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  1. Summer 411

    No replies back. Oh well
  2. Kaitlyn 411

    So, back to Kaitlyn.... Cuz I'm interested lol
  3. Summer 411

    Oof, I might have to toftt. I texted her
  4. 411 on Alba from Privlege agency

    I spent time with Alba, she's fun and hot aF But doesn't speak alot of English, we were also with Pam and she was using her phone to translate some requests.
  5. 411 Babybee

    She had a couple reviews a while back, didn't seem gfe.
  6. Hmmm interesting

    Colorado Escort https://theotherboard.com/users/123365 https://theotherboard.com/ads/show/9177
  7. Colorado Escort AspenStar (346) 274-9286 http://denver.backpage.com/WomenSeekMen/346-274-9286/49733172 https://www.instagram.com/asspenstarr/ Just curious if anyone knows her, I mostly jus found ads in Houston and San Antonio
  8. 411 on MyraGold

    She doesn't keep her "WORK" phone on her all times. She's my favorite regular and we are close. Keep trying, shes beautiful and sexy.
  9. Anyone knows where Stephanie Summers went?

    Complete profile name change https://theotherboard.com/users/121352. Lana Adams
  10. I think this is her, 1 review https://theotherboard.com/users/121305
  11. Shes Back https://theotherboard.com/ads/show/10269
  12. Any help on Alex

  13. Isabel

    Stolen pics from 17yo Taylor lol
  14. Saw another bp ad with the same number but claiming to be 21 instead of 24. My text msgs from her also threw a red flag so I never committed