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  1. Skip the games

    Thank you! Appreciate it
  2. Skip the games

    So I’ve heard! I like how the website itself has a “read this before you contact a provider” link with very valuable and helpful information.
  3. Skip the games

    Appreciate the valuable input! Yes I always do my due diligence and I appreciate providers that take just as serious. I never had anything against backpage back in the day and honestly i kind of miss it, STG is very reminiscent of it. Haha loving the accountability line and I couldn’t agree more.
  4. Skip the games

    Haha I can’t honestly hate too much because you at least have Kobe in your top 3 all time! Nothing infuriates me more when people don’t even have him in their top 5, it just makes their whole opinion mute for me. So yeah appreciate you at least give him the respect he deserves sir! Thank you for your feedback. I foolishly honestly didn’t think about what it would cost for providers to post on sites like this and the loopholes they would have to pass, but it makes sense. This site is the cleanest I’ve ever seen for the hobby and I feel like it’s very well run so much props to the moderators. I agree with you that as long as I do my due diligence I should feel good enough to take my chances. It looks like a lot of the girls on there also require decent enough verification which I can appreciate. Hope you don’t mind if I dm you one day about some of the providers you’ve seen on there, but if not I understand, thanks again for the input!
  5. Worldwide Economic Slowdown

    I’ve returned to this site after 5 years almost and noticed a considerable decrease in activity on here in both listings, forum posts, and reviews. I guess the financial crisis of today explains that, sad times.
  6. Skip the games

    Hello everyone, I’ve been away from the hobby for a while and decided to see if I wanted to make a return and taste the menu of today. I have noticed the activity here has sadly slowed down since years back. So I came across this website called and noticed it is pretty active but gives me backpage vibes from back in the day. The girls all seem legit but because there are no reviews like here it seems much more sketchy and less professional. I guess my question is if anyone has had any experience seeing anyone from there? If so, how was your experience? And although I do see a few girls from here on there, how come a lot of those girls don’t come on here to establish more of a legitimate presence with reviews and credibility? Any information will help!
  7. Romi Rain

    Thanks for the Intel. She did send me a custom photo of herself holding a paper with her number and the date. So we know at least the person behind the phone is indeed the person in the photos.
  8. Romi Rain

    Romi Rain 213-247-8588 Colorado Companion Wow been a minute since I've done one of these but this girl is too hot to pass up on. I've been away from the hobby for a little and just became curious and came across this smoking little hottie while just browsing. She's so far she's been kind and respectful through text. Has anybody seen her yet? Too good to be true? Please let me know!
  9. Sexy Toned Melissa

    I think she was real but I was too chicken shit to pull the trigger. My bad guys.
  10. Sexy Toned Melissa

    These are all very valid points but the reason why I was on the fence is because she was able to take a specific custom photo for me that couldn't possibly have been photoshopped (asked her to hold 3 fingers up in a selfie). The selfie looked exactly like the girl from the photos. So idk.
  11. Melissa 702-236-9224 Colorado Companion Anybody know if this girl is legit? She is smoking.
  12. Would you be offended

    Exactly. More than anything it would actually be very encouraging to see that good hygiene is so important to the provider. Providers that don't even have mouth wash to offer kinda turn me off. Makes me wonder if cleanliness and safety are really that important to them like it is with me.
  13. 411:: Thalia marie-BANNED Profile

    Great advice. Although I will add that I posted this 411 before she was a banned profile. I would never see someone on here that is banned. But again, thanks again, solid advice for those that didn't know!
  14. Thalia Marie 573-590-1766 Colorado Companion Hey fellas and maybe ladies, does anyone have any details on this incredibly gorgeous girl? The p411 link shows that she is a "verified provider" although idk how reliable that is. My God is she gorgeous though. If anyone has any info please let us know!!!
  15. Colorado Dommes?

    So you saw her for a session?