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  1. New here

    Welcome ...I hope you have a Wild time .
  2. New to TOB

    Welcome! I hope you enjoy Colorado
  3. What would you do ?

    I would have to spend my time doing something- after all the world traveling was done- So....I would begin the long process of starting a mental health and substance abuse recovery company. No longer would someone have to wait weeks for help when they needed it NOW.
  4. Sears declairs bankruptcy

    I looked at the Sears catalog for the ladies in Lingerie! and a few tools.....
  5. Snow Finally

    I love the snow- Bring on some more. Its beautiful. It offers a refreshing look at the world. It becomes quiet and its fun to play in! A hike in the woods in the snow is magical - You should try it
  6. Sex Robot Brothel in Texas

    Every headline when googling this had a different picture. Glad you liked her.
  7. Sex Robot Brothel in Texas

    Crap sorry I missed that posting...
  8. Sex Robot Brothel in Texas

    It was going to happen sometime https://www.sacurrent.com/the-daily/archives/2018/09/24/a-sex-robot-brothel-might-open-in-texas-no-its-not-illegal
  9. 3s Company?

    I was thinking the same thing This seems like a win win - Challenge accepted!
  10. ISO Photographer :)

    You have to let us know how it goes!
  11. HELP!!!

    Life gets hard sometimes- we all need help in different ways- BUT are we mature enough to ask for it? For me I am caught in the loop of not knowing where to find it? Some weeks I can handle it, but more often than not I get to Friday mentally exhausted and sad- which if not checked can lead to a fast slide into depression. I have cancelled more than 1 appointment because I was sick. ( Depressed ). I reached that point pretty early this week and event thought about reaching out to the board to discuss my issues- but thought better of it. Yes we all need help in some shape form or fashion everyday. And as humans we all could be so much nicer to each other. Everyday I ask myself things like- How can I be a better person ? A better Father ? A better employer? Once you become aware of your actions you can begin to change them and be the person you want to be- the person you admire. Life is to short
  12. Tongue or No Tongue?

    Its needs to be warm Just a warm tongue. 😋 Haha. See what I did there?
  13. ISO Photographer :)

    I would think you could look at some of the other gals photos and reach out to them individually to inquire about their professional pictures. I have seen quite a few lately. Just a thought. 😋
  14. Peaking

    At 50 years old- a 18 year old does NOT interest me at all. They don't have their shit together, are in mature . Plus why would I even try to keep up with someone that age ? I want good conversation based on experience. I want good sex- based on experience and to be in bed by 10 pm LOL
  15. Listings

    Where can I find listings for this area?