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  1. International Play

    I cant sign up for p411 now. I think they cutoff any new subscriptions Thanks.
  2. International Play

  3. International Play

    I am traveling soon to South Korea and wanted to have some fun time with some of those gorgeous Koran ladies. I am looking for sites that would have listings in Seoul. I tried ECCIE but only came across one ad. Does anyone know of a good site whether international or local I could check out before arriving?
  4. Korean ladies?

    I don't know about here but I know of an AMP that typically has Korean girls. And another place
  5. Bored wanted to play..

    Lol, I agree. I was just venting last night because of the recent changes in the law that have made hobbying more challenging. But it is what it is and at least for now we still have some options.
  6. Bored wanted to play..

    If you click on the listings for Ft Collins you'll see there's not a lot of options up this way. Especially if a guy has a craving for something specific like an Asian, Latina or Ebony provider. BP was just another option that typically had ads for a variety of providers. And they werent cheap $50 options like so many think.
  7. Bored wanted to play..

    Lovalnd Fort Collins Greeley the only three cities in Northern Colorado that have been referred to as tri cities
  8. Bored wanted to play..

    No I didn't.
  9. Bored wanted to play..

    I'm in the Tri Cities region. Maybe "in a pinch" wasnt a good choice of words. It was nice having more options up here when BP was around now it seems to be the same few providers.
  10. Bored wanted to play..

    No problem. I can usually find what I'm searching for but 9 times out of 10 she's in DTC. That's 1.5 hours for me without traffic. I know I should be grateful considering some guys live much futher but it was nice when bp was around because I could always search there and usually find a lady no more than 20 mins away.
  11. Slower since the changes.... everywhere!

    I meant if tob goes down. Plus, no more detailed reviews so its a toss up on what a guy might get.
  12. Bored wanted to play..

    The new laws or whatever they did that took down backpage. I'm up north and tob doesnt have much up this way. For spontaneous fun I could always rely on BP for some fun in a pinch. Ill admit that Ive never used p411 so not sure if there are ladies up this way from that site.
  13. Slower since the changes.... everywhere!

    I agree but there are becoming fewer options to finding what we need. If tob goes down I only know of p411.
  14. Bored wanted to play..

    Holiday weekend and things seem kind of slow. Was hoping to play tonight but couldn't get what I was searching for. I'm really hating politicians right now
  15. FBSM Recommendations

    With the new tob reviews are pretty much worthless. Can anyone recommend a good Fbsm provider, a very erotic session with lots of teasing and mutual touch.