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  1. Love in the Time of the Hobby

    How can you not fall in love? It doesn't have to be romantic. What's wrong with not seeing someone again, but employing them? To do light bookkeeping, no they're not gonna make the same, but at least it's gas or grocery money. [snip]. Another asked for where to find an attorney. Love is a many splendid thing. For me I've used and maybe abused this opportunity to my benefit, and fortunately for me, to some of the others I've fallen in Love with. My Bad!
  2. Sorry but just saw this. NOT trying to steal the thread.
  3. The broker

    Best buffalo in the state, maybe nation. You gotta try the Fort.
  4. ISO Denver

    LOL, I have plenty of pics of the whole process so the innovator's idea is safe and therefore protected
  5. Wondering why Lakewood has a bad rap?

    See Denver ISO for my lame reply
  6. ISO Denver

    Ooops wrong thread lol.
  7. ISO Denver

    I live in Lakewierd and have yet to have an issue I even had a cellophane wrapped vibe against some ladies clit prancing around my deck on Sunday night, good thing I'm penthouse unit lol.
  8. ISO Denver

    Oh mercy, guess y'all supposed to line up for him. Mercy.
  9. Come to Fort Collins!

    Bwahahahahaha!!!!! Y'all a funny bunch you are!
  10. The broker

    Check it out, Columbine, that used to cash my pay check 40+ years ago, is nationally rated:
  11. ...The Other Bored...a Parody...

    It has treble hooks on it. It's my top water turd lure. I throw it outta the boat against the dam at Chatty for Smallies LOL
  12. Questions for you folks, what makes a regular a regular?

    4 am in the am makes me a regular.
  13. MUST READ THE WHOLE AD!!!!!! Test at 9! Really Need Help…My Boat Needs Gas… …I’m not kidding, if I don’t make $20 this weekend, I’ll have to go to Aurora Reservoir where it’s electric motors only… …10’ of swinging meat, head as big as my fist, balls as big as raisins (couldn’t think of anything here). Ladies, Here’s your chance. In Denver for life, will never leave! Minimal hair on back and in ears! Chest hair is 60 years old even though I’m only 28! Never been trimmed…shit is LONG! I trim (my nose hairs), before every appointment! If you’re up for the challenge have I got a deal for you… …T&C, out the door. Let’s go to dinner, YOU LEAVE THE TIP! You’ll see I’m the perfect companion, only drink Budweiser and belch! I wear a hat with a hook wherever I go! Sometimes I shave, I can grow a 5 o’clock shadow by noon! You’ll never experience a truer BFE than me! Screening below… …Reviews not necessary, but a presence anywhere besides BP a must. Must be willing to cater to this 28 going on 60 year ol fishndude whose ears seem to grow yearly (WTF up with that?) Text only, calls, as I’m going deaf just don’t cut it anymore. Private In-Calls only, or out to me only after careful screening by me. If you think I have what it might take to see you, I hope you’ll take pity on this young/ol fart… I’m usually in bed by 9 so act fast!
  14. Apology

    Hmmmm, bet you read ads too don't ya.
  15. DTC this Monday

    There are plenty. To help make your ISO successful, Read Their Ads and screening requirements. Have all your references, and any other info they require available. If they want you to consult their web page and request an appointment do it. Good luck and have fun.