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  1. new from Italy

    Bonjourno! I'm Italian and have been home recently. Enjoy your stay, darling. Ciao (with an a on the end 🤤)
  2. Weird Idiosyncrasies

    A non-Caucasian gent asked me to repeatedly call him a racial slur. I refunded his money and said: no. To each their own. My tiny boundaries are firm.
  3. I'm headed to FL to visit my gma, who is all the things. She lives in Port Charlotte. Where do we go for really good seafood? Her idea of amazing seafood is Gordon's frozen shrimp 😕 It seems I wasn't blessed with a gma who can cook 😨 #italianfail
  4. Provider's with sports knowledge

    Sorry, football isn't a sportsball I love. me when you wanna watch the basketball championships 😚
  5. I miss you my favorite ASP.

    I can't list names, but this post is really sweet. So many kisses! May your memories hold you down (but, not back). 😙
  6. Any of you ladies...

    I can't understand why a companion website would ever put "LE" in their name. Seems like the worst marketing move I can possibly think of.
  7. Users Banned- LustyLeah and RJB1354

    I've had 2 date requests from women and both were delightful company! I wish more ladies would partake in this world, as is more common in AUS. Sadly, I'm a no review girl, so those stories will go to my grave with me. Spicy as they are.
  8. Alternative Advertising

    Absolutely! PM'ing you, m'dear.
  9. Alternative Advertising

    I agree- this type of listing would be wonderful! P411 does have one, although I'm not sure how up to date it is these days. If you live in Chicago we have a Providers Network website where you can search for things like doctors, lawyers, therapists, etc. that are SW'er friendly. I realize it's not much help for us CO folks, but maybe it will spark a copy cat to create one for us! I should ad that these are not trade-for-services type of listings; they are fee-for-service.
  10. Need advice please

    Nope, not wanting to go to jail just makes you very smart and appropriately cautious. If you're a nervous Nelly, my suggestion would be to find a lady you like and become a regular. I have always found that companionship is like wine- much finer with age. <-- interpret that however you wish Have fun!
  11. ^^ This opener says it all. No one "forced' you anywhere, m'dear. Your subsequent posts also suggest a person who has external locus of control ( and struggles to see the common denominator.
  12. Favorite Drinks?

    My summer go to has been Effen Cucumber Vodka, soda water, mint, and a few strawberries. Now that it's getting chilly, it's red wine time!
  13. 50 years of Nerdvana

    I completely agree! I love Joss for his knack for writing strong female leads into his work. It's such a shame that most of his stuff has an untimely end.
  14. 50 years of Nerdvana

    Can I touch it? I'm so jealous!
  15. 50 years of Nerdvana

    Ahh...a fellow FireFly fan among us Inara is truly a women to be revered.