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  1. Asking about the Menu

    Many times reviews don't give a lot of info so often I will email a couple of the reviewers and ask them but this needs to be done in advance and doesnt work if I am doing a spur of the moment thing. So I just go ahead and ask and I often try to word it in a way that feels safe to answer. For example, if I were a guy that preferred this "activity" would we be a good fit? More often than not the lady will answer back with a yes or no. Or she might just reply with what time were you wanting, which is a yes without saying so.
  2. Birthday recommendations

    Be nice to find a lady that provides more intimacy in the GFE but usually reviews dont talk a lot about that.
  3. Birthday recommendations

    That place looks amazing! Thanks!
  4. Other Hobby Sites

    I always use TOB when Im at home but it can be difficult when traveling. Euros is an option that seems to be used in many places. Wherever I am I just google escort listings and see what comes up.
  5. Condom Broke - Freaking Out a Little

    Picking up something that can be cleared with antibiotics is not that big of a deal if you think about it. Now herpes 2 is possible which would suck. Getting something far worse is unlikely but if you're really that worried go get checked. If you have a significant other avoid sex until youre checked.
  6. Birthday recommendations

    Thanks, I got a couple ladies in mind.
  7. Birthday recommendations

    It's my birthday tomorrow and I am thinking about treating myself to some fun. Anyone got any recommendations for a knock my socks off gfe encounter with one of the lovely ladies here?
  8. Fremont

    Ill be in Fremont next week and will be looking for some fun. What sites are used out there?
  9. Loveland 411

    I know of 5 off hand in Loveland alone. Makes me think most are legit massage businesses considering if they were the other kind they wouldn't last too long.
  10. Go Broncos

    We are killing them with our run game but stupid ass penalties.
  11. Go Broncos

    Too many penalties that are killing them.
  12. Loveland 411

    It's been my experience the ones in Denver have the best looking ladies. Up in northern CO these places tend to employ older women in their 50s and above. I guess it just comes down to me going in and seeing what's available.
  13. Loveland 411

    Some of those places are legit massage businesses. I like the onee that give a good massage and leave me happy
  14. Loveland 411

    I recently moved to Loveland and have noticed there are an unusual amount of Chinese massage businesses. Anyone know if these places are the type of establishment I would be "happy" with?
  15. International Play

    I cant sign up for p411 now. I think they cutoff any new subscriptions Thanks.