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  1. I'll take penis IQ for $500 Alex

    There’s nothing like a bj. I have a couple ladies that you would never know it was covered and it was done extremely well. I will take that a couple of times instead of any kind of fs
  2. Yes Mr Hobbit I did mean stalker stupid auto correct. All I have to say is my mother raised me right and taught me how to treat a woman and if at anytime he would find out I was stalking or hitting or just down right being nasty to any woman he would beat me within a inch of my life.
  3. It seems like this more than just a few women have had problems with the hobbit and his stocker issues. I don’t understand why the moderator of the site can’t put a stop to problem people. It happens when women start posting fake reviews. Maybe you ladies need to get together with the moderators and maybe they can do something about problem people.
  4. Members you miss

    I know I am posting to an old post and I have posted before but I just miss Muffin. She gave the best bbbj you could ever dream of. It was slow agonizing and once you had one you would want another. She made your time last and if she figured out that you liked that she would edge you for the whole session. She wasn’t a clock watcher and most of my sessions went so far over an hour. I never met with Beverly but I would imagine she was the same way.
  5. New girl :)

    Welcome to the city.
  6. 411 Goddess Kali

    I would like to know also she is truly a red headed goddess.
  7. CrystalBliss

    She is back. I have seen her on instagram and her p411. She is no longer a body rub provider though from what I see.
  8. Male massage for the ladies?

    Obviously he thought that he had done a great job and had made you extremely horny and he was entitled to touch you in a way in which you expressed thoroughly in the beginning that you didn’t want. This action is the action of a male that’s father had taught him that you can just take anything from a woman that you want. I was lucky enough that my mother taught me that no matter what you need to get permission to touch any woman in a sexual way (this includes your wife) and you can not sexually assault a woman whenever you want and this is exactly what I believe that this pig did. If you don’t have enough respect for a woman or even a man to respect their wishes then you should not even put yourself in that situation to begin with. I hope I don’t offend anyone by jumping on an old post and I hope I don’t get into trouble for expressing my opinion.
  9. Oral Delights go both ways

    I’m sure that some of the ladies have delt with these issues and you don’t have to have an erection to orgasm. If a woman really know what she is doing I’ve been told that even with the prostate taken out with oral they can get a man to orgasm.
  10. Favorite Female Body Pary

    I used to be a huge blond and boob man but as I have gotten older it’s all about the connection to the woman that’s important. But big boobs don’t hurt.
  11. Should I lose my virginity to a provider?

    By now I would most certainly think that this young man has solved his problem. I think it’s a good idea for him to go this rout and there are providers that are virgin friendly. I believe that if you want to do it this way you need to find a woman and converse your issues and tell her you want to have her as a teacher and book multi hour sessions. I wish that I would have had this opportunity 38 years ago it would have given me the confidence and I wouldn’t have been a shy and extremely horny 22 year old that the young lady had to take the reins and push herself on me. I hope that if there are other young men like this this hobby helps them out.
  12. DFK and ATF's

    Just wondering why anyone of you girls couldn’t write a book. It would be the kind of book I would read as I enjoy a book with lots of sex and naughty details and I know that all you girls have them. I can just imagine one of you getting rich and doing all the talk show circuits.
  13. Too sensitive

    After my vasectomy I had one of my testicles swell up to the size of an orange. I had to go back in and I saw a young lady who was beginning her career. My nuts hurt so bad and she literally spent 20 minutes rubbing and looking at my swollen testicle like she had never saw anything like it. If I hadn’t had the infection and been hurt it would have been extremely erotic.
  14. Too sensitive

    Man if you caught your beans and franks in your zipper and got the beans over the frank. You just need to wipe off the blood put some. A and W on your chewed up dick and keep going even though it feels like Ms. Bobit just got done with it. Have a little compassion my wife is extremely sensitive and you have got to really be careful with what you do. I’m sure with an attitude like yours women are lining up to have the full experience with you.
  15. Dining with your friend

    I would love for any of you lovely ladies to sit on my face and give me lessons in eating your pussy the proper way. I love to make women 😃 happy