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  1. I Failed!

    Unfortunately I’ve found that the medical enhancers I need at my age to elevate the mood, whether it is the pill or the shot, have impeded the erupting finale. It never detracted from the marvelous time I spent with the beautiful lady. Some of the providers have blamed themselves like you did Chrissy. I explained to them that it was a malfunction of my physiological plumbing and had nothing to do with the experience they provided, Even well researched entities such as Space X and Nasa fail on their launches, it rarely has anything to do with the people who put forth the effort to launch. Equipment failure happens.
  2. Hotels with in-room Jacuzzi?

    The Westin in Westminster had an extremely deep tub with jacuzzi capabilities. It was one of the suites.
  3. New bill proposed in the House

    Doubtful that the Senate will have more sense about this bill. Too easy for the hypocrites to jump on the anti-trafficking bandwagon.
  4. Are very long fingernails sexy?

    Do your friends/family ask you if the “trophies “ are from wrestling a tiger?
  5. 411 on Michelle Vera

    Wow, $300 for appetizers and drinks only. For that price I could take all my friends to Elway’s. Okay so not that many friends.
  6. 411 or tgtbt

    Photos of them in a mirror can be stolen just as easily as any others. A more reliable method is to ask them to send a photo of themselves near a local landmark. Outed a cam model with that approach. She never replied when I requested that. Of course, that method isn’t foolproof either. Best way to see if they are authentic is to check reviews on this or other boards.
  7. Etiquette

    Obviously, he was so excited and anticipating seeing you, he allowed his little head do all the thinking. Seems to be a common problem for us male hobbyists.
  8. I miss you my favorite ASP.

    Kathleen the Kissing Kat R.I.P. , KITT of Denver, Soaren among many others whose names I’ve forgotten.
  9. FBSM Only

    I’ve never met one with rubber kitchen gloves, but definitely one who used latex gloves. She definitely fell into the non-exceptional category.
  10. FBSM Only

    Having met several FBSM providers who have told me that unfortunately even with providing that clarity at the beginning there are jerks will push those boundaries. As I’ve grown older, I’ve found that I frequently prefer the sensuality of a FBSM provider. As with all providers, there are exceptional FBSM providers out there, others not so much.
  11. Greek.... I don't get it.

    For me it’s icing on the cake. If the lady offers it, I may or may not engage in the practice. I’ve actually met 3 providers who preferred Greek over vaginal penetration. To any hobbyists reading this, those providers are no longer participating in the hobby so don’t PM me for their names.
  12. Denver - Ashley

    Different number same photo Also the photos seem to indicate an instagram model, which usually means you won't meet the gal in the photos.
  13. How old are you guys?

    Old enough (in my 60's) to know that while wisdom comes with age, I still don't have all the knowledge I need. Also started this in my late 30's have continued ever since then.
  14. Paris (dayum!)

    I'm one of those hobbyists who is reluctant to have a provider come to my private abode unless I've seen them several times and established some trust with them. I've noticed several providers on BP require no hotel visits and outcall only to private residences. Although she escapes my memory, I believe one of the established providers posting here also has that request. A few years ago, one provider from BP I thought I'd take a chance on and TOFTT indicated she was outcall only. So I thought I was in luck being in a classy hotel at the time. I wasn't prepared for her to scream at me that she only visited private residences. Nowhere in her post did she state that was a requirement.
  15. Emma on CityVibe?

    City Vibe is an escort posting site that's been around for almost as long as I've been searching for companionship on the web. I've had very little success in meeting gals from that site. I think the last time I tried was in the 90's. Just got tired of the misrepresentation by the gals posting there. I think we hobbyists would all like to visit some of the gals shown in the stolen photos many of these site use.