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  1. I am in

    Lima Charlie here now also.
  2. Lingerie Preference ?

    Stockings, garter and bra. Lots of lace. Or a full length coat and just a birthday suit works too
  3. Songs that remind you of an escort

    And she knows it!
  4. Compliments?

    Fantasy, yes it is what I am looking for.
  5. Body piercings, do they bother you?

    Good thread. Reminded me to update my 411. I think I prefer a natural look and confess sometimes the feel of metal is a distraction more than a "turn on" too. The real gem & jewel is the lady.
  6. ...

    Might as well just go the Full Monty.
  7. I wonder if this is not what some people think:
  8. When is it enough wood?

    It is rhetorical.
  9. This had me wondering the limits of human experience.
  10. has the board become less civil?

    <sarcasm font on>Hey it was only a 18 hour bender! And my damn loot did not drop for like the 4th week in a row!!<sarcasm font off> Your post is good advice Oxy' don't feed the trolls and they will wander away.
  11. Fake BP Posts

    Simple to me -- it's a trap. Irony being it is where I started too many moons ago. Not saying all but odds not good.
  12. BBFS

    I think this thread may have your answers:
  13. Best utf/cock worship in your opinion

    Now that sounds like a fetish extra indeed
  14. Porn...good for the environment?

    Most everyone I think appreciates a good hard-wood.
  15. Nosey neighbors

    One morning had a visit & neighbor's dog went nuts. He asked later that day if I was ok? I smiled and I told him a "wild-cat" had gotten in my place. Odd too was that same night a blonde in leather thigh-high boots was knocking at my door. Now I wonder if the neighbors told the lost "kitten" she should go to my place?