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  1. 411 Sydney Grey

    I did a simple Google search on her # and popped up as Heidi. Did she change her name? I don't have p411 so I can't view the OP link. Anyway, if it really is Heidi then yes she's legit, but pictures may be a little bit old.
  2. 411 Aliz

    No update from me. Texted but couldn't find a time for both of us to meet. Will look out for next time.
  3. Chloe Rose on switter

    Chloe Rose Colorado Companion She's in Denver at the moment. Anyone see or know her? She looks smoking hot!
  4. 411 Naomi Claire

    I contacted her last time she was here, but through email only as she didn't have a number listed. No luck though of an actual meeting. Honestly had forgotten about her. Good luck.
  5. 411 Dianna from Privilege

    I remember seeing a gal who used to be with privilege several years ago. Can't remember the name exactly. Legit agency, but pictures are a bit brushed up.
  6. 411 Aliz

    SexyAliz Colorado Companion Anyone know if she's real?
  7. 411 on Bella.ocho

    Ava profile, now tagged fake.
  8. 411 on Bella.ocho

    I was wondering the same, but posts look very similar to another post a while back, Ava_xo. Wonder if same girl? There are 5 reviews or so of Bella. PM the reviewers or anyone have info they can share?
  9. 411 Alexandra

    Anyone seen Alexandra?
  10. 411 on Ava_xo

    Yup, probably the same girl i seen a while back. Great body but inaccurate pictures.
  11. Layna Luxx COS

    anyone actually try to contact her? Lol
  12. FBSM Recommendations

    I've seen her twice and do recommend too, although a bit on the pricey side, but great experience. She told me she only is doing FBSM for another few months. Maddy is also great that I've seen a couple of times.
  13. 411 on Ava_xo

    Just thought I'd update. Received a text back from her and i believe I've seen her before in the past. Same location. I don't think the pictures are her, although they're similar to her body. Unless I'm mistaken, she share the in call location with another friend. I may have gotten the 2 mixed. Anyway, the girl i saw there a while back was good looking but wasn't the pics. Anyone else who've recently seen her, can ya confirm?
  14. 411 on Ava_xo

    Ava_xo Colorado Companion Any info? 1 review but pics look tgtbt. Thanks.
  15. Abbiexxx?

    Abbiexxx Colorado Companion Just wanted some 411 on her if anyone has seen her?