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  1. Retirement

    Thank you everyone! 😊
  2. Retirement

    Today is the day! I am officially retired! Thank you for all the good times and great memories! 💞
  3. Reviews rejected

    Look I've been around for a damn long time and I'll tell you straight that the favoritism for ladies on the board is slim to NONE! If the Mods do not like what they read THEY deny shit and delete. Infractions are dished out and either you comply or get banned. As to refence to the reviews same scenario goes for the gentlemen.
  4. More Funnies

    Nothing wrong with a blast from the past
  5. Rising asset prices

    Rates are high to weed out the Weeds!
  6. TOB Blocking New Members?

    I wish that TOB would allow new ladies. I like to see new faces around here.
  7. Lack of legitimacy

    To answer your questions Yes, when I started I was verified. I was fortunate enough to have close relations with another reputable provider. I first joined P411 and had a website that followed.
  8. More Funnies

  9. More Funnies

  10. More Funnies

  11. Missed Appointment with a lady

    Us ladies have a very short tolerance for scheduling and changes. If this has happened multiple times between you and her, you are best to move on.
  12. Lack of legitimacy

    I'm curious how gentlemen feel about providers with no links on their ads to show that they are legit. Be cautious! Some TOFTT and are brave to do so. I guess everyone has to start somewhere.
  13. Reviews rejected

    I think maybe I should throw out a Kandi Kiss to the Mods! I don't want to be in trouble....💋
  14. Flying a provider to you

    I say do it also! If a lady sparks your interest and offers travel dates then go for it. Traveling to see gentlemen that I have seen in the past has been dates to mark in my memory book! Good times, good times!