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  1. Who's been following...

    I likewise am experiencing just the beginning of this too.
  2. Who's been following...

    #SESTA #FOSTA, and your thoughts? It's really big with SWOP advocates and may more for sure. Will it be able to handle the political battle in the courts to follow?
  3. Good vibes...

    Good Luck!
  4. I Failed!

    When you named your thread "I Failed", which IMO I doubt that very seriously, it takes two and like many have alluded to, was prolly a good time for all anyway, what you really meant is:
  5. Fear Of Screening..?

    Ya, I know of a couple that are always busting someone that tries to get thru their screening, why give em any extra info they might be able to use. BCD or PM would be the best. I've never asked myself so no idea how they screen except what's posted in ads or websites.
  6. Fear Of Screening..?

    I don't think this should be answered on a public forum. Just my $.15, someone mentioned 3 pence in a different thread, inflation inflation.
  7. What exactly does THAT mean?

    Here's a pretty humorous site on P2P.
  8. Consistency maters.

    I do it all the time too, cept way worse.
  9. Consistency maters.

    Ummmmm...matters, not maters might help.
  10. Who is your favorite basketball team?

    I'm 5'6" soooo Broncos!
  11. Question for providers

  12. Real world dating as an adult

    Ummmm...Sorry, but do you fish? I know, my stoopid handle, but when the Ladies I fish with, might not ever see, but hey, moments of conversation, silence, and way different than a session. I guess I'm Old Technology Age.
  13. Friend Zone

    I've been fortunate. I never expected to receive...but I have. My 1st in 2015 is retired. We talk, text, email at least weekly. We're totally open with each other. I appreciate the friendship. One that's active is literally my mentor, confidant, and only on occasion now, we hook up. I'd take a bullet for her. Some days, weeks, we text as much as 50 plus times a day. Call each on occasion, have lunch or dinner together, and sometimes not alone but with some of our peers too. But only lunch or dinner, no follow up. There is one that her and her SO are totally involved in our lives. Only from a plutonic position. I have a load of friends that I've met here like that. Sometimes we fish, shop, run errands, do laundry (I have a washer/dryer). I could go on and on, but a lot is to be kept private. Some that I get along with, get a chance to meet others too. On Christmas I cooked prime rib for 4, me and 3 Ladies. One of my best Friends, when I 1st met her told me how lonely it can get in the Got Damn hotel rooms, it's one of the reasons I never ever visit a hotel anymore. I get so sad when someone tells me they really have no friends, and advertise night and day, daily. I like your thread...thank you.
  14. Daylight Savings

    I hate the time change. It always screws up my sleep cycle, and I am one who has no problem sleeping when I'm supposed to. I'll conform sure, then have the same issue next change.
  15. Caution may make you spit your beverage!!!

    You made my day, I just got back from saying goodbye to my neighbor back growing up for 60 years. Sad she passed but damn, all her kids, my friends grown up all look old, how did that happen?