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  1. Literacy Rant

  2. Just gonna put this out there.

    Jeez after reading this thread I need to change my handle and avatar.
  3. msog in an hour

    Lol yeah but yeah but I only booked an hour...then what? Stuffs frozen now till I break the seal, then keep refrigerated after that. So if I visit an in-call, do I bring my cooler with me, and is ok to pack a couple of beers too?
  4. msog in an hour

    Too complicated IMO. I'm good for one most times. Went and got a scrip for Tri-Mix injection. Have yet to try it, only idea was for MSOG. Says may cause an erection for 2 hours, what the fuck am I supposed to do in the 2nd hour?
  5. Question for the fellas......

    As long as you don't swing on me with problem

    Yay!!!!! Good on you for certain.
  7. Is Thrifty Cheap?

  8. Is Thrifty Cheap?

    I had to look up:
  9. Need help finding a good provider

    Lookin in the wrong place sir...Mercy!
  10. FS QV

    Checkers is a game...Slot car racing, now that's a hobby. I've never ever even understood why a QV, and had to look up what a BNG is. I get to that point, Slot Cars it is!
  11. To Good for backpages?

    And a beer.
  12. A good conversation

    Jebu, Shilo, and Golden Retrievers. Of course mom, dad, Joe and Joe. One from cancer...Fuck Cancer, one in a car accident. Miss em all. Present: Pope Francis