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  1. DUI Enforcement

    I was stopped at U.S. Highway 50 and CO Highway 115 in Penrose, CO. Last evening by the Co State Patrol. It was a Routine DL, Insurance and alcohol.check. The trooper was respectful. I was released after 15 minutes.
  2. New To TOB.

    Howdy and welcome.
  3. Hotel or Outcall?

    I won't make incall appointments. Too many risks with LE. I can guarantee that my location is safe and secured. LE will never, under NO conditions send in a under cover officer into a situation/location they cannot control. They conduct risk assessments before each sting operation. That is the only way I participate in the hobby. So for me, it's outcalls only baby. This limits also the number of providers available( incall vs outcalls) seems like less outcalls. My final thought is I wont be trapped by LE in some dark hotel room.
  4. Anyone think it's LE bait?

    LE will never show you a face picture for you to compare it with when you arrive at the door. They will never show you a face pic.
  5. New to COS

    Welcome.Be very careful, Don't get caught up in the current sting operations with CSPD. They are very active now.
  6. stings tonight in northern colorado

    The Colorado Springs Police Task Force have been workings stings in Colorado Springs for over two years now- using human trafficking as the reason for increased enforcement. They are getting federal funds to deter human trafficking and they are busting Johns. They continue to bust Johns every weekend and they arrest military members as well. If you make an appointment, meet the provider/undercover; she will ask you what you would like for her to perform, mention a $amount, will ask you which outfit you would like for her to wear. She will go into the bathroom for her protection-to change into the outfit you selected. The traps is now set - expect 3-6 LE officers to enter the room immediately and place you under arrest. What you didn't know you were being filmed by 6 cameras with microphones that are being monitored in an adjacent room. Don't underestimate these LE. They have two active female under cover officers and they never post face pics. Be on the look out fellas and gals. This task force is well polished. They are not amateurs. Also, DA has not allowed a plea lesser than "solicitation-a class a misdemeanor" even with an umblemished record.
  7. Outs Vs Ins

    I will no longer make incall appointments. I got burned in a sting operation in COS. I will only schedule outcall appointments. LE will never, ever send their icon officers to an outcall.