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  1. Goodbye Yellow Brick Road...

    She's bookin the state for new adventures in other areas. Lisa Logan, may your travels be safe, fulfilled, and take you to where you need to be. I for one am gonna miss you!
  2. How to Make a Girl Squirt in Under Three Minutes...

    I don't even remember when I was 25, that was 35 years ago. I don't even remember who my GF was then. Pretty sure I was an ass then too tho. At 25 it was only about me me me. I remember I had a Fiat Spider, and was the king of my domain. I never married till age 34. Never even thought about my partner. Yup selfish prick. That was me.
  3. It is time to say Goodbye!

    I soooo hope your future takes you to your dream. I liked that dream. You are such a gem. I wish you nothing but well. Thank you for letting me know you while I had the chance.
  4. How to Make a Girl Squirt in Under Three Minutes...

    We got her to squirt. Not by the vid method, but WOW did that warm her up. Lots and lots of foreplay, toys helped, but we did it. It was a hoot! We had a good time. 3 minutes my ass!
  5. When providers are sick....

    Agreed, especially when some equate it to hospital stays. 10 tears age on Thanksgiving this year, I lost one of my best friends. He went for gall bladder surgery, contacted the dreaded staph infection, and never saw home again. That being said I committed the cardinal sin. I took Bella homemade chicken soup, a brick of saltines, and some noodles just in case she wanted noodle soup. Passed through the door and ran lol. J/K Hope you feel better Bella.
  6. Did I Ignore Your Request? Oh Jeez, Im Not sorry.

    That makes sense, I prefer hands off too. I speak to others a lot while driving.
  7. Did I Ignore Your Request? Oh Jeez, Im Not sorry.

    Get the texting part, but what does BT hooked up mean?
  8. Don't Be A Hobbiest....

    I've actually been wondering. You truly have no sense of humor do you? You're truly not fond of men either. I read your tweets too. Lighten up Lucy. Smile once in awhile.
  9. Don't Be A Hobbiest....

    LOL, I copied and pasted into Google so I could get the definition. There were 2 good ones. The other was about the same but way more formal I didn't want to take the time to spell Philandering Philanthropist.
  10. Don't Be A Hobbiest....

  11. Providers that complain

    I don't mind. Having lived alone now since 2005, kid's 35 this year and successful, I appreciate all of the Ladies. Physical intimate contact and verbal stimulation for me is not a problem. I like nerdy Ladies too. Even if they are smarter than me, as most women are anyway.
  12. Dear Abby…

    That ended up costing me a fortune in meds...Baby Powder. Go figure.
  13. Dear Abby…

    …I was once a noob. While yes I took a couple of rejections, I preferred to read ads. It actually worked. I feel maybe I’ve actually done ok as I prefer to follow instructions. Still a scared cat when I meet someone, is that ok? I mean should that be expected? Now that I’ve got a little maturity on my side, is it still advisable, that if a Lady says I need refs, and Read All My Ad, to do so? Should I always remain somewhat polite, you know, no discussion of terms etc., as that seems to be what is asked, or can I just go for it? Personally I’m a very polite clean individual, albeit turning old in May, should I remain that way, or become the opposite? Is negotiating ok? What’s P411? I’ve now fallen for another Lady on here, she’s game and has been cruising along with me. Have a 4 hour rendezvous scheduled for Saturday, should I keep it? I have soooo many questions. Thank goodness for Dear Abby…
  14. I love intellect!

    At least he didn't say "Yo Where You At" Do like one of your friends you've seen. Send him the address of LWPD. If anything else just for giggles.
  15. I love intellect!

    Reminds me of a Kid Rock song. Where U At Rock!