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  1. Cutting The Cord!!!

    The key to the original question is: When you had cable- what shows did you really watch ? From there make a list of the stations you liked. The next big issue is internet access. To stream on Nexflix you can get away with 40 megs if the speed in the area your in does not lag at peak times. 100 meg you should have no issues. If you BUY a router then you can save the rental fee from the provider. Each provider is different on what hardware you need. Its costly upfront but saves in the long term If you have a smart TV, then you can Ethernet from your TV to the Router and you won't need a Roku or Fire Stick- but those are nice to move from room to room Then from there look at the different options...Amazon Prime, Netflix, Hulu, CBS All Accesses Etc... Each comes with a monthly fee but you can build what you want- and turn it on and off when the series you love is no longer running. Just be careful you don't add to many or you might as well have Comcast back. As a example....Internet 50.00 per month, Hulu 10.00 per month, Netflix 12.00- per month- Your already at 72.00 per month... What also works is... Asking a friend for his/ her user name and PW for a platform you don't have and offering one in return. We ALL do it. And of course- the trusty antenna for local stations TV watching has changed since everything has gone to a "ON Demand " platform. No longer do you need to wait for the show to come on at 7pm on Saturday night. I hope this helps
  2. When your wife is cheating?

    So I found this post stirred up some things from my past and I would like to offer my 2 cents based on your post and my past experience... 1. The advice from J-J254 is spot on 2. If you didn't care about your wife and relationship you would have never posted this question. Seek counseling for you and your wife. Have the hard conversations. Don't hold anything back- be honest with her. Be honest with yourself. 3. Do not "burn that mans world down" ..it wont help- counseling will. I did NOT seek counseling over this particular issue and I swear to this day IF I ever see the man who slept with my wife back in the day hes getting a sucker punch right in the kisser. I know who he is, where he is STILL. Its not healthy and hurts my heart often. All because I didn't deal with it correctly- but in the end after many years it ate me alive inside and we divorced. The trust was never regained 4. Kids are tricky- You can tell them some things based on age- but under no circumstances should you fight in front of them, or bash your spouse in front of them or to them. Even with that the kids may hate you forever- be careful. My kids are older and I miss seeing them daily. 5. Best of luck.
  3. Vice activity

    Well stated hobby hobbit☺ Everyone was new at one time
  4. Grab 'Em By The P*ssy

    Attitudes like this are whats wrong with America. Lets hope your daughter dates a guy with that same attitude.
  5. Aloha!

    Welcome and hello!
  6. Finally Saying Hello

    Welcome Sasha. 😍
  7. Are relationships overrated? Fell hard for a married woman.

    Nothing good comes of this at all Worst advice ever. 😕 Walk away. Heal yourself. Cherish the memories. Move on
  8. Great Exercise

    I dont have the ass for pole dancing😁🍆😳😉
  9. California and a prayer.

    I agree completely. Well said
  10. How many times?

    In my mind its everyday 🍆🍆🍆 I was visiting 1x a week Now that I am 50 things slowed down to 1-2x a month. But Im working more and rolling in the 💸
  11. Nuru Oil Or Sub?

    Just based on the questions being asked you can tell that most people do not know the difference. Geeque2 had the right answer. I was interested in this a few years ago and could find no one in Colorado who offered real NURU massage. However I have had baby oil. Coconut oil. Avacado oil and the end result of seeing a beautiful woman covered head to toe in oil is one sexy sexy sight to behold. ☺
  12. Snapchat Verification

    Snapchat is definitely a younger persons app for sure. Tried it. Dont like it. Yep this makes me sound old. 😄
  13. Full body O

    Has this not always been the goal? Please your woman first and then she will please you. I find it extremely sexy watching a woman quiver buck and grab the sheets as a result of my skilled tongue work. A job well done 😉
  14. Happy Halloween

    Make sure you hand out full size candy- all the kids want it
  15. Loveland 411

    There are many of FBSM ladies here on the board you will be much more happy with. Don't go the Chinese establishments. Search the board for ladies in your area.