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  1. KISSES to you All....last few days in Colorado

    Melissa I hope that all things in your future are full of adventure and happiness. Congratulations and best of luck to you! 💋
  2. Recent text message-

    If the little ad line does not indicate how to contact her or there is no website link, you may be lurking in shallow Waters.
  3. Recent text message-

    On the flip side I'll be the first to admit that I have gotten lazy with the new clients. I simply ask if they have references. 80% do not, I figure most are game players and time wasters. With established clients I just respond and look forward to the rendezvous.💋
  4. I'm being Catfished!

    Wtf? This makes you look like a flake
  5. BB

    I don't know where you found these ladies that you seen. As a full service provider bare back is NOT part of the services offered! FUCKING PERIOD!!!
  6. Help!!!!

    If you are asking how to give a gentleman a reference on TOB The gentleman needs to request a reference from you on his profile, you go on your profile to approve it. Only approve references from gentleman that you have met before. It's a good idea to request that they review you before you approve a reference.
  7. Socks and sex

    Go ahead keep your socks on! I'm going to blow them suckers right off! LOL
  8. This man treated me horribly!!

    When you are in a situation that is uncomfortable YOU need to put the brakes on shit. Do not except that behavior and show the jerk the door. If he still wants to be misbehaving and acts like he don't want to leave. Most ladies are equipped with some defense mechanisms. I don't care if you have to beat his ass in his head with your high heel. He'll recognize that you're not to be fucked with! There is to be zero tolerance for bullshit and only you can control this. Who cares if some jerk wants to say you're crazy... I hope everything starts getting better for you and just my word of advice is stand your ground no matter what! You are in control of every situation that walks it through your door.
  9. Post Your Funnies

  10. Contacting providers

    The Phone call is important to me as I always trust my instinct. It puts me at ease to hear the gentleman talk to me and call from the phone number that they have provided during screening. I always ask the gentleman to call me to confirm "if prebooked" and also when they arrive to the location. I am not comfortable in sharing exact details to location by email or text period! This is just the way I am and my comfort level is a must.
  11. Contacting providers

    Visit a website. Read it and look at donations *Complete a Contact Form* Include References Bing Bang Boom Get Ready To Bone!
  12. End of the line for this hobby?

    This ^ is what separates you and other Gentlemen from the slobbiest. You apparently know how to be a gentleman and have a good first impression with the ladies. It is all about the approach that you use. The guys that are complaining have dug there own graves. There is no way that I consider meeting a guy that acts like a douch bag when I ask for references or information needed to screen. Most guys can't even fill out a contact form on the websites ladies offer. All we get lately is the text and emails that are explicit and completely rude. Who in there right mind wants to meet a guy like that?
  13. Bacon...Bacon...Bacon...

    Chocolate covered Bacon. Yummy
  14. Reputation

    I got your reputation 😘