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  1. Favorite denomination for hobbying donations

    I honestly doubt by then in America, I'm gonna care lol.
  2. On Something as Simple as Eating…

    Got my final perm set of upper choppers today. These one's even have molars lol. They suggest I get used to them before I go crazy chompin into stuff, they're right now razor sharp. They were a month and a half late on delivery due to making them off the wrong lower mold they had for me, so they gave me a $100 gift card with $5.95 activation fee...WTF? I asked em what, you have everyone donate a buck apiece? Overall I'm good with the facility, cleanliness, and great people that took care of me. Just a little pricey is all. But I have teeth!
  3. When entertaining friends....

    Chinese Food delivered to the room, and when they knock you can play the game, LE or Delivery
  4. Favorite denomination for hobbying donations

    Generally mixed bag. I always keep a contingency stash just in case it goes over or tipping.
  5. OK Computer Braniacs...

    Bingo Ringo...THAT WORKED! Thank you sooooo much.
  6. OK Computer Braniacs...

    Yup, this is a feature to 10, GS blew away the MS7 passwords easily. I'm keeping that laptop, and giving away 10, All Apple all day everyday from here on out. I'll still be able to use all my spreadsheets and word docs in Apple anyway. My iPad already does that for me, and as I've already paid for the apps I should be able to install them. I'll look at your link...thanks!
  7. OK Computer Braniacs...

    Requires password recovery disc or USB. I probably did but I've moved 2x since. No idea what box in storage that stuff is in. All indicators point to should be able to download the fix from windows, too many white sheets, lookin for proper direction which one.
  8. OK Computer Braniacs...

    Sometimes I'm so stoopid. I forgot my password on Windows 10 laptop. Fortunately I had created a local account on it so can bring up the system, but I want to reset the password on my Microsoft account. What's the shortcut for burning the fix to a USB and then what? Because I can now bring up the system, I can acces from my local account, or I also have a functioning Windows 7 laptop too. Geek Squad got me this far but don't do Windows account password resets. This is proving to be somewhat brain damaging. Any help appreciated. Signed, It Sucks Getting Old
  9. P411 question for the gents
  10. Newbie

    Soon as I came of age I was there every weekend. Use to cruise the stables myself. All condos now.
  11. P411 question for the gents

    Yes, fish pics. I get a lot of comments that at least I post a profile. After looking at the pics, they can decide from there. Haven't been turned down yet.
  12. 411 on Jessismiles?
  13. Need advice please

    Sig P938, lovin it.
  14. Screened and vetted but still wants a pic

    I'd pass on that one. 2 reasons, what a totally strange request, and I don't know how to take a selfie.
  15. I had to abort

    I'd be leery discussing terms as well. Yup, might be a reason for me to bail right there. As far as the condoms go, I always take my own, did have one Lady ask me to pick up a box of them for her lol. I did. She didn't even reimburse me, call it a tip I guess. I've got an appointment with a lightly reviewed lady coming up, I'm gonna go ahead and roll the dice. We'll see how it goes. Reviews are nice, but not necessary.