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  1. FS QV

    QV = BNG it's the best and only option for some
  2. Scarlet Ranch

    I haven't been in a year. The big party nights are fun. There's no pressure and plenty to watch in the open playroom. Just go. You'll have a blast!
  3. BP-no AA in the ads

    Moose, I would suggest contacting the ladies you desire to see, pass screening and make an appointment. Make sure your fingernails aren't ragged. You can soften your hands in the kitchen with sugar and liquid soap then moisturize with coconut or olive oil. A person who loves what he does and is comfortable in that skin is what counts to me, not what shade it is. Gentlemen who see "No AA" can't do a thing to even attempt to see a lady who he was interested in. There have been many threads over the years on this topic and many reasons. I read somewhere a woman who said she didn't want to run into anyone from her community (church, friend's husband,etc). That could apply to a variety of ladies for a variety of reasons. Personally, I just don't like assholes (no matter what shade
  4. Happy New Year

    Very ready for the end of 2016 and looking forward to a new year! Happy 2017 wishes for all!
  5. Saturday night?

    Jeez...way to give the guy a hard time. Ladies can respond by private message.
  6. Mon Chalet?

    I've had a couple fun nights at Scarlett Ranch and recommend it for all ages. Swimming topless is one of my things! Looks like I should take the girls for a float at Mon Chalet sooner than later. My guess is they are preventing cars getting broken into and other crimes from occurring in the parking lot by having a gate.
  7. Providers that see Couples

    [Snip} I've been on the other side and emailed with the provider before we all met.
  8. Ediquette in Contacting

    You are not the only one I have heard this from recently. Intelligence is a turn on for many. Others say you are not dating her grammar. It works both ways, a curt email from a stranger doesn't get much return effort from me. BUT- I can barely find the period for text messages on my high-tech hobby flip-phone. I wouldn't read too much into it. I prefer not to text unless necessary, without punctuation
  9. Smells Like.....

    I don't wear perfume nor do I like cologne but for different reasons. ACHOO My preferences are listed on my website and p411. Best to mention any preference during booking.
  10. How did you find this site?

    I started over a decade ago in yahoo chat rooms. A gentleman told me about TOB and/or Bear's.
  11. Another sting up north

    It's such a waste of money to go after horny men! The whole thing really grinds my gears.
  12. What's between "spinner" and "BBW"?

    That chart doesn't have much variety. Most look like young women. That girl is not chubby at all. There are so many women between 5 and 6. Looks like 8 skinny chicks and 2 BBWs where are the boobs!?!
  13. What's between "spinner" and "BBW"?

    2Big with the expected reply. I've been a lurker for years and was wondering what took you so long! The ladies I see listed as BBW on the webcam site I use have more curves than I. I'm smaller than the average American women and not giving up bacon.
  14. What's between "spinner" and "BBW"?

    Thanks, guys. I would say I'm more shapely than slendor. I'm 5'6" and 120lb was 15 years ago.
  15. Any terms to describe the average woman? "Average" is just so average and boring. Curvy, kind of becoming overused. Voluptuous, not quite. Any ideas?