area. When I got to the hospital my BFF was in surgery. A semi driver had fallen asleep and crossed the median. When the semi was turning over it pinned her under the trailer. Just a horrible horrible ordeal. She is my family and when it comes to family, you won't hear from me. Especially something like this. All I was concerned about was my family. I have been a mess cause I feel like it was my fault. So our Christmas and New Years wasn't what I would have liked it to of been. She is doing somewhat better physically, but her heart is broken and all I can do is be there for her and her kids. I can't begin to say I am sorry enough to all those who reached out to me and never heard from me and more to those I ended up NCNS. I don't want this post to be a feel sorry for me. I just wanted to give my apologies for the time wasted. Thank you for taking the time to read this and again Please Please forgive me!!
  8. Interactions with providers in public

    Smiling and making eye contact is always fine. But never make the situation weird. We are people just like ya'll and have lives as well. Now personally I don't have anything to worry about if someone did want to say HI, but not everyone is in my situation. Now just because I have nothing to worry about, I still wouldn't run up to you or make a scene to show I know you. lol I will smile and acknowledge you,but that is about as far as it goes.
  9. Introducing Myself Again

    Y'all are amazing! Thank you for the warm welcomes! I so can't wait to visit and see Denver!
  10. Introducing Myself Again

    Hi CO, My name is Nikki and I just wanted to say Hi! It has been awhile since I last introduced myself and just thought I would! *waving* Hope to converse with you fine gentleman and ladies very soon! ~Kisses~
  11. Hey KC Boys & Ladies! Be seeing KC from time to time!
  12. Hello Dallas

    Howdy Dallas Gents And Ladies!! Let's Continue The FUN!!
  13. Getting Started And Just Saying Howdy Everyone!

    Thank You All For The Warm Welcome!! I Am Already Feeling The LOVE!! he he Can't wait to plan a trip yall's way! Getting excited just thinking about it! Kisses
  14. Getting Started And Just Saying Howdy Everyone!

    Hey BabyDallas! I remember you from AR!! How are you? Hey Juanmotai!! I can't wait to see how cool! he he
  15. Hey Ladies&Gents, Just wanted to say HI! And looking forward to meeting new friends of TOB!! Have a great rest of your week! Kisses, Nikki