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  1. DILF’s

    Sounds like 1 specific poster on here:
  2. Pool hall

  3. Pool hall

    I thought they did, and it's literally walking distance from anywhere on the strip there. There's a sportswear across the street but I can't find it. They have tables too I think. I like JD's.
  4. Pool hall

    these that offer tables are easy from DTC: pool halls in DTC
  5. Pool hall

    Never been here but I'll check it out for ya Never shot pool maybe you can school me lol.
  6. How to bring up a threesome?

    My 1st 3some I was still a newbie. only my 3rd Lady. 2 hour appt she asked me if I could find as she was new to area. Obviously new territory for me. Wasn't that easy at all, a lot of the Ladies didn't know her so no go. I finally interviewed a prospect who is a also a porn star and she agreed. Being a newbie, screening both me and her was the hard part. On occasion I use advertised teams, but honestly prefer choosing who I want to see. Best get some refs in order 1st OP.
  7. Is this true???

    ...I can grow a beard in a week!
  8. Go Topless Day

    At 61, I'm as comfortable with my body now then I think I ever have been. Yeah, I'm not benchin 275 anymore, but I think I'll show up just so Candio can take a pic of my moobies and post it. I think I'm more conscious of my bald head than my ol man body.
  9. Should I review?

    I agree honor her wishes. It'd probably be in your best interest for successful repeat visits. It's nice to have regulars, no guessing then on the influx of Ladies vying for attention.
  10. Monsoon weather in Las Vegas

    Meanwhile here in Denver, where we have actual seasons, over 300 sunny days per year, and the nicest Ladies around:
  11. Fort Collins sting

  12. Stay all Night

  13. Text or talk?

    Text, PM, or email. I've only had 2 that have felt it necessary to have a phone conversation prior. I'm fine with that too. I'm very limited on phone convos and that's gonna be for biz or on occasion when we need to speak to one another, usually personal related as opposed to appt discussion tho.
  14. Bad Day, Roll In the Hay?

    Errrr, just go out. Take a cane pole with line, hook and a worm on it. Sit next to tree and stream and occasionally just hang it out there while reading a book. Honestly find your beach. Mine happens to be fishing and reading. When my Daddy passed, I was on the lake 4 days after service, which was 4 days after he passed. I wasn't sad, I just spent the day in my mind being chill. Same thing when Ma passed, on the lake 4 days after as we didn't have her service for a month, I still figured out how to be chill. I always fish when feeling blue. Especially in our beautiful mountains. I usually go alone on those occasions tho. Chin up, Bronco's game tonight lol.