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  1. 411 eyepretty733 (Ashley)

    Holy cow so she's actually legit the girl from the photos? I'm dumbfounded 😍
  2. 411 on summer gypsy?

    We already established that she's real and her service is 3G at best. What more info do you need?
  3. 411 on summer gypsy?

    Exactly. Which is why I always do my best to do enough research on a girl before seeing her so I know, or have an idea of what to expect. Before going in I made sure that she was indeed real, but also learned the service was going to be 3G at best. So I knew exactly what I was going to get; a limited 3G experience with a stunning hot girl. Because I had realistic expectations, I got exactly what I wanted and wasn't disappointed.
  4. 411 on summer gypsy?

    The girl in the photos is exactly who you'll see behind the door. I even have her snap where she posted on their regularly when she was in the DTC. I think what made her get so many negative reviews is not that she's fake but didn't live up to the reviewers expectations.
  5. 411 eyepretty733 (Ashley)

    If she's actually real, she's so fine 😍
  6. 411 Clarissa

    Holy smokes I'm just shocked she's actually the girl in the pics!
  7. 411 on this lil spinner

    Both of them are smoking, especially the dark skinned green eyed one... Jesus.
  8. Korrajones

    Well that sucks. I used to really rely on fansigns on new girls with no reviews.
  9. Korrajones

    She has a photo up with TOB written on a piece of paper. She might actually be legit...
  10. Not much to say other than what I already posted.  I know the girl in those photos, have met her a few times in person.  

  11. 411 - SouthernTwist

    Do you recommend her?
  12. Looking for 411 on Grace lavish

    How about a link?
  13. Another new guy

    Quite frankly, providers that don't bother to screen would make me very nervous. It's not just for their safety, it's for yours too. I think a lot of guys that complain about screening need to just put themselves in the girls shoes. There are all kinds of people out there, the good, and sometimes unfortunately, the bad. This isn't just some product you're selling to someone random on Craigslist where you have a quick transaction in some public place and you're done. These girls are risking everything by doing what they do and we need to start appreciating them more.
  14. Happier note - West World

    Kaduk exactly what I was thinking during that whole scene haha
  15. Something Lighter, It's Much Needed.....

    When I was very young I loved cartoons like Flintstones, Jetsons, duck tales, pirates of the dark water, Jonny quest, gargoyles, Aladdin, talespin, dark wing duck, Tom and Jerry. Into my adolescents nothing beat DragonBall z, hey Arnold and recess!