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  1. First Kiss

    Early spring 1970, Colorado Springs, 2nd date. We went to the Cooper 70 downtown. We were watching Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. The scene where BJ Thomas starts singing "Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head." I put my arm around her and she actually pulled me down to kiss. My first French Kiss. I got so excited, I actually immediately got a woody. Those were the days when you could go on a date with dinner (McD's), a movie, with popcorn and drinks and still put gas in the car for $5.00. Yep, 5 bucks! Those were the days my friend!
  2. Types of hobbying Injuries :)

    Many years ago, in a reputable hotel, the YL and I were going at it at the head of the bed. I grabbed the headboard to get more leverage. Unbeknownst to me, the headboard was glued, not screwed into the wall. As we were going at it hot and heavy, with my hand grabbing the headboard, it separated from the wall, banged me on the head and knocked me off the bed. Just a little bump on my head as far as injury was concerned, none to the YL. The YL was laughing so hard, we couldn't complete the session. The bed also seemed to be in a fragile state, so we called it a night. When we checked out the next morning, I came up with some lame excuse with the desk clerk as to why the headboard was off the wall. When the YL heard my lame ass excuse, she had to leave the lobby because she was giggling so hard. Second injury was the embarrassment I felt.
  3. Parking am I wrong?

    Marilyn, you did no wrong. You were more than accommodating and in fact, probably went above and beyond. Many years ago, before smart phones and Google maps, I had to use a Mapquest printout to try and find a provider. Unfortunately, one of the many instances Mapquest did me wrong and I got lost. I called the provider and she lived in an obscure complex with an apartment in the back of the complex. Had to call her many times because her directions weren’t the clearest. She got very exasperated and finally gave me clear directions. I finally arrived at her place and she ended up berating me for my poor understanding of directions. I tried explaining but it did no good. Needless to say the session wasn’t the best.
  4. Is Ashley Madison for real?

    Those type of bots seem to frequent dating sites. Match was also exposed for having bots posing as gorgeous females, or for single females gorgeous hunks that would express interest in your post. So it wasn't exclusive to Ashley Madison although probably much more prevalent on that site.
  5. Related??

    I could have sworn you were reciting an old George Carlin RIP monologue.
  6. Happy Saturday's !

    Might try the Cog Railway later this year, haven't been to the top of Pikes Peak since the late 60's. Yes, I know that reveals me as a dinosaur.
  7. Deposits

    I've posted some of this previously but I'll repeat some of it for nostalgia sake. Yes, I remember the days of Rocky Mountain Oyster and Westword. The couple of times I used them were tremendous disappointments. So that made me leery of using them as a source of entertainment again. I never had the luck of oldtruckerguy in the local ads. When the World Wide Web came into life in the 90's, I thought I was a kid in a candy store. However, I was so paranoid of scams and stings locally, I only contacted and saw ladies out of state, mostly California. Ah yes, the early days. In those days especially in California, the ladies would ask to meet for coffee or lunch especially if one asked for a prolonged session i.e. > 30 minutes, to see if the both of us were compatible.On top of it, the fee for the get to know you meetup was subtracted from the main session. Had some memorable sessions out there. I think it helped cut down on scams also. Unfortunately, as the Web became the popular source of information, those type of extras disappeared.
  8. 411 on Ayla Darling

    Page is back up now. Maybe she took a short break.
  9. My Thoughts on Valentines

    Not only Valentine’s Day. Being single and going out to a restaurant, the host/hostess invariably asks “Just one/you?” , “Are you alone?” Always makes a single person feel welcome. I also get tired of the huge commercialization of being single is stigmatized around holidays. One of the reasons I refer to Valentine’s Day as V.D.
  10. DTC Area VS Cherry Creek

    The parking in Cherry Creek can be a real bear during the day with little or no free parking unless you park blocks away. It can also be very frustrating trying to drive though cross streets with frequent detours because of all the construction going on. The meter readers also seem to be hell bent on giving you tickets even when you haven’t exceeded the time on the meters. I’ve had to appeal more than one ticket because of their mistakes. DTC is much easier to navigate and the parking is much easier.
  11. Nuru

    While not all FBSM providers who say they do Nuru, use the gel, I’ve found some who use a combination of different oils that substitute more than adequately. Nuru gel can also be very difficult to shower off after the session. So while using the gel is a very exotic feeling, it really makes no difference to me if they mimic Nuru correctly.
  12. I am grateful that I’ve been able to maintain my health. I am very thankful that I am lucky enough to not to have to worry about an employment situation and pray for those who are not so fortunate and hope that things will improve for them soon in these very trying times. Although I have been unable to participate in the hobby this year due to a variety of reasons, I am always very grateful to all the wonderful providers on this board who provide such a invaluable service. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!
  13. Anyone have luck with the sugar daddy sites?

    At $90/month to stay a member, I can understand why L.E would be reluctant to join. I doubt their chief would approve such expenditures with few chances of obtaining their quota.
  14. Halloween

    Three Musketeers or Milky Ways. Would pop them in the freezer, they’d substitute for a fudge sickle. Almond Joys would be my other choice.
  15. So Long, Professor

    One of my top 3 songs to dance to from back then. I agree, very underrated group.
  16. For one of my old ATF’s, I would get her a Victoria Secret’s gift card and the next time I saw her, she’d wear the lingerie she bought with the card. Worked out very well.
  17. Hotels/Motels

    I used to book my stays at a 4-5 star chain that offered reward points. However, they were bought out by another chain that is known to crack down on hobbyists. That made me wonder if I should continue to use them. It makes it hard to make a decision since I always liked their service. I’m not sure whether or not this paranoia is justified. Oh well, since I won’t be booking any stays until I’m sure there’s an effective vaccine out there, I’ll have plenty of time to decide.
  18. Its cold

    Reminds me of the people in San Diego. The temp drops below 70, they complain about it being too cold. Above 85, they complain about it being too hot. Talk about spoiled.
  19. Add Imitation Girl Friend Experience
  20. The things we remember

    An apartment complex. Still sad they tore down the Four Points.
  21. Unfortunately not. Flying there for conventions or just for vacations.
  22. The things we remember

    Ah yes, The Four Points, had my most memorable overnights there. Nice accommodations, reasonably priced. Also had incredible brunches to put a happy finale to those incredible nights. Was truly a shame to lose that hotel.
  23. 833 miles to San Diego. Never tried in other cities.
  24. Excitement at Shotgun Willie’s last night

    The last time I went there was probably in the late 90’s or early 00’s. If memory serves me right, they used off duty cops along with the bouncers at that time. Guess times have changed. With the huge population increase in Denver metro area, I wouldn’t surprised that a more rowdy, less mannered crowd would frequent that place nowadays.
  25. Covid-19 Vaccine

    Due to the high number of entrants submitting their versions of the vaccine, many of which are versions that have never tried previously, I’m sort of in the middle. I’ve read reports where the antibodies obtained did not seem to be long lasting and other reports where one type did not produce antibodies effectively for seniors like me. So I would need to read the studies closely to see if whichever is offered has; 1. Produced antibodies for an extended period. 2. Proven effective for seniors. 3. Needed a combination of the differing vaccine types to be effective. So I may wait a bit until I see the efficacy of the different vaccines before I get one. So I guess what I’m implying is that I may wait until I see one that is the correct choice for me. If that is the 1st version released then I will be out there to get my injection. Right now, I have pretty much gone out only for essential doctor’s appointments and worn a mask religiously when I do leave my place. On a side note, I read where one of the companies trialing a vaccine is looking for volunteers in the Denver area. Any takers?