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  1. Any help on Alex

    I think it's obvious that some other of the newer members aren't aware of google search or tin eye to help sort out the frauds.
  2. 411 on Morticia Adams

    Yes it does. Let's hope she doesn't get too popular and raises her donations to meet market demand. Lol.
  3. 411 on Morticia Adams

    Haven't had the pleasure of seeing her but the fact that she has her own website is a positive. I may try to meet her in the next few weeks.
  4. Heads Up

    I'm one of the oldies here that used to peruse the printed version of the Oyster. Needless to say not one of the ladies I contacted via the Oyster resembled the image they posted or to any expectations they implied. Sort of like BP nowadays, but even in BP, you can run into an occasional diamond in the rough. Strangely enough one of the ladies I met via the Oyster is now posting ads on BP using similar non-representative photos she used in the Oyster. Once the internet was up and running I dropped the Oyster without looking back. That was over 20 years ago.
  5. 411- Alaina (Elaine?), FBSM

    She's also been using the same photo for at least the last 10.
  6. BP Asian NuRu ads

    Because there enough fools out there that let the little head think for them and end up staying anyway to make it lucrative enough for them.
  7. 411 on Nhala denver

    There have been some refugee providers who escaped DL. They disliked the con game that DL was running and hated the look of disappointment on their clients faces. They ended up making a lot more $ by being independent. One of my ATF's was once part of DL and truly hated the con and the amount of $ she had to turn over to that illegitimate pimp who runs the agency. Sadly, she has retired from the hobby. I've met another one who became independent and offered a lot of fun activities, but she also decided to move on from the hobby. Please don't blame me for their leaving the hobby, Lol. They continued to participate for a couple years after I saw them. Hopefully she has learned her lesson on not offering disappointment and whoever meets her will have a lucrative ROI. However, I'm not one brave enough to TOFTT in this case.
  8. BP Asian NuRu ads

    You may actually meet 2 Asian women, but the chances of the ones you meet are the same as the ones in the photos are highly unlikely. Considering when you do a search on the photos, the same gals are in multiple different posts in different cities. Also the photos are frequently stolen from Asian porn or gravure (pinup) sites. So if you want to be brave and TOFTT, go right ahead. Just don't go in with expectations of a 5 star experience.
  9. 411 - Myra Gold?

    If I could copy and paste on this phone that's what I'd do to make it easy. Unfortunately can't do that easily on this phone. 1. Go to the provider's posting 2. Click the My ads button 3. Usually under the photos she posts there is a series of icons beginning with an eye, ending with an "i" at the end of the icons. Click on the "i". 4. The stands for info on the provider, usually giving a general physical description of her. Included with the descriptions is an entry that has the donation fee. Some providers give the amount, others don't. 5. In this case Myra lists her donation as $300/hr. Hope this helps.
  10. Isabel

    Google search shows her to be Taylor Alesia, internet model on Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest. Can't copy and past links easily on this phone. Doubt the girl in the BP post is her. Looks like stolen photos.
  11. Surreal Goddess

    Stupid autocorrect from phone makes my grammar seem ignorant and the edit button doesn't allow me to correct properly.
  12. Surreal Goddess

    The one review from a credible reviewer states that nothing sensual was implied or offered. He was into BDSM but said he hoped for something more sensual. So even though their ads seem to imply more is available, I'd wait until their is a review confirming there is more available on the menu.
  13. TS Taryn

    While I don't recall any reviews of Taryn being on this or the older version of TOB, I think she may have had some review on
  14. TS Taryn

    First off, It doesn't matter to me where one's preferences lay. It may seem to be bunk because of several reviews have been posted here. However, recently a female celebrity (whom I believe admitted to being bisexual), stated that it would bother her to know that a man she is interested in was bisexual. While it I don't believe she addressed the idea of a male being with a transgender female, it does point out that while our society is much more enlightened than it used to be, there is still a lot of prejudice as far as sexual preferences are concerned. Yes, I know that one of our most frequent posters simultaneously enjoyed the company of a TS provider and an enlightened female provider. That doesn't mean that some female providers aren't as enlightened and may cast a biased eye towards a hobbyist who has enjoyed the services of one the TS providers. Thus, the reluctance of hobbyists to post reviews of their TS encounters. As I stated previously, I don't have any issue with TS providers. In fact, I applaud their courage and those of hobbyists who openly admit seeing them. All I'm saying is that our society isn't as liberated on sexual mores as it may seem on the surface. I just wish American society and the legal system in this country would leave the hobby and the sexual preferences of adults alone and not subject either to the repression both have suffered.
  15. Just Curious

    I remember when I first started in this hobby, kissing was something that providers saved for their boyfriend or S.O. GFE was something almost unheard of on the menu. Fortunately, times have changed. I would recommend looking at the reviews and see which providers offer DFK. However, as with everything YMMV.