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  1. Does anyone here still remember me?

    Don't mind the noobs... Welcome back - I remember...
  2. ISO Casino Friends

    đź‘Ť My preference is poker or blackjack, craps can be fun when the table is hoppin'.
  3. BLAST from the past : )

    With great fondness Hope you're doing well, and you look fantastic as always!
  4. I shaved my balls for this!?!

    Life can certainly get in the way of having fun, it's happened to me before and I expect it will again. I'm sure it happens on both sides of the coin, so hopefully everyone involved in these mishaps can be understanding and when communication is resolved - fun can be had!
  5. What are your "hobby" milestones?

    How would you define a "milestone"? 3some in a limo while the driver watches? âś” 1 on 1 that eventually turned into 4 on 1? âś” Ahhh... those were the days...
  6. A survey for the gentlemen, hypothetical setup...

    The driving around part reminds me of a fun HH back in the day...I think it'd be more comfortable in an RV than a limo LOL
  7. When Providers advertise within the forums.....

    But I only have one drumstick...
  8. Force!

    And if you're batting for the Empire, today is Revenge of the Fifth
  9. Its been a while

    Glad to see you're back!
  10. DFK and ATF's

    Beef jerky?!? ouch.... No more yanky my wanky, Donger need food!
  11. DFK and ATF's

    And remember - Unlike Valentine's Day, prices aren't slashed 50% on the 15th
  12. Projected $1.3 B by Wednesday... this is gettin' crazy!
  13. Personally, I would go nucking futs! Buy a private island, have all the lovely ladies come out for a great time! Not all at once though... unless they wanted that is...