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  1. Bald heads are indeed sexy.

    C in your case here stands for CONGRATULATIONS for being a "C" survivor. Good on you Jez.
  2. When doing doubles...

    I really don't go about focusing on one Lady. Wishing I had 2 little heads tho lol. I'm a voyeur so I really onjoy the visual of 2 Ladies. I agree duos are Tons of Fun.
  3. I haven't...

    had a day off in awhile. Have seen a Lady or 2, fishin tomorrow for a
  4. Cancelation epidemic

    I've cancelled 2x. The 1st I paid the cancellation fee. How to collect? She had me buy points on P411 for her. Still saw each other and what a fine Lady. The other one just a week ago, iffy at best I knew it going in, finally after 90 minutes NSNC, I texted cancel and no I won't review her, or try again. I do not believe in negative reviews for established Ladies.
  5. People that waste your time!

    Saw this om Twitter...
  6. Prepping For an AM Appt My Crib…

    Crap, knew I forgot something I've only ever had one Lady ask to count it. It's usually in the top t-shirt drawer, I've actually had 2 leave without and had to come back. I forget, they forget. That and I've been brought up to not discuss donation. I don't think I've had to ask but once and that was for my overnighter. It's not a posted amount with that Lady.
  7. Prepping For an AM Appt My Crib…

    LOL exactly!
  8. Pre-book, screening. It’s very rare I book same day appointments unless it’s a Lady I know. Recent NCNS so only Ladies I know. Up at 5:30am, strip bed, fresh linens. Make sure crib is clean, front to back, top to bottom. Water available. New batteries or charge vibes. Lube on end tables, condoms as well. Trim, shower and shave 1 hour before. Have a GREAT FUCKIN TIME. Lunch afterwards if they’re hungry and have time. So, I’m a creature of habit. For me having the crib clean is an absolute must. A lot of times I’ll have my maids in day of, or day before. I’m lazy and they can use the $$. I always take care of certain parts of the crib on every appt., even if the maids have been here. Yes I’m bored, been up since 5:30 LOL, but hey I’m READY!
  9. Something Different

    Sounds like my last session with (Snip), there Kaduk I fixed it for ya before you had too.
  10. Rocks, neat/up, shaken

    Crown or Chai straight outta the freezer. Rum, tequila, vodka mixed drinks only, no martinis.
  11. Couples Massage...

    K, here's the report. Arrived half hour early so we can fill out our med waivers and choose what kinda massage we want. Get outta the car and my Lady friend wants a smoke before we go in. Cross Dresser without his wig sittin there, one UGLY cat! My date is quite friendly and a hilarious conversation ensues. He just finished breakfast at 3PM, and as a 24 Hour Fitness is across the lot, he's gonna go work out, in full drag, no wig, makeup tho. WOW! I opted for left shoulder, back and neck medium pressure work, date opted for aromatherapy. My therapist was REALLY into her job. She moved around the table and I didn't even notice, I looked up once and she had her eyes closed and you could see how hard she was concentrating on torturing my sorry left shoulder. Medium pressure almost had me tapping out twice. My tattoo outline which hurt like hell was more gentle. Hour of this, yup got my pain on for sure. Date said her massage was not the best, but still good. Both therapists were seasoned, and LMT's. I wanted to see how I felt today. Sore, but I upped my adjustable dumbells up another 5 lbs to 25, and where yesterday before I went in I was only able to do 6 reps on the left shoulder, I just completed 2 sets of 10 military. For the price, conditions, customer service, I'd repeat. So while Audrey said hit or miss, I felt we hit. Nice dinner after too.
  12. off the clock time and extended dates

    BOOM ^^^^ This!
  13. Date ideas that are more than just the bedroom

    True this, but there are occasions where we may provide opportunities to a Lady, and a Lady us that are beyond the scope of client Provider. A chance to fish on the water instead of the shore, a chance to invade my tackle box, a chance to restring with some quality Seagaur #10. A chance to try Pho for the 1st time, or Armando's. A chance to be encouraged to get your hunters safety card, and pull trigger on a 60 mile an hour duck (fun stuff). A chance to bend the ear of a third person when we need to bend the ear of a third person, either for personal reasons or advice, personal or business. For me it's been and seems to remain a 2 way street. I have a nasty habit of being real, it's why I get into these situations. After that Business is Business. I also have been fairly compensated for professional duties I fulfill on occasions by some of our friends, key word friend.
  14. Date ideas that are more than just the bedroom

    I just got back from a date with one of our very finest. Picked her up at 2:00, massage at 3:00, nice dinner at Armando's. Back to drop her off at 6:00. I paid for the couples massage, she insisted on nicely tipping our technicians. Dinner was supposed to be on me, she insisted on Dutch. No desert, no hanky panky, just a really rolling good time. She even texted me thanking me and she thinks I have sexy legs it's not just about a room and a bed.
  15. Date ideas that are more than just the bedroom

    I actually get a chance to spend off clock time with some. Generally fishing, shooting, hunting, lunches, dinners. It's a break for them and as I live alone I'm not talking to myself all the time. Always play time is separate. I don't instigate, most times I'm asked. While I'm not as seasoned as most, I seem to do ok. I haven't been admonished except by one yet. I think sometimes a room and a bed are not what life is all about.