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  1. Strangest Request

    Omg! Lol...
  2. Strangest Request

    I'd heard about this before I encountered it but when I encountered it, it threw me a uncomfortable feeling! The rod that goes in a man's dick hole and it was supposed to be enjoyable. I could not do it! I watched while he did it and I cringed! Nope not for me!
  3. Is it that time?

    There are things that a provider can do so the client don't even know she is bleeding. She could of stopped at Walgreens. If you are hung like a horse then maybe that would be the time to say "I can't take that right now!"
  4. Dinner with client for free?

    To each there own but as a provider I provide time and companionship. Any time I spend with a client is for my donation. If you want to do dinner ok but budget in the hourly donation as it is time. Thank you for dinner, Kisses
  5. It is time to say Goodbye!

    Alexis, May you have all that you have ever dreamed of! Stay beautiful and shoot for the sky!
  6. Having Trouble staying Logged In?

    Just a thought, Clear your cookies and try again. Your device will ask if you want it to remember you password.
  7. TOB needs a daily paid advertising section

    Sorry I am a smart ass sometimes. No offense it was just a ass like response.
  8. Did I Ignore Your Request? Oh Jeez, Im Not sorry.

    As in Cum correct or don't cum at all!
  9. TOB needs a daily paid advertising section

    No shit cher lock! Don't you think I've done that... I was referring to the monthly cost verses a daily cost!
  10. I just wanted to throw the idea out there. Most ladies are not available 7 days a week or even all month long. If there was a daily paid advertising choice it would narrow down whom is available for the day. This would be appreciated by the ladies whom are traveling and are only here for a week. It would also help the local ladies whom can not be available for the whole month but just a couple of days.
  11. Dear Abby…

    Make sure your bring the cream that got rid of your recent rash!
  12. reference psa and rant

    I have a reference rant! As always I provide references but it annoys the hell out of me when a gentleman uses me repeatedly for a reference they need to use whom they have met recently! What is the deal with using a lady for a reference that you have not seen in over a year? If I see you on the regular basis of course I am good with providing a reference. RECENT references are what providers prefer. Rant over!
  13. I will be returning in June! See you then...

  14. EroticMonkey.com

    I never joined this site yet I have a profile and reviews on there. They took the info from TER.
  15. Just read me

    I started in the biz from a nasty divorce. I was tired of working for chump change and need to have something to keep my hormones in check. I knew an other provider who is now retired and she showed me the in's and out's of the biz. I would not change anything. I have met a lot of good guys that have became friends and I enjoy every minute of it! I also scored a hot girlfriend!