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  1. Natasha from MB

    No but MB is a legit agency. I’m trying to book her as well.
  2. Savana

  3. Ladies from Matchless Beauties?

    I have seen Kiara in the past but not Jenna. DM me if you want more info about MB. They’re legit!
  4. Mariana 411

    No luck on setting up a time. She never responded. Oh well, next time maybe.
  5. Mariana 411

    MarianaDS 646-543-4596 Colorado Companion Tried contacting her to set something up but haven't heard back yet. Anyone have any luck or can give some info?
  6. 411 RobynLove

    Any update? I see she has one positive review now.
  7. Eva Sophie 411? Any info on her? Looks stunning.
  8. 411 on Kelly

    Erotic Kelly 702-829-4512 Colorado Companion Any info? TIA.
  9. Milena

    I contacted her but no response. I was thinking she might be with one if then agencies that frequently have stops in Denver. Good luck. I'll be following this thread...
  10. 411 on Ladies En Confidente

    I once met a dancer at a local strip club and got to know her a little bit, several years ago. She left the club and went to LEC and I thought "why not check it out". Showed up and she was there and we had a great time in a private room, although not the most clean room. Room was dirty and stinky. About a year later I thought I'd check in to see if any of the other ladies were as hot as she was, but was disappointed in all of their looks and I walked out without any private dances. Btw, location is sketchy and ghetto, Haha.
  11. I'll be in New Orleans next week for a business trip. TOB doesn't seem too active for the area. Any recommendations on other sites for hobbying? TIA
  12. 411 Victoria Wright and Nikole West

    Following... curious if their pictures are indeed real and accurate.
  13. Sabrina Leroux

    Very much appreciated.
  14. Sabrina Leroux

    Sabrina Leroux 410-403-8829 Colorado Companion Here's another interesting one with no reviews but great pictures. Anyone have info on her? Looks tgtbt in my opinion. Thoughts?
  15. 411 on Naomi March

    Awesome. 😉