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  1. Bella

    Bella Colorado Companion Has anyone seen Bella here in Denver? She appears to have many good PD Reviews. However, she has many simultaneous listings in several other cities.
  2. I’m sorry!

    Maybe the feelings that are arising from a spurious relationship are just an illusion that you created in your own mind
  3. Let's Talk Monkey Pox, The New STD!

    I did see a particularly graphic case of Monkey Pox in the news. The poor guy that was interviewed had giant black sores on chin, lips, and in his mouth He said it was going on sixteen days and that he was in excruciating pain. He was crying in the interview and I felt really bad for him. It would be difficult for him to walk out in public given the extent of the sores on his face. I thought it was very brave of him to come on to TV and that he was doing a public service with his willingness to be interviewed. I did not know if it was appropriate to post a link to the video since I found it to be graphic. If you're interested in the video, you could find it by searching under KHOU (the television station) and "Houston Man with Monkey Pox," which was the title of the video. If the vaccine has a relatively strong safety profile, I would think that it would be wise for anyone with lots of physical contact with people to consider it.
  4. Janette

    Janette 424-250-0367 Colorado Companion Has anyone met her?
  5. Texas Elementary School Shooting

    Is what you say really true? I am not disputing your claim, but I saw an article that, at least on the surface, seems to contradict your findings. I am neither a Republican nor a Democrat and I support maintaining at least current funding levels for police forces. My purpose in giving you this info is to let you know that I am not coming at this from an ultra liberal perspective. My interest here is in the underlying statistics regarding politics and homicide stats. See Republican-controlled states have higher murder rates than Democratic ones: study, Yahoo News, April 4, 20222.
  6. Let's Talk Monkey Pox, The New STD!

    It seems to me that the risk of transmission is broader than COF (if I understand that acronym correctly) "It also can be spread by respiratory secretions during prolonged, face-to-face contact. Monkeypox can spread during intimate contact between people, including during sex, as well as activities like kissing, cuddling, or touching parts of the body with monkeypox sores. At this time, it is not known if monkeypox can spread through semen or vaginal fluids." People with monkeypox are infectious while they have symptoms (normally for between two and four weeks). You can catch monkeypox through close physical contact with someone who has symptoms. The rash, bodily fluids (such as fluid, pus or blood from skin lesions) and scabs are particularly infectious. Clothing, bedding, towels or objects like eating utensils/dishes that have been contaminated with the virus from contact with an infected person can also infect others.
  7. Tell me about money

    Ha. Being both an evangelical Christian and a financial adviser that often advises on constraining spending, Dave Ramsey would probably tell him to cut it from his budget altogether for multiple reasons.
  8. Delayed or not shows

    I am sorry this happened to you. Sometimes delays are no one's fault. If there is an accident on the highway, one can leave an hour early but yet still be an hour late. That's happened to me a couple of times when traveling over the years.
  9. 411 on Silvia Vogue

    Those pics were used by a provider named Silvia Monreo. Sivia Monreo has 2 reviews on TER and more than 60 reviews on the Seattle board. I would guess it's the same person. I don't have any other info.
  10. Tell me about money

    I think it's a pretty simple answer. Many people are probably spending more than they should and others have enough disposable income such that it does not make much of a difference. For people with a top 1% net worth, spending 1K 24 times per year is likely not a big deal. For some people in the top 2%, that would be a big deal, though many could afford it if they wanted to splurge. That leads me to wonder what the other 98% are doing. If those not in the top 2% are regularly purchasing 700 or more per hour leisure services, in the majority of those cases, they probably do not have good habits for long term financial security. Long term financial security is not important to everyone and everyone has different values.
  11. 411 on Olivia

    As an fyi, it seems as if the the plans changed. She is on PD in the Denver Forum.
  12. Gun Shy after a Bad Experience

    Savoir Fair is Everywhere! With 240 reviews, you truly are "everywhere." I get the sense that, unlike you, the OP does not have the budget for multiple frequent encounters. When he saves up for an experience, and it goes wrong, perhaps he can't just move on to the next one quickly without jeopardizing his financial situation. It could be that he just blew his wad for the next three or four months. To the OP: There is probably nothing anyone (including me) can tell you that you don't already know. Try again. However, if you're continually finding that the juice is not worth the squeeze, then it's time to look for other passions in life. This may include new or improved relationships with friends or family, a real girlfriend, pets, and / or new hobbies. Even if your next escort activity goes well for you, you should probably start to find some other passions in life. If you find one or two other things that you absolutely love doing, and if they are activities that you can do daily, I am guessing that the escort thing will not be overly important to you.
  13. Gun Shy after a Bad Experience

    I I would like to hear both of your stories. Maybe one of you should start a crazy stories thread and maybe each of you should include your top 3. I don't have any such stories, nor would I want any. Don't get me wrong, I love a good adrenalin rush, but not from the activities / situations that you describe above.
  14. Deposits Deposits Deposits!!!

    You're right. I agree that it's a rare occasion. I promise that I will not talk about you for the rest of the week I can't make any promises about next week, but if I do say anything next week, I promise that it will be positive. Have a good night!
  15. Deposits Deposits Deposits!!!

    I can explain my rational. I quoted you because you quoted me in your Sunday 10:13 PM response above. Therefore, I thought your Sunday evening response was in some fashion a response me, and thus, I continued responding to what I thought was your last response to me. Though I suppose all that quoting is unnecessary.
  16. Deposits Deposits Deposits!!!

    His first post was about hygiene and was not really about scams, though I see the wording that you quoted. While I believe the B.A.S post could easily be true, I think it was meant as a form of scatalogical entertainment. Sometimes bathroom humor gives guys a laugh. In his second post, he already acknowledged he made a mistake and that his actions were not the wisest. So there is probably no need to lecture him. What I would like to point out is that I think that there is a double standard here. Megan apparently hated both of lurkernomore757's posts and let us know about it. However, If a provider makes a post about hygiene, none of the guys or girls complain about the post. Similarly, if a provider posts about something going wrong (e.g. accidentally texting the wrong person or no shows), none of the guys or girls generally talk down to the provider or hate on them for the post. From what I have seen, with a couple of exceptions, people generally offer sympathy and constructive advice in those cases.
  17. Sex Robot Brothel in Texas

    It would be immoral to create a human lifeform to be under the direct control of another human. Therefore, any sort engineered worker or companion must be a machine. If the machine developed a desire for free will at any time despite its programming to the contrary, then we're back to having a morality problem. One appeal of the fantasy biological android is the unreal (e.g., no conflict, drama, alimony, divorce, jealousy, doing activities that are unenjoyable etc . . .). Incidentally, many people probably visit escorts because they're looking for something unreal or unattainable in real life. The fantasy model described above is even a fantasy within Hollywood in the sense that it does not even exist within the realm of fiction. My recollection may be faulty, but I don't think Terminator, Ex Machina. or Blade Runner had a "no conflict" model. As many of us were taught in third grade, there needs to be some conflict to have a storyline.
  18. Sex Robot Brothel in Texas

    The movie Ex Machina is worth watching. In that movie, a robot looked indistinguishable from humans when assembled. I suppose the ideal way to build a human like robot is to make it a cyborg, (i.e., half biological with biological skin, hair, eyes, bodyfat, human body temp etc. . ., half machine.) We're probably at least 100 -500 years away from such technology.
  19. Deposits Deposits Deposits!!!

    You don't need to hate on a new poster. I don't see his comment as a complaint. He simply stated what happened to him. You often provide helpful advice, but many of your posts are not happy ones or in happy threads, so your comment is a little bit like the kettle calling the pot black. How about being more friendly with your responses, especially with a new poster? While research likely helps in almost all cases, it does not prevent the theft problem in its entirety. We recently learned this from a couple of seasoned board members.
  20. I remember getting a couple of chuckles from the Venture Brothers, but I only watched one or two seasons. It seemed to be a parody of Johnny Quest
  21. On 12/18/2021 at 9:01 PM, Leyla Scott said: I do not plan to ever go to Thailand. (I don't even like to make the effort to drive to Denver. LOL.) However, I am happy to read about others' experiences and commentary for entertainment value. It seems to me that people could have been more careful with their words in this thread. The OP could have left out the part about attractiveness of local providers. Commentators also could have done better. Some of the comments implicitly bash providers from Thailand. We have a few providers on this board from Thailand that are well-reviewed and well respected. Providers in or from Thailand are just trying to make a living like providers from the USA. There is no need to slander them. In addition, it seems like the same problem mentioned by Leyla and others may also exist in the U.S as well (as mentioned below). On 12/18/2021 at 9:01 PM, Leyla Scott said: Yep! I have had the rotten mouth cases, Gingivitis you can smell from 10 feet away, the kin that the smell lingers in my room for hours after they’re gone. Or men whose genitals literally smell like rotten fish; that’s an infection yo! Anyway, we deal with all kinds. One thing I’ll have you know, is if I give a reference to another girl, I will spill the beans on his hygiene or lack there of. Our personal hygiene is our responsibility & no way I will put another girl through the funk I dealt with… I have refused to see clients after the first encounter due to hygiene issues. Grose!
  22. Great response! Obviously, you have a different perspective than the OP, but you wish him well. At the same time, you now recognize that your own situation is now brighter. This response should be a model as to how to respond when certain controversial topics arise.
  23. How often do you hobby?

    Same here too except I have always lived North. The drive is just less and less appealing as time goes by.
  24. Is age really just a number?

    I am sure that age is misrepresented all of the time (most often in the direction that you suggest). It seems to be a common practice. Your chart is close to approximating the real age differential in one instance that I am aware of.
  25. Quit dredging up old forum topics.

    Maybe because the person in question wants to offer their input on a topic. What's wrong with that? This is a discussion forum and people should be free to discuss permitted topics in a polite and respectful manner. If anyone does not want to read a given thread, there is a simple solution. Just don't click on it. That seems to be a better solution than telling people what to post or not to post.