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  1. Website info?

    Make sure that your site is mobile ready / compatible. Google started requiring this as of 2018
  2. What should I wear?

    Is this going too far ? I got a thing about green ladies....
  3. Help about losing the erection

    Based on a Google Search..... Bremelanotide is a peptide melanocortin receptor agonist which is under development by Palatin Technologies as a treatment for female sexual dysfunction. Wikipedia
  4. Red Flag?

    You could always contact the moderators concerning the dates?
  5. The difference

    Interesting question I think you may get a wide range of answers here. Curvy. Height 6 foot or less with a voluptuous figure BBW. Height over 6 foot in height and a slightly larger frame. Its individual perception Wt
  6. When providers retaliate

    Reading all of this thread the one thing that comes to mind is this entire system is built on trust and honesty between both parties. However there are times when even being 100 honest gets you in some type of hot water. Its never a good feeling for either side. Each side has adapted to keep each side safe from harm ..both physically and emotionally. Don't loose sight of that Sometimes you have to remain silent and let things pass and move on. Reflecting on what happened so it never happens again. Respect 👍👊😁
  7. Morning joe

    Welcome to TOB !
  8. How your mood effects your day.

    I tend to suffer from depression from time to time. Sadly on at least one occasion I can think of I had to cancel my appointment with my provider. Later on I told her why. The look in her eyes told me she understood. So yes moods are critical to a good fun encounter. Wt
  9. greetings from a new member and just thoughts on pics

    Just leave out the snap chat filers- bunny ears and all Maybe think about the background in the photos. A dirty bathroom / Bedroom in the background is really not to attractive. Unprofessional nature photos are best
  10. I have the feeling we're not in Kansas, anymore Toto

    I thought TOTO was a band ?
  11. Post Your Funnies

  12. Post Your Funnies

  13. Madly in love with Sophie - anyone else?

    Well. Then I found this....and Well....IDK what to think
  14. Madly in love with Sophie - anyone else?

    I saw Halestorm in Denver before they Exploded into mainstream. This gal ROCKS! Its got to be your type of music though. Who the Hell is Lizzy Hale Anyway ?