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  1. P411 being a pain in my tuchas..

    Take it as a compliment, you're just so hot the system needs more pictures to prove that you're real 😂 😂
  2. Soccer mom and secretary

    Yup pics and numbers match! Idk why Googling her number didn't come up. Thanks a lot guys 👍
  3. Soccer mom and secretary

    Anonymous 720-439-6421 Colorado Escort Any of you fine gents have any information? She says reviews are available upon request but she won't even reply when you message her. Maybe you guys have had better luck? Any answers would be appreciated!

    Okay outside the title of this post, which maybe could have been worded better, I don't think the OP could have been more respectful towards his SO. "She's pretty, kind, and extremely intelligent." That doesn't sound like someone with malicious intentions to me. Everything in his post besides the title was very respectful and courteous towards his SO and was targeted more towards himself and what he can do himself to better the situation next time. That being said I think we should all just take a step back and relax, OP realizes and addressed he might have been a little careless in the title and that should be that.
  5. Deposits

    Until this hobby gets legitimized and becomes an official profession under the eyes of the law there's no way of really successfully cracking down on this for either side. It will continue to happen, just have to hope this rough stretch for you ends.
  6. Does the Hotel Matter…

    I honestly don't care about the type of hotel at all. If I'm with a beautiful woman then the state of the bed or room doesn't really matter to me at all. Most hotels I've been at are clean regardless of their price. Although of course I do care if it's in a decently safer area and is discreet. Nothing I hate more than walking right by the check in desk with like 2 to 3 on looking clerks. That's when I start walking with a purpose and making it look like I know exactly where I'm going 😂 😂
  7. 411 on Maria (BP)

    Yup exactly, it's more about their celebrity. If I saw Jessica Alba or Shakira posting ads at 1000/hr you best believe I would fork it over in a sec. Shit even double that 😂 😂
  8. Fresh Face!

    Welcome, hope you make Colorado a regular spot!
  9. 411 on Maria (BP)

    Oh no I'm not hating on the girl or anything, you're right she's free to charge whatever she wants, must not be a problem. I just never seen a rate that high before for 1hr lol just was amazing to me.
  10. 411 on Maria (BP)

    I wonder if she's worth the 1300/hr price... yikes.
  11. Any help on Alex

    True but sometimes the photos look so obviously fake that you don't even need Google or tineye. Maybe that comes with experience as well.
  12. Any help on Alex

    Dude are you kidding, one look at the photos and you should know instantly no way in hell she would be real lol
  13. 411 on Nhala denver

    I think she is legit, but I think she's strictly FBSM, no FS or anything of the sort.
  14. BP Asian NuRu ads

    LOL how the heck do they expect to get away with that? Like how can you even continue to run your business with bait and switches every single time.
  15. Dinner with client for free?

    Let me get this straight. So an escorts husband knows about you and likes your cooking?