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  1. Deciding to walk.

    @5280CO - complete dick move for calling Cheyenne out in your post but I also have to say thank you! She's clearly a classy lady in how she replied to you. She'll gain at least 1 new customer but probably more, thanks to you.
  2. Outcall Fails

    She doesn't have her own incall and would have been spending extra money to book a room, I thought I'd help her out and host. I'm clearly naive to what D-Bags out there are doing and what you ladies may have experienced, I have no ill intentions and thought it seemed reasonable. Um, are you OK? What's with the yelling? I'm sure you could have gotten your point across in a more constructive manner.
  3. Outcall Fails

    I can understand how it sounds like the start of a bad news story to her, but isn't every meeting tinted with a bit of risk? If a client really wanted to do something terrible it could happen at any meeting place. Her reaction of blocking me and cutting off all communication was the most surprising considering I placed the request through P411 and have a good amount of OKs. At previous residences where I didn't know my neighbors very well I would have considered this but at my current home I am pretty close with all of my neighbors so the risk was too high for me.
  4. Outcall Fails

    Hello All, I typically am not in a position to do outcall meetings, in fact I've never successfully had one but have tried twice now. The first was while I was traveling for work. I thought I could have a lovely lady visit me in my room. We spoke on the phone the day of the appointment, I told her the hotel I was staying at. She asked me for the room number, I said I would provide that closer to the meeting time. She seemed to be taken back by the response. An hour or so later she sent me an email cancelling our appointment because she fell down and hurt herself. Maybe that was legit, maybe not, either way was my plan not to give her my room number until close to the appointment odd? I was mimicking what typically happens when I go to an incall; I don't get the full address until right before the meeting. The second failed attempt was going to be an outcall to my home. I live in a typical suburban neighborhood and wanted to be as discreet as possible. Having a provider walk up to my house would have thrown up major red flags so I came up with a plan. I would pick her up at a location close to my home, pull straight into the garage and we would be all good. I have dark tint on my windows so nobody would have seen her. I laid this plan out to her in an email and received a quick response stating this was a "highly unusual" request and that I should not contact her again. She blocked me on P411 and probably my email as well. I respect her request and will not try to contact her. Her response gave me an odd feeling. Obviously she doesn't know me like I know me. I'm not sure what creepy situation my email concocted in her head but it made me wonder, is this truly a 'highly unusual' request? In my mind it seems like it would be rather normal to avoid nosy neighbors. Thanks for any responses, Noco
  5. Have you ever regretted not writing a review

    it has been done before
  6. Hello Albuquerque!

    It's pretty well dead and the experience I had in ABQ reflected it. I went through P411 and all the ladies I contacted cancelled last minute or no showed me. I hope the next trip goes better!
  7. Perfume or not ?

    Being called a perv on a video game forum or something of the like would be one thing. To be called a perv on TOB... I must say, I'm honored BadBoy. I might have to request that scenario on my next meeting.
  8. Perfume or not ?

    I love natural female pheromones. I'd rather a provider skip the perfume, lotion, make up, etc and instead work out shortly before our time together and to not shower
  9. Boy Girl Boy

    As most men (and maybe women?) on this site, I have a bucket list of experiences I would like to fulfill. Some I achieved very quickly because I couldn't wait - "2 chicks at the same time" was #1 for me. My bucket list has happily been emptying and the next one on my list is a BGB session. I'm unsure of where to start with this one. Can anyone share their BGB session if they've had one? Point to reviews? How do you set it up? I've seen a few providers who have BGB on their P411 page, does that mean they can find the other guy or do I need to find him somehow? Also, what's the expectation of a BGB session? I'm not into men, I'm not looking to 'explore', I just want to share a woman with another man (that sounds odd even as I write it). Thanks for any responses, PMs are welcomed as well.
  10. Does anyone else have this problem????

    daily would make me the happiest man alive. Hell, I'd take weekly or even semi-monthly at this point. p.s. don't get married
  11. ABQ recommendations?

    I'll be in the ABQ area next month and am wondering if anyone has any provider recommendations? I looked at the reviews - there's 1 recent review and she is no longer in the area. I have P411, there are some great ladies but a little guidance would be nice if anyone has experience in the area. Please PM me. Thank you
  12. Licking pussy

    Not always true, I've been commanded to bite on a few occasions.
  13. Where in Colorado can I get a...?

    Something for the advanced hobbyist only, could make a man implode if he's not careful.
  14. It Finally Happened...

    And one more thing courtesy of Laplace:
  15. It Finally Happened...

    It doesn't have to be so. I am a generally hairy person (not Italian hairy but enough to matter) and was determined to not be a dingleberry carrier. So every so often, when I have the house to myself I do some shaving gymnastics in the bathroom to prevent this problem. I'll tell you, getting in the position to accurately and carefully shave the ass isn't easy. Get too close to that pucker and you'll be sorry for days. Also, the first time I saw Demolition Man I thought those future people were geniuses. "They used handfulls of wadded paper back in the 20th". Sandra Bullock made us paper wadders look like fools. Go ahead and invest in a spray attachment for your toilet. If you're really living large get a golden bidet with a heater. Either way, you'll save yourself the embarrassment of leaving skid marks on a beautiful provider's sheets, comforter, pegger, etc.