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  1. Any help on Alex

    True but sometimes the photos look so obviously fake that you don't even need Google or tineye. Maybe that comes with experience as well.
  2. Any help on Alex

    Dude are you kidding, one look at the photos and you should know instantly no way in hell she would be real lol
  3. 411 on Nhala denver

    I think she is legit, but I think she's strictly FBSM, no FS or anything of the sort.
  4. BP Asian NuRu ads

    LOL how the heck do they expect to get away with that? Like how can you even continue to run your business with bait and switches every single time.
  5. Dinner with client for free?

    Let me get this straight. So an escorts husband knows about you and likes your cooking?
  6. I have an appointment with Jini on Friday.  Hope she is real.


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    2. lakerboy24


      Yeah that's true, that's a lotta mula. I'm interested to find out if she's anything like her pics myself, they do look photoshopped, like her face is almost cartoony. Report back if you can! 

    3. Marcadimus


      Gonna take the plunge. Sounds like her boob's are a tad bit less impressive but great body overall. 

    4. 404


      How did it go? I was tempted, but something just didn't feel right.


      I've noticed her profile and all records have been deleted from the site...

  7. PSA: Don't Flush

    Exactly what I was thinking. "That's just nastyyyyyyy" *Cleveland voice*
  8. Ladies BEWARE...

    Yeah because getting knocked up by a complete stranger that is HIV positive is no biggie.
  9. Krystal

    Haha to each their own 😂
  10. Ladies BEWARE...

    Damn, really unfortunate that's really a thing. I find it mind blowing. Technically it definitely should count as rape and these sickos should get the same sentence as rapists. But imagine how hard it would be to prove in court. And it obviously can go both ways. I would NEVER have bare sex with a girl I just met for the same reasons the girl wouldn't want it as well. It just doesn't make sense. Do these guys think they're somehow immune to disease themselves?
  11. Krystal

    Krystal 303-993-0824 Colorado Escort Believe it or not the girl in the photos from the ad are really her as she was willing to add me on Snapchat and send me proof snaps. I was shocked. She looks like a friggin Instagram model 😍 I'm just wondering if any of you fine gentlemen have seen her yet as I wanna be sure what's on the menu. If anybody has any extra details please share or pm me! The video alone makes me want to just TOFTT!ꮜꮲꮪꮯꭺꮮꭼ-ꮮꭺꭲꮖnꭺ-new-in-town/35533633
  12. Well the original girl in question on this post just received a review of very high praise. Of course the person that reviewed her looks like a newbie, with her being his very first review.
  13. 411 - Myra Gold?

    If you can't legitimately find their donation listed anywhere in the ads then asking for it should be okay but that's where most providers draw the line. On the other hand If there is a provider you come across that is explicit and openly talks about her services before you meet her, I'd be weary.
  14. 411 - Myra Gold?

    Yep if you ask too many questions, especially about menu, more likely you won't get a reply anymore.
  15. Damn she's hot, tempted to TOFTT. What did she say in her texts?