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  1. Text or talk?

    I prefer No Text and email is OK All are redirected to complete a contact form on my website. The inquiring gentleman is going to have to call at some point as I like to speak to who it is directly.
  2. Where to keep the supplies?

    In the open is good for me. When they are tucked away they are out of sight and out if mind. The kinky rendezvous always involve some good toys readily available at a arms reach.
  3. Reviews and Reviewers

    Yes I also read that. It goes both ways I suppose. Gentlemen contacting ladies that have been providers in the industry who are reputable, they Should be able to realise that they are walking into a good time. The reviews are all a fantasy and ladies milage will vary based on the gentlemen. I know that my mileage will vary based on chemistry.
  4. Reviews and Reviewers

    Recently had a review posted with my girlfriend that was so damn explicit I had contacted the mods to edit it. In response the mods said you need to contact the reviewer to edit it. Thing is that the review was posted for a couple days before the reviewer had a chance to edit it and contact the mods. I don't like stuff that is so explicit it does not leave anything for the imagination. If a gentleman posts a review PLEASE be a little bit discrete, it's good to know that the ladies are okay to see and you had a great time. When it comes down to "Super explicit" and my jaw hits the floor! I think to myself what the hell just happened? There is nothing left for anybody's imagination because they just read the fucken ultimate shit... with no discretion. When it comes to reviews it's a man's world out there. Us ladies are just the ones providing this ultimate service. We subject ourselves to these fantasy reviews and they are supposed to be great but also discrete.
  5. Have we switched roles?

    You bring the Benjamin's and we bring the service. We are the providers because we provide you with a service for your Benjamins. If you want to be a provider .... prepare yourself for that because there's a lot more to it than just being the one out working and making the Benjamins. Be careful what you ask for babe because you may have to prepare yourself for it mentally and physically. This is why women are really good at being the provider in this industry.....lol
  6. The best thing

    The $$$ of course! I also love the variety that I get to experience. That is what makes it so addictive. I will be a provider as long as my iron pussy let's me!
  7. Definition of a timewaster

    Timewasters P.M's that lead to nothing! Texts that lead to nothing! Calls that lead to nothing! Emails that lead to nothing! I'm sure everyone gets the point. I try my best to acknowledge everyone that contacts me. That being said I have a slim to none tolerance for bullshit. I will ignore the ones that contact me and it leads to nothing. If you gentleman have questions... Visit the ladies Website and read it! Do not want to be labeled as a timewaster then don't do it. Come Correct or you won't cum at all. Kisses 💋
  8. How is this possible?

    I think this provider is one that has a limited menu, there for she catches the so-so and no reviews. Expectations are to the sky these days from the gentlemen. She will continue to provide what ever it is that she does do. Obviously she makes enough $$ to pay her ads.
  9. Storm damage

    My vegetable garden was completely destroyed. Flooded out bad and the hail beat it to smithereens.
  10. Reposting professionalism

    It is the provider reposting every minute. She thinks that being at the top of the first page will bring her more business. Clearly that doesn't work because it irritates everyone just seeing her ad over and over and over again at the top of the page. She obviously is not busy because she has enough time to do this.
  11. Favorite snack

    You got that right! Chocolate covered espresso beans are no joke they get you going like a wild woman!
  12. P411 changes 2019

    With the upcoming changes to P411 it's just another thing that we adapt to. I honestly don't see Gina adjusting any type of rate that is paid by the gentleman for membership or for the ladies to be on the top 10 or a preferred provider. In a sense there will still be advertising it's just not going to be on the available now board. Every time a lady logs in it automatically makes you number 11 in line when you look at the providers. A gentleman seeking providers can browse through the profiles and see us ladies there. It's not really a big change.
  13. Gift cards?

    No Gift Card excepted! This is a cash only business in my book. You can give me a gift card as a tip though
  14. Reviews

    Enjoy reading gentlemen!
  15. Adult Search, what am i doing wrong?

    I did the same thing and my ad never posted. I am done with that damn site.