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  1. FBSM Recommendations

    With the new tob reviews are pretty much worthless. Can anyone recommend a good Fbsm provider, a very erotic session with lots of teasing and mutual touch.
  2. Don't be that guy.....

    Reminds me of something I told a Fbsm provider years sure got a pretty mouth.
  3. family friendly or under the radar...?

    I'm a divorced single dad and know how you feel. Some days I swear I'm going to quit hobbying and focus on finding a girlfriend but then I'm reminded of dating in 2018 and go back to this.
  4. Shower and GFE

    Sometimes when my mind wonders I start believing in a conspiracy that STDs were man made. Imagine what life would be like if there weren't any.. Of course, it could be a cruel joke by who or what created us.
  5. Shower and GFE

    This topic has over 2200 views, seems to me this is something many guys are interested in.
  6. Superbowl Sunday

    Yeah, it's getting old seeing the same team year after. Not too mention, I suspect there is some rigging going on with officials.
  7. Superbowl Sunday

    Anyone else besides me not watching this year? I think I could find something more entertaining and worth my time like a nice Fbsm with utf ending 😁 What's everyone doing if you're not watching?
  8. Shower and GFE

    There are obvious rules to hobbying like CFS so a true gfe isn't ever going to happen. But I've always thought if I had a girlfriend that didn't kiss me and wanted to give me a CBJ she wouldn't be a girlfriend for long. I agree with you, it generally means whatever the lady wants it to mean. And can be very subjective from the guys around here.
  9. Shower and GFE

    I kind of wanted to start a new post but I'll just ask here. I've always thought GFE to mean some type of kissing and Bbbj with CFS. I know it can vary a little but here lately I'm beginning to wonder considering some communications I've had with BP providers. I'm now starting to believe there are many providers, especially not on TOB, that believe GFE means no covered activities at all. I've even come across some from BP that are willing to do BBFS. I've never done that hobbying but just trying to figure out this GFE and what it means to the people here on TOB.
  10. Latina Providers

    Thanks, I didn't know that. I might have found one, Valentina Cruz. She doesn't have reviews but her messages give me "hard"
  11. Latina Providers

    I just click on Latina search criteria for the ad section and not that many come up. Ill do like the other poster said and check reviews
  12. Latina Providers

    There don't seem to be a lot of Latina providers around here. I do the search criteria but not a lot available. There seem to be plenty over at BP but that place is a nightmare. I've considered getting a p411 acct but not sure if there would be more selections over there as opposed to here.
  13. Deciding to walk.

    I love those smokin hot Latinas with curves like Selma Hayek. But I don't see many here on TOB just over on BP but that place is way to iffy for me.
  14. I like getting my ass licked

    Years ago I went to one of those Asian massage parlors and after the flip we were negotiating the fun stuff/price etc. I really didnt understand what she was saying but gave her the tip. She proceeded to give me ATM and wow that was the best. Never have been able to experience that again...:(
  15. Traveling ladies

    I've noticed that too from my travels. Colorado is a hotspot.