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  1. Wanna play a game??

    Yellow Submarine
  2. Valentine’s Day

    Ditto, by choice tho.
  3. Saw this on Twitter, thought it interesting. More replies than likes or RT's, some really really cool answers, I know my personal answer...
  4. Which one?

    Just my 1st. I joined TER and P411 before I even tried. Had to rent a room anyway for me, and invited one of the best around. Had a drink with her, turned on the music, turned around and she was nearly naked on the bed except thong, I almost fainted for real. That's nervous. I'm still good friends with her even tho she's retired.
  5. Another day on TOB...

    Seeker5280: I Own It... MikeInCOSprings: Oy, I got an itch... NolaScofflaw: No Love for Me... Hobby Hobbit: I need a life, but need my crib cleaned 1st... To be continued...
  6. Not responding to texts

    You're too brash IMO, I approached a YL a couple of weeks ago via her contact, gave her my name, never asked about anything else, and I have no references by choice on TOB, but did tell her she could verify my presence here or on P411. I asked if her In was private as I do not do hotels, she asked why, I said preference is all, BAM rates back at me and when do I want to schedule, easy peasy. You're definitely doing something wrong here.
  7. Hangover Cures??

    What y'all got against Menudo. I make it by the Big Batches a lot. Freeze up to 12 bags of it. I made Pho last night, they're both Collagens and yes that helps a hangover, flu, cold, good stuff. Leave Menudo alone dammit, good stuff! Like Won Ton soup...
  8. She Barely Cleaned It

    Wow, and I thought Vassago was strange, you win.
  9. Posts need to be approved by a moderator

    You can go to Forums Staff if you need to contact a specific Mod as well. Just message them. They're pretty responsive.
  10. Wanna play a game??

    Way Overrated
  11. Wanna play a game??

    Homemade Pho
  12. Truth in Advertising