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  1. Walked away without even knocking

    I probably would have gone to a stairwell in sight if possible and texted her or called her and told her the deal. I then would have watched who came out of the room and made a decision from there. Without being able to watch the room I probably would have done what you did.
  2. On the lighter side of things ....lol

    Two Irishman walk out of a bar... what? It can happen....! ”disclaimer”..this one really takes timing on the delivery.
  3. On the lighter side of things ....lol

    What’s the difference between a girlfriend, a hooker and a wife? the girlfriend goes...”more more give me more!!” the hooker goes..”come on honey you got 5 minutes.” and the wife goes...”Beige...I think I’ll paint the ceiling Beige..” disclaimer...this one came straight from my sweet departed mother.
  4. do you think....

    So is P411 now requiring the ladies to verify as well? If this whole thing is truly about trafficking and underage slavery then that may cut it back somewhat. The U.S. is now taking comments about moving pot off of schedule 1 federally so maybe this industry is not too far behind. It needs to catch up to the dozens of countries where it is legal, regulated and taxed.
  5. Red light district

    Could always start using adult work which is big in Britain. Just need us mongers to know about it. Never mind, doesn’t work in the U.S.
  6. 411 in Breeze in COS

    Thanks gentleman. Been out of the game a bit so my research chops are a little rusty. Didn’t even think to search eccie. Don’t know if I will now however due to the reviews.
  7. 411 in Breeze in COS

    Breeze 719-419-1163 Colorado Escort Seen her post forever but suspiciously no reviews. Has anyone seen her? Any good? PM me if need be and you have intel. https://backpage.com.coloradosprings.escortbabylon.com/post/24179605#
  8. Ana the Unknown

    What he said 100%
  9. Jerica?

    I'm sorry. I don't see anything wrong with the ad or the pics and I would fuck the shit out of her. Holy mother of god what an ass!!! And as pointed out if the hardest thing she does is addys then that just means she would be super focused.
  10. Perfume or not ?

    I'm single so wear whatever makes you feel sexy. I do find that lotions however can taste pretty bad if freshly applied and my tongue happens to go in that area.
  11. Tiffany from erotix elite?

    Guess the Madam takes the weekend off since no response.
  12. How to Make a Girl Squirt in Under Three Minutes...

    The first time I did this to a woman I was absolutely stunned and it was the best thing in the world to both her and I. Since I have learned how to do it I have made a couple of observations that I believe are so true in that video. Context context context. There has to be some chemistry and I have found that woman in their 30-50 range are much more open to it and able to experience it easier then say a girl of 21 or 22. Even though the young ones may be tight and hot as hell they just aren't comfortable with sex, their bodies and their feelings which again goes back to context. Older woman rule.
  13. Time to Restock....

    I am a scotch guy but also love wine and trying new wines. I belong to an awesome club and have a link that if you sign up I get a 25 buck credit. I won't post it here as possibly it isn't allowed but pm me for it if you would like it. The bottles average 15-18 bucks a bottle.
  14. Favorite food on a cold day

    Now THAT would possibly freak a lady out "hmmmmmm wonder what kind of kinky shit this dude is into". Probably something you should inquire about after the first date and your comfortable with each other. Kinda like a BBBJ NQNS.
  15. Favorite food on a cold day

    Everyone has their price.