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  1. Anyone knows where Stephanie Summers went?

    Complete profile name change https://theotherboard.com/users/121352. Lana Adams
  2. Anyone know anything about Mel Bae, on BP

    I think this is her, 1 review https://theotherboard.com/users/121305
  3. Sensual Christi using Stolen Pics

    Shes Back https://theotherboard.com/ads/show/10269
  4. Any help on Alex

  5. Isabel

    Stolen pics from 17yo Taylor lol
  6. Saw another bp ad with the same number but claiming to be 21 instead of 24. My text msgs from her also threw a red flag so I never committed
  7. 411 - Myra Gold?

    Her duo partner is Kitty babe so my question was pertaining her menu in comparison to Kitty. But she hasn't replied yet lol
  8. Amandalove303

    Shes real and great in person. better than the pics imo. she swears pics are less than a year old. I recommend and i plan on revisiting
  9. Christmas Present

    If I were doing that I would attempt with someone I know shows a good fantasy with either add ons from menu or her friend combo
  10. Summerlove/Vanessa?

    look at that flip flop https://theotherboard.com/users/114572 (702) 332-3143
  11. Can't Compete? Any info?

    I had a pleasant chat via text, schedules have yet to align, she seems patient. But she has already changed phone numbers, kind of a red (4474 being the newest)
  12. 411 on Hazel

    Rofl...my second visit was by accident, and referred by text (agency) when my regular couldn't play, funny that she was way nicer the 2nd time as we both realized and she wanted the other tip lol
  13. 411 on Hazel

    I've seen her twice also, attitude is poor and acts super sensitive. Lots of rules, no touching her head/hair but the donation was decent, her waist is super tiny. I agree with Artguy the end was worth when all is calm and done
  14. Nuru with FS

    I am definitely wanting to see this duo lol