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  1. lovely people

    I agree, there is no other state quite like Colorado.
  2. It all spends the same!

    Definitely 100’s, they take up less space in my wallet than a whole bunch of 20s
  3. Oh, it’s starting up again, because it downgrading in its services... less risk.
  4. P411 is no longer accepting new members... last I heard.
  5. Text or talk?

    I have disabled my incoming calls. I prefer text, email, Twitter or PM. I’ve learned over the years that too many pervs call us while they have their dick in hand and want to “chat” about what to expect and what I’ll be wearing. If it’s not a masturbation call then it’s likely someone wanting to ask questions that I will not answer, or a client I decided to no longer see or not meet. Since disabling incoming calls I’ve noticed less time wasters, less time wasting pervs (I like pervs, just not the time wasting ones) and overall less daily stress and frustration.
  6. The quarterly geography refresher course

    Make yourself harder to be seen... like use Uber maybe.
  7. Vegas suggestions

    Madison If you can find Madison Carrera she is amazing. She’s on ter I know of and possibly more.
  8. Watch out girls! Don’t be tricked like I was!

    I agree, although I do accept PayPal from clients I have known and seen many, many times. I was played in the past with new guys and learned my lesson.
  9. Will East Colfax make a comeback?

    I’ve heard stories of colfax, and it seems very similar to Dallas's notorious Harry Hines. Since the fosta ordeal Harry Hines has lit all the way up. A few Dallas ladies have told me they have made well over 2k in any given day/night. So I imagine colfax is active.

    I’m skeptical with posting on sites that are brand new. I’ve known about skipthegames for years... not for the listings (which I just realized) but to read the blog. The blog has been very informative and I’ve learned more from there than anywhere else. I feel like that blog had a lot of influence on who I am as an escort today. So I did post on stg but never even got one call. I won’t be posting on yesbackpage though.
  11. What is your dream vacation?

    Norway. (Sex included)
  12. Ladies be careful

    Or pink snow (it’s poisonous) laci is right though, always follow your gut feeling, for both guys and gals.
  13. I saw a bear!!!

    Aww man... I’m jealous. A whole week I was in Yellowstone and only saw elk and big buffalo.
  14. Just the Little Things in Life...

    When I use to have a private incall, I always appreciated fresh flowers or candles. I’ve received a few odd gifts/gestures that turned out to be really useful.
  15. Favorite summertime beverage

    Goose & juice (cranberry)