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  1. We are all...

    Really Growl? Obviously you are head and shoulders smart than anyone on the forum. Your math skills are exemplary. You're simply the dick of the forum. Go fuck yourself. Now that being said, if my birthdate were 2 days from now, I'd be 2017...DICK. I git it lol. Mercy you're a gem.
  2. We are all...

    2018 today! Worked for me anyway...
  3. What do the black dots mean?

    Growl has 8, I think at least one should be deducted because he's such a Growl.
  4. What is Your Must See TV Shows

    Never ever seen throne's, Simpson's, Rat, none of the current above. News and Sports only. If none, turn the TV off. That being said bill is high per month and watching Red Zone right now. I do have Apple TV and some movies. Have yet to watch Fear and Loathing, Logan, all sorts of cool stuff. I have gotten a library of Thrones but never even looked at. I have lots of cool movies for the younger crowd, that's a must.
  5. Any one have a good ghost story?

    Flashback 03/17/1978. My best friend at the time Jose, for purposes sake here, had met bee at a buddies house for 1 beer. Then off to Aspen for skiing. Him and our buddy yimmy, for purposes sake here, took off say 7pm if I remember rightly. He was a Great Man and Friend. It happened in Basalt, head-on. I vividly remember the dream that night, he simply said goodbye. He passed away. Next morning I received a phone call from another buddy, no cells, rotary. Said he heard there was trouble. Called up to Aspen hospital and had to lie that I was his brother, they put with his sister Katrina for purposes sake here, and she explained what happened. I lost it, still do. I can remember my Daddy, a Strong Man, dropping to his knees, immobile in Prayer, it was yesterday. He cried, never seen him do that...Ever. We were a tight group , still are. Visited his gravesite every year and tipped one (more) to him for a number of years, until someone got a DWI leaving the cemetery. Been at least 20 years since I've been there. Will go tomorrow cause I'll be in that hood anyway. I believe in a lot of things, and yes ghosts is certainly one of them. Obviously I think of him. Peace.
  6. Dirty Talk---yes, no?

    I'll participate but not instigate, otherwise I almost always start laughing. So yes I enjoy it for that reason. Otherwise IDM.
  7. It's getting close to making your jack-o-lanterns

    Yo OP I Double Dog Dare Ya LOL...
  8. Watch the C-Notes Again...

    Paid one o my workers last week with a couple, one was bogus, even grabbed it from the bank, cost me an additional buck quarter for overdraft and penalties on his bank account. Out $225 total for a bogus C. I'm gonna go get pens, can't even trust the bank anymore, pathetic.
  9. Does a full moon affect you?

    Yes, the full moon can cause affect for me, the stoopid walleyes like hunting on a full moon, so that effects me: The action is affect, the end result is effect.
  10. Who has been nabbed by LE tell your story.

    When I was a lad, I had just gotten my learner's permit. Me and some cronies out terrorizing grabbed a couple of dozen eggs. My turn came up and I let 3 fly, all direct hits, on come the spots and roof bubble lights, yup just egged a cop car. The bad part was my daddy had warned me he didn't want to hear from the police in the am. While I did get a warning, that I did give to my dad, and got a good whuppin for it, I didn't have to appear or anything else. I still have yet to be in a cop car. "That's My Story and I'm Stickin to It" LOL
  11. Who would you bring back?

    Megan Kush, and Scarlett Dayne, miss em both a lot.
  12. Love

    My true love...