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  1. Figured since we got Socal and Bay Area and Sac, might as well have a thread for my favorite place to play.. This one is for the 99 from Modesto to Bako! Where are my CV hunnys?
  2. Deal killers and the opposite

    Nailed it!
  3. NS refugees

    yayaman here. Used this site before when traveling to Denver..
  4. One and done or multiple visits?

    I tend to repeat if it was fun. I only have so much available time and don't want to waste it. But I'm always conflicted. Variety is the spice of life, right? So the constant question is tried and true. Comfortable. Or someone new? Exciting? I don't live in Denver but heading there now and plan on trying someone new this weekend as I don't have a tried and true there. Ladies, wanna be my someone new? 😉
  5. Alternate Universe

    ummm... Megan, isn't that one of the reasons they go see you?
  6. While everyone else was hustlin, I was like...

    I'm guessing your pink and red crayons are worn to little nubs!
  7. well.. for an hour.. I'm gonna be in town on Memorial day for a wedding. Not sure what time I'll be abel to extricate myself from this affair but would love to get pre-screened by a few ladies so I can have an evening rendevouz. Problem is I keep looking through the ads and it seems lots of the Denver ladies close up shop by 8pm.. any GFE nightowls out there that might be open to a Cherry Creek outcall on 5/30?
  8. Newbie help in COS

    2nded on BP girls. It's like a box of chocolate. I've walked away at least 5 times upon the door opening and seeing a girl not even close to the girl in the ad. I live in sf but travel a lot and been a hobbyist for a lonnnnggg time. Nice board you all have in CO. Reminds me a lot of our old red book.
  9. i'm new in town

    Wow, Rae, you're one sexy Whiskey drinker! Hope to share a bourbon with you one day. 😍