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  1. When is old too old?

    Since my 20's I've been called an "old soul" just because I seem to relate more to older men and women......I just feel like they have more to talk about, share, and of course wisdom, being somewhere in the middle now, it's still the same, but, I've also met younger "old souls" to. I don't get caught up in age factors.
  2. This review had me in tears....

    I agree Kari.......not only do I think it's BS, but it also reads likes it was written by a kid.
  3. rough weekend vent

    I don't mind stating when I feel I am wrong......hard to find nowadays but you're all wasn't a NCNS so I wouldn't post a review on it. Last minute cancellation (which still sucks) or least you got a call.
  4. rough weekend vent

    That sucks man, sorry to hear that........but be sure to leave a review on both of them so others might know what to expect (established or not)........and don't sweat it, their loss, have yourself fun elsewhere and let someone else make that money.
  5. 411 Latina

    Well I am glad somebody asked about her. She's definitely been on my radar but haven't seen any reviews.
  6. 411 on Cherry Deluxe

    To each their own but at $200 an hour........I might as well go to any bar/club. Yep, I said it.
  7. I'm somewhere in the middle and pretty well balanced between them both.
  8. Last minute cancel by ASP

    Honestly............simply never cared as I always just saw it as money out of their pocket that will be going into someone else's. I learned fast and I don't get caught up on one particular individual. So whenever I am ready to see someone............I have, eh, 6-10 prospects already laid out, researched, and in order of preference. Then it's just a matter of going down the line and getting an appointment. Either way, still never cared about cancellations because I and somebody else will still get what they are looking for.
  9. Mother Nature is a *C* blocker...

    Take 30 seconds to call, e mail, text, smoke signals, whatever...just let the clients know. At least then we know something came up. Goes both ways
  10. Dynamic Pricing

    Couldn't agree with you more Crazy Horse, and Harry, we just find it interesting which isn't something "bad" to look at. I personally do move on if I have an issue with someone's asking price and leave it at that, but from those that have the experience of this venture 20yrs ago to where it's at now, and even when talking about rates.........I'd just love to hear what they would have to say, think, or feel.
  11. So how often does it happen...

    All the more reason for me not to see them. I'm an all in take it or leave it kind of guy with no time to beat around the bush (no pun intended)
  12. Dynamic Pricing

    I's agrees. Thought about putting together a little timeline showing 20yrs to now.
  13. Basically what crazy horse said...........there are people just as bad outside the hobby, in their own homes with wife and kids, with wife, or alone, walking the streets, entering the bars, jogging in the parks, attending all kinds of activities, and overall mingling with society. It is easy to have a marketed generalized perception towards what these people look like, but that is silly, as there is no once face fits all, and the one's you do not see coming are always the worst. This is life, whether in the hobby or not, but as in life, it is always a small minority of extremes compared to the overwhelming majority of non-extremes, and just the same as in life or the hobby, just use it as a learning curve.
  14. 1st thought on this ad

    It uh looka like'a man
  15. You gotta be kidding me