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  1. 411 on @Misstressbella on bp

    Yeah Nightshift is basically TOB or Eccie but for the Westcoast. Thanks for TOFTT, did she say she'll be in Denver anytime soon?
  2. 411 on @Misstressbella on bp

    Nightshift is reliable. Make sure the number you contact her is the same one from the reviews. She looks intriguing, hopefully she'll be in Denver and not just do the Springs. Looking forward to your review.
  3. 411 Queen9

    Dude you NEVER should discuss services over the phone or even through text. She was totally in the right for hanging up on you.
  4. 411 on Lauren

    Lauren 916-201-7277 Colorado Escort She's been posting on BP for a few months now and was wondering if anyone has TOFTT and seen her yet? Number leads to just more ads, and pictures lead back to ads with same number.
  5. 411 on Alexa Raye

    Alexa Raye 916-532-7113 Colorado Escort Number leads back to erotic monkey but no reviews. Has anyone seen this girl or any info on her?
  6. 411 on the Hairy Hippie Girl

    Lol no problem man but I still fail to see the point in the link. Is something supposed to add to her validity or discredit her?
  7. 411 on the Hairy Hippie Girl

    I don't get it, what's your point? Second link doesn't seem to relate to her at all.
  8. 411 on the Hairy Hippie Girl

    Damn she's hot as hell. I'm now interested myself, usually I'm a good read on whether the pictures are TGTBT. But in this case it's really hard to put my finger on it.
  9. 411 on Hoodrichbbygirl from BP

    That's a turn on for some guys I guess lol it's a bdsm thing. I'm not sure she would be a FS. Seems more like a fetish session with her.
  10. 411 on Sky

    Phone and pictures lead back to nothing. Anyone got any Intel on her?
  11. Shalaya (TOB)

    Damn what a mess. So you gave her the money and went on your way? So was she accurate to her photos when you saw her?
  12. Mya Greeley/Ft. Collins?

    Is she the girl from the photos?
  13. Shalaya (TOB)

    Yup, I would have seen her by now if she did incalls.
  14. 411 Natalie 720-689-8709

    She's smoking if that's really her in the pics. I love Asian girls! If anyone sees her please post a review!
  15. 411 on Lina

    Just saw her today! She's 3G but that was obvious and I knew that going in, and to be honest I didn't care because she's hot as fuck. She's definitely the girl from the photos and honestly looks even better in person.