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  1. Ejoying the summer days,... nice!

    Whoops my bad, get those two mixed up. Beautiful drive either way.
  2. Ejoying the summer days,... nice!

    US Highway 50 runs from Pueblo west to Canon City. For people in COS, they usually take Colorado 115 to Canon City then west on Highway 50. 50 continues west through Pagosa Springs and up over Monarch Pass.
  3. Can we just agree on this?

    If everyone had to upbeat and cheerful persona of Laci, then we'd have world peace.
  4. Can we just agree on this?

    At least there aren't quite as many guns up here as in Texas. I'd really be afraid of crossing someone down there.
  5. Can we just agree on this?

    Think the chances of that happening are as good as the USA having a free trade agreement with North Korea, unfortunately.

    I don't think Melissa was seeking an argument with the OP. She was just stating a fact that some of us are here to hopefully see some useful opinions and gain some knowledge in the process.
  7. On rate haggling.....

    For those that want to haggle, there are the street walkers on Colfax that I'm sure are used to haggling. If you want to go cheap there it is. Of course these mythical street walkers on Colfax may now be an extinct species due to stings and busts. And no I've never engaged in that behavior, just recalling the gals busted on Cops.
  8. Provider diatribe against this site

    You have no idea how or what she was calling me or the members of this community. What I let on in my posts was only the tip of the iceberg. I did nothing to insult her. She overwhelmed me with insulting texts about me and this board threatening to blacklist me. You call me boorish. While I respect the content of many of your posts, I've noticed you are always ready to jump to conclusions and demean the hobbyists of this board and run to the defense of providers on BP without knowing the exact situation. It wasn't just an opinion she had, I didn't even have time to block her number because of the enormous number of threatening and insulting texts she was sending. So yes, I felt that it was important to warn hobbyists here that if they want to see her not to mention this board. I did not publicly out her here and am doing it only through back channels. If a hobbyist here still decides to see her, I wish him luck. I have no absolute bias towards the ladies of BP besides knowing that it may be a crapshoot if I choose to see one of them as opposed to one the respected providers on this board. You have to admit the chance of running into a bait and switch situation is much greater on BP than choosing a provider here. She actually had a number of good reviews here that's why I was surprised at her vindictiveness towards this board and its members. As I stated previously on this thread. The reason I was looking at BP providers was the late hour and the usual minimal response I get from providers on this board at later hours.
  9. R.I.P. Adam West.

    Loved that show when it was on. Think I got my first adolescent woody viewing all the different incarnations of CatWoman. Although I really had a crush on Yvonne Craig as Batgirl. RIP to Yvonne also.
  10. Age

    Didn't we all think we were omnipotent in knowledge when we were 18? Or is that a male only trait?
  11. Not enough African-American providers

    While there seems to be a scarcity of AA providers who post regularly on this site, there do seem to be a greater selection in p411 if you are a member. Sometimes they post there regularly but don't post here. Don't know what the reasoning may be.
  12. Visiting your area for the first time from Arkansas

    Welcome to Colorado. As to 58th, the motels in that area aren't the best. There's a a Quality Inn, which I'd question the quality and a couple other lesser quality motels in that area. Not sure, but I think there's a Motel 7 there that was was crawling with drug dealers and had cop cars in the parking lot last time I visited a lady there.
  13. Hello, my darlings!

    Welcome back. We were missing you is one of the things that was happening.
  14. Favorite sexiest accents

    One of the first managers I had in a job in high school had an Australian wife. I've been enamored with an Australian accent and Australian women in general i.e. Nicole Kidman. French and British accents intrigue me also.
  15. Choosing to see a provider without reviews?

    Welcome to the board. I've seen ladies without reviews especially if their posts or web presence intrigue me. If they are on p411, it usually indicates to me that they are legit. Since your posts do intrigue me, the potential for me setting an appointment with you are increased exponentially.