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  1. Curious If I am the Only One

    All the talk of UTR and back channels makes me remember the days donny darko got into pissing matches across multiple sites with some dude about who could find bbfs with the most obscure UTR girl. It was all total bs, complete with bs reviews. I don't think they're really true networks out there. A couple guys here and there talk to each other in small circles, but the hobby isn't standard bar conversation for most men. Once in a while we'll get PMs about women we've seen, but if you have the scoop on a UTR provider, it'd be bad form to give out her info. Makes it hard to stay UTR that way. I hooked up with a UTR girl for a bit. She's out of the business now. She'd turn up once every couple of months with a single ad and that was it. For her it wasn't a life style, or a way to earn a living. Just and itch she scratched every now and again.
  2. What's Your Opinion?

    Wear a giant Barney costume over it to hide your true intentions.
  3. Lol tell us what you really think.
  4. Thoughts on provider pics

    I don't think it matters too much who takes the picture. So what if it was a dude? Did you think you'd be her first ? Providers are still people, after all, and they're going to have people in their lives that matter to them who are men- husbands, boyfriends, friends. Just enjoy your time with her. If you're very concerned, you can always request no men be present in the room with you while doing your thing.
  5. REALLY…

    Don't think many in this crowd picked up on the quote. We may be on the younger side of the client demographic. The new version of the board does allow more leeway in comments, and permits a wider range of topics. But the basic gist of the threads and comments never really changes. Apparently that means my life sucks some how (lol) but that's just how it's always been.
  6. REALLY…

    Why? Seems pretty good so far.
  7. REALLY…

    "Babble babble bitch bitch rebel rebel party party sex sex sex and don't forget the violence. Blah blah blah got your lovey-dovey sad and lonely stick your stupid slogan in and every body sing along..." When you've been around awhile, you'll see there's really never anything new. The occasional rate thread, the What's GFE Really Mean question, bad John story, bad provider story, and the occasional BBFS thread that'll give you the clap just from reading it. There will be a few trolls interspersed in those threads, leading to 700 word count posts and a lot of back patting in support of this manifesto or that. Then a few threads about why is it so dead around here before the cycle repeats. Really, only the names ever change.
  8. I don't know if it's still on Netflix, but there was a documentary a while back called Hot Girls Wanted. It was an interesting look into the world of professional "amateur" porn. Becoming a porn star probably has lower odds than becoming a football star.
  9. Ugggh...

    Two 'NOs' are gonna hurt for a little while, but it sounds like you're getting it sorted out. In those sessions, do you feel like you made a connection, or that they went the way you hoped they would?
  10. Am I Too Prude…or Am I Too Naïve?

    Communication is always the key to making the time exceptional for all involved. We're taught from an early age to be ashamed of many different aspects of sex. Forget that. You're grown. It's just you and your partner, and she really wants to know. So now's the time to explore the big and little things that turn you on. Is there some sort of kink you see in porn you want to try? Some fantasy you've built in your mind? Something weird you've only heard about but never seen? Do it. Maybe you'll like it, maybe you won't, but you'll know. If you've found the right partner, they'll say yes or no to your ideas. If you have the wrong partner, they'll laugh and you'll know you're better off with a different one. Always make the effort to reciprocate, and take pleasure in another's pleasure. Whatever your thing is, you're not the only one who likes it. And it's not anyone's business what you like, so it doesn't need to leave the bedroom/sexswing/graveyard. And whatever level of trust you and your partner have in one another is between you two. It's not something the internet can answer. "What happens between consenting adults.." and all that. Lots of people flip out at the idea of BB anything. And every once in a while a provider will come around advertising it. That's between you and her. By this stage of the game, you should both know the risks and rewards associated with it, and should be able to make the decision for yourself. Most people will go bare with an SO at some point in their life, and it's not because they dragged them to the clinic and read the results. It's because they trust that person to be clean, and not expose them. That level of trust isn't impossible between friends, even friends who met doing this. I think it'd be a rare thing, though.
  11. Lakewood?

    It's hard to find links from back when they stepped up enforcement, but here's one from the early days of it. 2008- 12 arrests for the year, nearly double that in the first 3 months of 2009. That's just providers & pimps.
  12. Newbie 101

    It's not that you can never, ever ask, but it's pretty situational, and not something I'd recommend to a newbie. When you've become comfortable enough with doing your research to make sure she's legit, and she doesn't have any rates posted, well, it's the only way you'll find out. But brand new people can walk into a whole world of problems doing that without putting in the research ahead of time.
  13. On Something as Simple as Eating…

    One so hairy it's like shitting through a strainer?
  14. manscaping query...

    It works because of the alum in antiperspirants. You can buy just a block of it, barbers use it all the time.
  15. On rate haggling.....

    Usually I'll move on if there aren't any rates listed. Rates used to be a part of reviews, so that was a place you could look (still is on other sites). If the provider has a good rep, or I've seen her around often enough to be comfortable that she's legit, I might ask while assuming it was just an oops when posting her ad. That's pretty situational though. In general, I'll move on.