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  1. Miss Paige - 411

    searching the 702 number also come up with this ad which in 13 pics has 3 different women.
  2. P411/TOB links broken

    p411 currently has a webserver configuration problem. it is not responding to www requests. for instance Caressas p411 addess on her profile page here is which does not resolve. however, take out the www to get and it opens up just fine.
  3. 411 on Tiffany Bella

    lotta red flags on this on. pics used in tryst link have an eros watermark on them. this same pics without the watermark are on the website listed on the tryst ad. phone number is different between tryst and website though email address is the same. searching the phone number on the website yields a couple of hits from a scrapping site, gfemonkey. searching the tryst number yields hits in georgia, toronto canada, seattle, las vegas and london england. website claims she is a cali girl then goes on to list her measurements in metric with u.s. measurements after, very odd. website also fails to list her home base. 20% deposit may be required. then there is this inquiry.
  4. Dr Heidi W on Tryst

    a met and greet that was proposed by her is a bit unusual but not unheard of. is there any fee for the m&g? if so i would bail. if not at least you could see if whoever shows up and the lady in the pictures are the same person. the parts of this whole thing that feel fishy are, a women with a figure that take many hours in a gym to hone shows up, has a very professionally done set of pictures and website, no history and wants deposits. there were many similar profiles set up on switter when it was around that had professionally made websites and very attractive women all asking for deposits of $200 and each was found out to be scams. the major difference is those never said what city the lady was in.
  5. Dr Heidi W on Tryst

    hmm, smoking hot woman, twitter account created in feb. doing a whois on her website shows the domain was created on 2-5-23. requires a 25% deposit, at a 1 hour minimum of $750 that comes out to $187.50 seems VERY fishy to me.
  6. 411 Vivid Vivian

    notice almost all of the rate options include "extras for a price" expect major upselling for pretty much anything. not to mention the 40% deposit.
  7. Favorite Female Body Pary

    i like the part between her hat and sandals
  8. Manscaping service

    Autumn of Aurora offers this and is rather good at it
  9. If you are wishing to be supportive and get outside this weekend? for the event tomorrow.
  10. Famous or Semi-Famous Sayings

    Jack Nicholson
  11. ya know, after she has let loose a stream of something, squirt or pee, just remember, she just had a REALLY good orgasm. the kind of orgasm that when she can finally regain conscious control of her body she is gonna give you the biggest kiss you ever had and maybe a few other things you'll enjoy.
  12. Best place for sex toys

    well, looked it up on google and it seems to be.
  13. Rick and Morty is always entertaining. and then there is Tigtone which sadly seems like it isn't coming back for a third season.