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  1. Concert Tickets

    There is an app called Flash Seats that allows you to buy tickets from other people who have bought tickets. Sometimes there are good deals there because people can't make it to the show and need to sell their passes. You use the app as a kind of broker and then present the digital ticket to the venue. I had some good luck with that for events that were nearly sold out.
  2. Visual turn ons

    White stockings, lacy lingerie, and long straight blonde hair laying across the curve of a woman's back or half covering her breasts. Throw some come hither eye contact in there and I'm done for...
  3. Long Term Arrangements

    I find that my best experiences have been on repeated visits. I tend to be a bit of a romantic, I enjoy date nights or longer visits and I think the familiarity just makes things more fun. Sometimes I wonder what setting up a longer and more regular arrangement would be like. I know there are services that support this type of arrangement but I enjoy the TOB community and I am curious if anyone has had any experience with something like this. How did it go? How did you find it?
  4. Long Term Arrangements

    I have had one connection here that worked a bit like that. It wasn't initiated as a formal long term arrangement. I didn't set out for it at all, I stumbled into it and it was absolutely great. So your right, Lacy, I think it must be special or at least rare. It makes me wonder if there is a better way to find something like that. That is, without the stumbling.
  5. Friend Zone

    Yep. That definitely happens. It's pretty rare in this place but you are definitely not alone. There are certainly boundaries you are told not to cross, yet people are still people and sometimes they click in a different ways. Sometimes I meet someone and we just really enjoy spending time together even if we know we're destined to move on. There are so many ways to appreciate someone. Fireworks or friendship, both are important. My suggestion is to enjoy the experience, indulge in the company and don't spoil it worrying about the final outcome. Who knows, you might find it changes over time to be even more fulfilling if you accept go along with it.
  6. Question for providers

    If she travels a lot it could be a nice way of letting you know she is in town. Maybe she took a break for a bit and wants to reestablish some connections with old clients. Meeting people you have already seen is surely less troublesome than all the reference checking. Perhaps she has some unexpected need or it's been a slow month. Maybe she just prefers to see certain clients over others and would rather book with you before placing an ad. There could be many reasons. I have never been troubled by such an invitation. Most of the time I am at least a little bit flattered. I actually enjoy seeing a text from a long established friend telling me she would love to see me again. Some of my best experiences followed such an unexpected text. There is nothing quite as enticing than thinking, What am I going to do with my night? Then picking up my phone and seeing an unexpected a text from a favorite provider. Always gets a smile out of me. I suppose I would get bothered if someone I didn't know very well was hitting me with some kind of high pressure but I have never had that happen. It's a different thing altogether if I don't know her at all or had a bad experience on a previous get together. In that case I make liberal use of the delete text conversation menu option.
  7. Renewing References

    I'm curious, is there any way to renew you references on TOB if you have seen a provider more recently than the original reference shows?
  8. Renewing References

    Thanks for the suggestion Audrey. Too bad that doesn't work. You made my point precisely, gr8owl. We could really use that feature. I hope to see it in the next update.
  9. My Rant…

    That's too bad. Alas, it's all part of the experience. Sounds like you made the most of it though. I once was once cancelled with 15 minutes notice by someone I hadn't seen before. For a couple of minutes I sat annoyed in my car thinking why didn't I pay more attention to those two no-show reviews and wondering what am I going to do with the rest of my day. Then my phone buzzes with a text. I look down expecting to see some lengthy excuse but instead it is a message from one of my out of town favorites, " Hey, I just flew into town. Let me know if you want to get together ;)". Skeptically, I text back "Are you free in 30 minutes?" She replies "I sure am!" So, chuckling, I throw the car back into drive and head down a different road which, ultimately, led me to one of my all time favorite sessions. It must have been fate...
  10. Asking a provider to be a reference

    I don't think there really is any official protocol because everyone is different but Bella Marie's point about being respectful and courteous is the key. Make sure you treat her well when you meet her. After all, she is only going to provide a reference if she has a positive experience. You are not likely to offend by asking for a reference after seeing someone. This whole scene is built on reputation and references and if someone agreed to see you without a reference they will likely understand that you are looking to establish yourself. Some ladies might even offer to be a reference without be asked. On the other hand, some people are uncomfortable giving out references or are very cautious about it. So you should always ask before using someone as a reference. If they agree to be a reference, it's a good idea find out how they would like to be contacted so that you don't give out contact info that your reference does not want to share. Many providers won't just give out info about you to anyone who calls so it is also important to let them know who they should expect to contact them. You could certainly ask the next day with a polite text message, especially if it makes you feel a bit awkward. If you had a great time with your visit then it might be lots of fun to visit her a few times until you feel comfortable enough to ask. But most likely there is no harm in asking about being a reference at the end of a meeting. You will surely need more than one reference in the future so it might even be helpful to ask for advice on getting more. If you are lucky she might recommend you visit her friend. Then you will get to see a trustworthy provider, gain another reference and have another nice evening. Worst case, if she doesn't provide references then she will let you know. If so accept it and move on. Providing a nice review is a good gesture and she might appreciate it. Again, you should probably ask first as not everyone cares for reviews. It's not good form to write a review just to get a reference as reviews should be sincere and informative but if you had a good experience and want to share, that can go a long way to building a good reputation with her. In the end, she is going to be more inclined to give good and timely references to someone she likes.
  11. Who's going to the EXXXOTICA expo?

    Hahahah! Nice link Keyser... Let's see if you can pull off a good Rick-Roll next time.
  12. 411 on Sweetmyapie

    Welcome to the board Sweetmyapie!
  13. Sweetmyapie 504-345-1973 Colorado Escort Does anyone know Sweetmyapie? She just started up on the board.
  14. 411 on Sweetmyapie

    Well then, good luck Happy Camper!
  15. gabriellaxoxo 619-253-1097 Colorado Escort Does anyone know about gabriellaXOXO? Not very many reviews. Just curious if anyone has met her before?
  16. Newbie

    Welcome to the Mile High city! Make yourself at home and stay a while...
  17. hey all!!

    Welcome! I hope you had a happy Halloween.
  18. Magic Connects VIP Site is gone

    Did anyone notice that now goes nowhere. I wonder what is up with that?
  19. Dinner Dates

    I find the dinner date options intriguing from some providers. How many of you have done the dinner dates? Is it fun? Is it worth it? What do you consider a fair price? What types of places do you go to for dinner? How long do you spend at dinner? How much do you spend on dinner? Best providers for it? Anyone ever run into someone they know while out? Tell me your tales...
  20. Dinner Dates

    You crack me up. Awesome stories and good info. Thanks everyone!
  21. Is it creepy??? Part 2

    I have always found that people like to have their tattoos noticed and smile when I mention it. Usually they will tell me about its meaning. It's a chance to share something they are proud of. Just don't ask annoying questions like "Did it hurt to get that Tattoo done?" They will almost always have a snarky reply.
  22. FBSM for my wife and I

    I hope you find that list, Nikki. Do share...
  23. Outfits....

    Definitely garter belt with thigh highs!
  24. Just Wanted To Say Hello!

    Welcome to the Mile High City, Kelsie!
  25. I just saw this ad on TOB: Searching the phone number doesn't bring up any reviews. Does any one have any 411 on her?