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  1. Best Strip club in Denver

    Wonder if I’ve ever seen you at Platinum before and just never knew 😮
  2. Brazilian cousins - Yenn & Lu

    Looks tgtbt in my opinion but good luck.
  3. 411 on GirlsOffices's Denver Asian cuties

    I think no hhr. I had inquired about one of the girls about a month ago and had asked and was told only hr appt allowed. But i was not able to meet due to scheduling conflicts.
  4. 411 on Mya R

    She’s real and she has a profile on here with reviews. I also sent you a DM.
  5. I know all 3 ladies are very well established and reviewed on here. They are frequent in the area around the same time. I’ve been wanting to see them but can never really make schedules work out when I have contacted them. Also, I don’t think I can afford to see 2 or all 3 within the same timeframe they’re here. eventually will hope to get to see all or a multi-girl visit…but until then, help me out here…if I had to choose 1 of the 3, who and why? 😁
  6. Axel Skye?

    Following. Been a long time since I have seen a tantra provider so may be interested again if she is legit.
  7. 411 on Alessandra Fleur

    Way outta my price range! Looks legit though.
  8. Oasis

    I saw her a couple years ago. Her website doesn’t work anymore. Pretty sure that means she done with this activity or may have relocated and renamed herself. Good luck finding her.
  9. 411 on Marcy

    Thanks all. Knew it was TGTBT. Never have any ladies I’ve seen randomly text me like that. thought it was odd. TOB community Ftw!
  10. Marcy Colorado Companion So I got a random text from this number saying she’s in town and wanted to schedule/meet. Curious as I couldn’t find the number anywhere so I responded and she said her name is Marcy and sent me this link to her website and asked if I would like to meet. She says if I do, I would need to pay a $25 fee to cam chat first then we can agree on a time and place. I thought that was odd so I told her I would think about it. She sent me more messages to see if I’m serious. Does anyone know her or if this is real? Pics looked familiar but I don’t remember meeting her before or contacting unless she used a different name and number years ago. +1 (813) 647-7694
  11. How often do you hobby?

    When I was in South Denver/DTC area, it was more often than I expected. Weekly, monthly…The convenience of the location and number of available ladies made the temptation higher and much more worth it. Now that I’ve relocated up north with limited amount of ladies, I’ve slowed down quite a bit and Covid did put a major pause on this as well. Just can’t seem to fathom the amount of time stuck in traffic and distance driving to DTC. But have come to realize that maybe I’m getting to the point where I’m contemplating hanging up this hobby I’ve enjoyed for many years…
  12. XOC

    I can’t even get a verification email sent to me when I try to register
  13. XOC

    Sort of reminds me of matchless beauties when they were still around.
  14. 411 on Sirena

    You sure it wasn’t her pimp? Her BF just randomly tags along for all of this?
  15. Naomi Smih 411

    If she’s the real deal then her donation pricing is a steal! Those prices seem like a bargain these days.