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  1. Well the original girl in question on this post just received a review of very high praise. Of course the person that reviewed her looks like a newbie, with her being his very first review.
  2. 411 - Myra Gold?

    If you can't legitimately find their donation listed anywhere in the ads then asking for it should be okay but that's where most providers draw the line. On the other hand If there is a provider you come across that is explicit and openly talks about her services before you meet her, I'd be weary.
  3. 411 - Myra Gold?

    Yep if you ask too many questions, especially about menu, more likely you won't get a reply anymore.
  4. Damn she's hot, tempted to TOFTT. What did she say in her texts?
  5. 411 - Myra Gold?

    How about a link and a phone number for starters...
  6. Isabel

    Those pictures are clearly stolen. Although in the ad she doesn't claim that those pics are "100%" her like a lot of other fakes that steal pics from models, so she could be a real provider, but most definitely will not be the girl from the pics. So chances are you'll be highly disappointed one way or the other.
  7. Elara Star

    Lol you might be just looking too hard into it. 6 total reviews. 2 reviewers with at least 2 reviews. And one reviewer who's done 8 total reviews, some with pretty established providers. All of which recommend her. My bet is maybe she's not the girl in the pictures but she definitely is real, perhaps representative, with good service. I would have seen her if I had any interest.
  8. BP-no AA in the ads

    Well that's quite an interesting theory.
  9. Hi Denver :)

    Damn welcome 😍 Hope you make beautiful Colorado a regular rotation!
  10. Melanie

    Thanks but like I said I had already found that review on Eccie. She says she has more just wondering if anyone else had any info.
  11. Melanie

    Melanie 713-438-7354 Colorado Escort At first glance pictures look way too good to be true but she claims she has reviews and lo and behold there is one (really good) review on eccie. My God if this girl is actually real I'm definitely making the long trip to DTC. She says she has more reviews but doesn't know where and I didn't find any other than the one on Eccie. She also offers to FaceTime (never seen a provider offer this) but I don't have an iPhone. Does anyone else have any info on her? Thanks!
  12. Cassidy in Thornton

    Everyone has their own preferences. Not everyone cares about how well the provider can spell in this hobby. Or if she can solve equations or carry a conversation. Not like we're looking for girlfriends or wives. Also, just cuz she has weak spelling doesn't mean she can't be a great provider with other admirable qualities.
  13. Self Reviewing

    Okay so I have reasonable suspicion a certain provider that shall not be named on here just self reviewed herself. She only had one other review and it was a bad one from a legit member. This new review comes from someone that joined just a few days ago and has that sole review which gave her solid ratings that were opposite of what the bad review had said about her. Now I know this is all just speculation and can be a coincidence and she really did earn a good review but I feel it's still worth looking into since another member that had messaged me about her told me how he was basically scammed by her and her male friend. I guess I'm kind of curious how providers are caught and confirmed to be self reviewing on here in the first place? If the review is already up does that mean moderators already checked her out and she's good?
  14. GREEK: GFE or PSE?

    Had a Mormon girlfriend that would only do Greek with me because she was saving herself. Freakiest girl I ever dated lol
  15. Any big butts in Denver???

    aaaaaaaand sb602 with the mic drop...