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  1. Stapleton area

    I have to put my 2 cents in here. Does anybody not remembers about 2 years ago 22 girls that got busted because they were giving cops P411 accounts????? And they had multiple "ok's"! It maybe a great verification most the time but it's just something I always keep in mind it happened, and it probably still does.
  2. Honey! I'm always here for y! Kisses Ana
  3. Does anyone else have this problem????

    The older I get the more intense it gets! And I mean by the week.
  4. Users Banned- LustyLeah and RJB1354

    Why thank you love! What a CREEP!!!
  5. stings tonight in northern colorado

    Are you kidding me? And what is up with your user ID??? Is that your badge number? Lol!!!! You have no input, on the board! You been a member for over year!!! But you say something, about my comment????? We all need to be a bit more careful!!!!! Thanks for the info!!! I feel totally safe now!!!! Lol
  6. Users Banned- LustyLeah and RJB1354

    Just a quick thought to the administrators. How protected are the ones that did respond to her, or did chat with her via p.m. ????? How safe are we now considering this could've been LE? Thoughts anyone?
  7. Users Banned- LustyLeah and RJB1354

    Baby you know I love you to death, but you know after the first time I saw her on the board, it was just plain common sense. Cute girls don't come on this board looking for other girls! This just doesn't happen ! And if there were ever to be somebody like that they would not change their profile picture every two weeks to someone that looked completely opposite of what the last person look like.
  8. Blacklisting?

    You know it always blows my mind that these men don't realize they have reviews that they can read about us!!!! We (us ladies) don't have jack shit to go on!!!! We have to do amazing amounts of research. Get a grip read the reviews, and be happy you're not going into it totally blindsided!!!!
  9. Providers charging deposits ???

    Take a deposit for what spending time with somebody are you giving me something to just laugh my ass off about? Seriously, that's like giving your shrink a down payment on making you sane!!!!
  10. I always tell them to leave their socks on because I'll knocking them off! LOL
  11. stings tonight in northern colorado

    They're all over the place right now guys there is no Backpage anymore where do you think they're going to go next and the most popular board in the state. Everybody needs to watch each other's back and everybody needs to trust their gut and definitely going to see a trucker at Johnson's corner was the stupidest thing that anybody could do same with car dates it's a bust waiting to happen an easy one for them
  12. Favorite in Session?

  13. What to do

    NO NO NO
  14. Underpants

    What's your superpower?
  15. Favorite in Session?

    I prefer anything from John Hiatt to The Beastie Boys, however if I have it on during a session, I find myself singing and moving and grooving to the beat, which sometimes is not such a turn on! Unless it's "Fancy" by Reba McEntire. ( LOL completely sarcastic )