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  1. msog in an hour

    I like MSOG as it makes for a damn good meeting. Some don't even know if they can but it is always worth a shot! Sometimes it is best to let the first one out so that your not trying to hold it in and ask for the provider to stop or slow down. If you do hold it in it can be hard to release when it is time too...
  2. Paris (dayum!)

    This⬆️⬆️⬆️! Very true
  3. Review by an unknown

    I did hear from him and he is a legit client. My paranoia is a bitch but it keeps me on my toes...
  4. Ads and expired info posted

    It is a auto post. The ads are paid for 30 days
  5. Review by an unknown

    I know this is a sure fact! Some gents will post their bad reviews from one handle and their good reviews from the other. If a lady does ask for there TOB handle before a meeting he gives the good review one as most ladies would opt out on a meeting if he writes shitty reviews. Example: 2Big has never posted a review under that handle....
  6. Review by an unknown

    I can not be the only provider that don't know every clients profile handle. It was not suspicious until yesterday when the reference request from another provider asked me about him. The information she provided was his name and email and his handle. I had no record at all. Just his handle reviewed me in July. I send him a message on here asking him who he was and he did not respond after reading it.
  7. Review by an unknown

    In July I was reviewed by a gent that also joned the site in July. Yesterday I had him use me as a reference. I do not have any information that matched his real world *name or *email that the provider gave me. She did have his handle from here, but I do not know who the hell he is... I sent him a pm on here asking for him to identify himself so I know who he is. He read it just a lttle bit ago and did not respond to it. It makes me wonder if he just posted a review for credibity on his profile.... This is something that has me a bit weirded out! If I do not hear from him I am contacting a mod to remove the review.
  8. Mr Number

    I'm sure everyone is aware of this app. Unfortunately there are a lot of false reports on this. Nothing is more discouraging than to have a number pop up as law enforcement or he's the police, when indeed he is not. For me when I see this pop up on my phone I clearly don't answer the phone call and do further researh. Ladies as providers be professional and don't put things that you assume. You need to be absolutely positive! If you use this app as a provider then why not make it something that keeps us all safe instead of incriminating somebody because they didn't meet your standards for whatever reason. I see the same crap happen on a screening site that we all use and half the time the reports are inadequate and not filled out to be completely truthful. screening techniques are supposed to be useful... Sorry guys but I feel like a lot of you get thrown under the bus for stupid stuff. There are few and far in-between smart ladies that can see right through all the bullshit.
  9. I agreed to pick her up

    It is the providers responsibility to have transportation in line for her outcall to you. Definitely unprofessional on her part. You should of moved on when she said she did not have a ride. There are plenty of other ladies that have their shit together....
  10. I agreed to pick her up

    I think you were out of line to ask her for 45min extension of play time because you took the drive to pick her up. I suppose you were going to take her home also. You were getting extra time together in the car, believe me she thought that. "Donation is for time and companionship" She was already giving you extra time... This scenario is one to avoid. I hope you both learned from it.
  11. Proper Etiquette

    Read her ad not just her profile. Contact her the way she states. Be prepared for screening.
  12. To incall or not to incall...that is MY question.

    I have offered Incall for a long time. I am now open to Outcall but will not visit a hotel. This is for the gents upon request All screening rules still apply and a deposit may be required.
  13. Shower and GFE

  14. Shower and GFE

    I'm not getting in the shower with you but I will give you a shower!
  15. TER VIP membership worth it?

    From a providers perspective, I only use TER to advertise because it is free. Yes I do get revenue from the site but nothing extravagant. I can not read my own reviews as I am not VIP.. Would I pay for VIP on TER? Hell NO!