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  1. So, What Really Turns You On?

    Fishing, replying at 4:17am, guess where I'm going.
  2. Zoey Portland

    I've met Zoey...Run, Don't Walk! I've got her reviewed with her friend Dani on TER.
  3. Tom Petty. We will miss you!

    RIP Tom Petty, what a bummer. I really enjoyed all his music.
  4. How do you answer the question..

  5. If sexual styles are just completely different...

    Stevie, I'll give you negative shade for that reply tomorrow. I's do it today, but I already gave that to Mr Punk.
  6. Changing seasons...

    I like the feel of the tug on the end of my rod
  7. large laboa

    I saw a large boa at the zoo once.
  8. This week's game

    Denver handed it to the Boys bad. Weasel man up. That was this weeks game.
  9. Provider Olympics

    Bella, why don't you pack up and go help down there since you're so hell bent. I know personally that we have some of our own peers here, that need our help. I also know who has helped, and how. While I to am a charitable person, I don't solicit others for same. At times I feel your posts are simply self serving...look at me. Sorry just my opinion.
  10. Speaking of Screening…I got a Text...

    This is a reply so as not to steal Mustangs thread “I got a text”. He and I communicated via PM and determined the text he got, was from the same Lady I received a text from. While he has not seen her, I’ve actually seen her probably 4x. I like her, actually have reviewed her here and on TER. She was affiliated until recently with an agency…Poof agency’s gone, so are her ads. So I get the texts and they are soooo 1 line. I acknowledge and ask a couple of non-qualifying questions. Response comes back 1 line. So my issue as a client, who damn well does due diligence, how do I reverse screen? Ignore the texts is my spidey sense. Any input?
  11. Gray area

    I always thought the gray area was between my left ear and my right ear, or maybe it's my right ear to my left ear. Either way I should have my gray area examined for even replying to any threads.
  12. Labor Day Weekend....

    Tomorrow's opening day of Dove Season. You know them little damn birds that wake me up in the am with their mourning coo. I'm grabbing the Browning Gold Master Classic this weekend starting tomorrow, and lookin to see some beaks ripped off, and tail feathers a flyin. From there, a fresh batch o gumbo, and some Dove breast cooked up in homemade cornbread. The first and second Dove I pull trigger on have already been named. Ass!
  13. Love in the Time of the Hobby

    How can you not fall in love? It doesn't have to be romantic. What's wrong with not seeing someone again, but employing them? To do light bookkeeping, no they're not gonna make the same, but at least it's gas or grocery money. [snip]. Another asked for where to find an attorney. Love is a many splendid thing. For me I've used and maybe abused this opportunity to my benefit, and fortunately for me, to some of the others I've fallen in Love with. My Bad!
  14. Sorry but just saw this. NOT trying to steal the thread.
  15. The broker

    Best buffalo in the state, maybe nation. You gotta try the Fort.