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  1. Angela Aspen expose

    I have worked with her in the past and she actually was the first woman in this industry I offered doubles with. She taught me a lot but I also witnessed how "not right in the head" she was. I'm glad she got the help she needed.
  2. Sooooo disappointed :(

    iI caught that too.... its definitely frustrating....
  3. Sooooo disappointed :(

    yes I saw that. I really is annoying. Hope they fix it.
  4. Sooooo disappointed :(

    Mine too. I have 4 years of hard work and 50+ reviews gone and the reviews that are showing on my name are not even for me.... so hopefully this changes soon.
  5. Scary Ad in COS BP

    Only in the Springs.... LOL
  6. Lena O'neil -- is she gone for good?

    Hello! Yes she is independent and no longer with MCV
  7. House sitting, outcalls

    Oh please don't!!! LOL I had this happen to me while I was in L.A last summer. I didn't find out until I got to this nice big house in the I.E. and wondered why I'm in a room thats filled with old lady trinkets and old pictures that looked like his grandma. Turns out he was watching his Grandmas house and *Yes* she comes home during the visit. I've never been told to leave and run out the back so fast in my life. COMPLETELY AWKWARD.
  8. Do you change your donation depending on the incall?

    You're thinking way too much into this. Just leave her normal incall donation and you wont have that awkward convo betweeen her and you regarding the correct amount. Trust me I HATE doing that lol
  9. Lena O'neil -- is she gone for good?

    Not sure if this will get flagged... but being I worked with her and lived with her personally... I thought I ought to tell you guys... She will not be back She is planning on moving out of state and going back to school and aspire Photography. She does say hello!!!!! :DXOXO
  10. Real Pics / Outcalls

  11. Real Pics / Outcalls

    ahahahahahhahahaahha this comment made my day!
  12. All about hair

    AGREED. I'm a natural redhead as well.... and we know how to rock your world.
  13. Or Second Home inside the JW Marriott. Wednesday Nights!!! I walked in there and had to be the youngest woman in there and I'm 26. LOL Quite Entertaining though...
  14. Paying them to leave ? Snoring included

    a fuckin men (amen) couldn't of said it better! =)
  15. Providers in west La

    I was out in LA for a month and used and p411 mainly. Also check cityvibe as well. =)