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  1. Venmo scam, or paranoia?

    I took a continuing ed class today. WIRE FRAUD is prevalent, and ZI'm not talking $300 tabs, more like $300k. Good thread.
  2. E = Experience

    Everyone was asking for it...there's your NS, Rip-off etc., addition.
  3. Visiting Alamosa Co.

    There's one thing I am not...bias towards anyone sir.
  4. Visiting Alamosa Co.

    You'd be better off visiting the sand dunes, any of the Indian ruins, fishing then tryin to decipher any talent in Alamosa. The bars will yield a lot of friendlies, but their men there are really protective. I was doing well and was warned off by the bartender to watch my top notch. As I was alone on. a sightseeing and fishing trip I took his advice, not the friendliest town there is.
  5. Dilemma

    I get that part, maybe in this new world I'm a Nervous Nellie, that's on me.
  6. Dilemma

    I see no dilemma, at least for myself, the answer would be no. On occasion I get phantom texts that I do not reply to, or a pm on here that includes menu and rates, not often but still. I suppose I'd be curious if she had a profile and some reviews, and if I knew of the reviewers. My biggest issue I suppose is the story a while back where one had coffee with LE and granted okays, and well you know the rest of the story.
  7. Share your favorite naughty vid links

    Back of my eyelids, whilst I sleep...for real. I dream in color and remember my dreams all the time.
  8. Happy Monday...

    Homemade 15 bean hambone soup and sweet cornbread with cinnamon sugar coat. Effin awesome!
  9. Happy Monday...

    Cleaned the grease off my ceiling fan blades today, pulled and cleaned all the glass globes too, that makes me happy. Like Marie says, continuing ed class on Friday 9-1:00, 4 hours...YESSSSSS. What's in you wallet?
  10. Circus circus

    There's a parents used to take us to Circus Circus when we were kids too. I'm thinking I might have been 12 if that, I'm 61 now, so it's been more than a minute. Hopefully they've updated since then lol.
  11. ECCIE coming back????

    Ya, Tx only, and I can log in but not navigate.
  12. Happy Father's Day...

    For my Daddy...Happy Heavenly Father's Day...Hope all Dad's have a GREAT ONE!
  13. Icing the Vagina

    I keep a glass errr ummm dildo in the freezer, does that count?
  14. why is there so many grey areas

    Home's where the heart is.