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  1. Verification P411

    Actually this is the general discussion forum. Not just for Denver.
  2. Mile High Exxxotica 2018 Schedule Released

    I am going just to see King Noire! Sexy Ass MoFo!
  3. Watch out girls! Don’t be tricked like I was!

    Cash ONLY! Please and Thank you.
  4. Cry Baby Sally's

    On this board there is a lot of cry babies. I read the reviews and gentleman bitch,whine and cry about the dumbest shit. In return the girls catch negative or so-so reviews. Ladies on this board like to go and start threads about being stood up, being shorted, he was just an asshole that is stinky or that he tried to get my address. Exc: A good thing to consider is that all of us have profiles on here. You bet your ass I look at all of it when a gentleman tries to book and I see what he has said and what his reviews say. The same goes for the ladies I guarantee the gentleman look at what we've posted and the way our reviews read. If you post negative things or a short story about how you have been around for ever and never experienced anything like this in the past. It makes you look like you're whining and crying about a bunch of nonsense. This goes for everyone. We're all adults on this site, to whine and cry about little things is stupid. Can we find something relevant to post about? Shut the hell up cry baby Sally's
  5. Are very long fingernails sexy?

    I get my nails done but nothing like these in the photos. Those are some serious pooper scoopers for the gents that like a prostate massage. Lol
  6. No TF Games

    I had this happen also. It was odd how he completed my whole screening form and then proceeded to try to convince me to hire him to do some new web design. I did not even respond to this SPAM!
  7. Not feeling it.

    I have a feeling that you need to rethink your approach. This is a escort site. The lady met you and did her part on offering companionship to you. Try not to be so self entitled. Maybe you should go back to the strip club and pay the girls to tell you what you want to hear. They love them some sugar daddies.
  8. raw meat, is where it begins

    You are a different kind of guy...
  9. Contributions

    Today I had a guy show up with no donation. I had a odd feeling about him and he was late due to the snow. We had not met before and of course he wanted to get touchy feely at the door. I had to ask for the donation and he said can I run to the bank? WTF? I kicked his ass out the door! Ladies stay cautious as he was trying to play with no pay. I cant stress how important it is to Collect up front! I'm bothered by this as he made it through my door....Ugh Thinking to myself when he was gone wondering if he had received service in the past and the lady did not ask for donation up front. He probably thought that this is how we all work.
  10. Location information

    City vibe has a map of the providers that advertise and where they are located within your desired area.
  11. Ladies that are dedicated to providing a memorable experience do not cancel unless something comes up. We all have personal lives, this goes the same for a gentleman they have lives and things come up. I always try to be open-minded and one time cancel is ok, two times may be pushing it to be too many for a cancellation. That's when the ghost effect kicks in. You will not get a response due to the feeling of time being wasted. Ladies come across a lot of that! Gentleman that passed screening throw it all out on the table and then when the booking time arrives they just don't show up. Gentleman the same scenario they feel like they put everything out on the board and when time comes the lady is not responding and they're sitting around waiting in a parking lot somewhere for a response. "Very unprofessional". Communication is key in this situation. We're all only human and as long as we communicate nobody is going to feel like they just got taken for their time and effort to have a good time. Unfortunately there is no fix to all of this. Some ladies catch bad reviews for not communicating with the potential client. All in all it's frustrating! Just my 2 cents.....
  12. Ladies FYI...looks like a scam...

    From: "Sparkadiss" <squaresircles8@gmail.com> Sent: Wed, Feb 14, 2018 at 2:11 AM Subject: Business Hello, My name is James. I am a music producer and have to travel a lot for work. (Shows lots and lots of shows) most of the time it's me in a city I have never been with people I never meet, then I have to make a required appearance. It would be more fun with someone I would like to hangout with. I know your time is worth a lot. Maybe we can party sometime when our schedules line up and I come thru your town? Wrong business SPAM!
  13. Ladies FYI...looks like a scam...

    Has anyone received this one? Lorna Green <lgreen12lg1@gmail.com> To Today at 3:22 AM Hello XXXXXXXXXX My name is Lorna Green and I wish to hire you. I am enquiring would you be interested in some filming work for my personnel collection. I wish to do ass worship films and booty shaking. Initially 5 films and if goes well I can offer a contract for full time work. Also smoking films if you smoke and do not wish to do sexual films. The contract offers a very substantial financial package up to 6 figure sum. This would mean you would not have to do escort work again. I am aware this offer looks completly fake and unreal but I can assure you its not. The films are not for resale or distribution but only for my own personnel collection. This request is 100% genuine and monies offered I hope shall be too your liking. Please confirm if you are a smoker or non smoker so I can provide full payment details. Lorna My Thoughts are BITCH Please....
  14. New Guy Here - encourage me, PLEASE!

    The gent needs at least two providers that are members of P411 to vouch that they have met him or he can be screened through employment. If the gent is screened through employment Gina does let it be known on his profile.
  15. Getting notified when a provider post an ad

    If you have a P411 you can subscibe to the ladies available now ad posted. You will receive a notification when she posts.