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  1. Not good enough????

    All boys parochial HS. The gals in the neighborhood were fair game tho. I had a blast!
  2. Gfe or not

    There I fixed it for you.
  3. Reference aging

    I agree. I personally have no references and don't allow any followers on TOB. My Okay's on P411 are aging especially as more Ladies retire. 2017 was my last Okay. I simply don't ask for them anymore, I do suppose I should but I'm extremely choosy who I see, and simply don't have a problem...yet. I will keep my P411 account current tho. I also haven't reviewed anyone since 2017, simply don't care for the review format anymore, suppose I should at some time do that as well. Actually I'm not even sure if there is a review protocol, but reviews anymore put me to sleep, do not invite interest. With the influx of sooooo many Gents and Ladies I do understand the need, guess at some point I need to conform. Damn Red-Neck ol Hippie Coloradoan is all I am. I do Vote tho.
  4. Happy Easter Everyone!

  5. Happy Easter Everyone!

    You Had One Job I’d rather not say.
  6. Fetish Pays

  7. What If...

    What you never heard of an airplane?
  8. K Time to Lighten It Up Again...

    K if this works you GOTTA watch it all the way through. Sound on, it's not that long...
  9. What If...

    What if You Didn't Put the Rum in the Coconut and Drink it all Up What if You Didn't Hear it Through the Grapevine
  10. Any TS tops near GWS?

    Ummmm, Glenwood Western Slope, Mr Ski Bum.
  11. What If...

    ...There's No Stairway to Heaven...
  12. Any TS tops near GWS?

    This will splain it Luthy... TS tops
  13. K Time to Lighten It Up Again...

    Here ya go, funnier than well, you'll see...
  14. Spicy or sweet?

    Yeah, a LITTLE bit goes a long way. I got the Black Mamba 6 from I want one of everything. I found they had the best price. lil bit on some Navajo Indian Fry Bread tacos tomorrow.