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  1. Ladies why be so flaky?

    Sorry this happened to you @Damngoodman. Happy belated birthday! This is not what us Denver providers want you to remember when visiting. I wish you well in your future rendevouz.
  2. No call no shows. Annoying

    I never have booked 10 appointments in a day... I get stood up but not even once a month. Shit happens. Shake it off and move on. That is the only logical thing to do.
  3. It was a easy decision for me to send my information as I felt safer knowing that the site was going to clean up a bit on the advertising. Clients are appreciative that the girls who are advertising NOW are legit. I personally don't miss all the ads just by looking at them knowing that this girl is either 17, a serious drug addict or being pimped. My thoughts were farewell and go find somewhere else to corrupt. I've been around for a long time and am appericitave to the moderators and the people that keep this site up and running.
  4. The Picture Or The Thousand Words?

    If I knew this would be a on going focus on my point. It was that you should leave the good reading in the review and not include the shit about you leaving without release and the mommy body part...just say Milf Myself as a provider I dislike when clients have a lot of good to say but sneak in the low ball hit as if it was a complement.
  5. The Picture Or The Thousand Words?

    I do know that you are a client that I would opt out on... Putting stuff in your review, "like I said you could have left out" makes us ladies think that you're hard to please even though the review was good you addressed her mommy body which we can see anybody's pictures. The thousand words right... It seems that in the 30 minutes you still left with out release. Is that supposed to be a good thing in a review? Happy Sunday Mr. Hobbit may you rub one out today 😁
  6. The Picture Or The Thousand Words?

    This gibberish triggered me to read your most recent review and you know Mr Hobbit you could rethink your including you left without release. That makes me know that in the 30min spent together your ass couldn't bust a nut and we know she tried. Just saying...
  7. Why don’t more ladies ..

    Go to the review search section and at the bottom of the page in experience description put "Bush" You will find what you are looking for.
  8. P411

    Thank you for clarifying that @lintlizard
  9. Eccie?

    Eccie is back online ebsupport@eccie.net Today at 4:23 PM Sorry for the brief outage. We had an unexpected technical issue that forced us down. Since it’s been almost 2 weeks since we went down, the site developers will be adding 2-weeks PA to all active PA accounts. Sorry again for the scare, but we had no way of notifying anyone in advance. It kinda just happened and we went to work on repair. On a good note, it was NOT a security breach....just a bunch of technical crap that had to be worked out. Thanks for everyone’s patience!!! Reply Reply to All For
  10. Merry Christmas fam

  11. Time?

    With all do respect Laci, I know that you are one of the providers that takes pride in what you do. Your heart is always in the right place and you make good decisions. Everyone feels happy when they come in contact with you. The time you spend with gentleman is a time well spent because it's enjoyable, not because it was forced but because your chemistry is able to reflect off of anyone's personality. Most ladies are not out to just take advantage and cut time short because the gentlemen made one pop. Creativity comes into play when that happens, and more than likely it may happen again but sometimes not. It's a nice thing when the gentleman still leaves with a smile on his face knowing that they had a great connection with the lady that they had just spent time with. I personally do not get off on under dogging any lady or gentleman on this board. I do get pissed off from time to time don't get me wrong. I'm only human just like the rest...
  12. Time?

    I sure hope you explained that whole situation in her review. You know you're paying for the time that you're there. What is she going to do get pissed off if you tell her to put her fucking phone down? I have my music streaming through my phone and it's turned on do not disturb. If sometimes there is an interruption in tunes I'll say "I'm sorry I have to fix my music" but that doesn't mean I'm going to sit there and book my next meeting. That is just bullshit. There are plenty of other things to be doing like a massage with some nice oil, let's body slide a little bit, chitchat, suck my toes, I don't care but get off the damn phone and pay attention this is time well paid for!
  13. Time?

    Lol you are on point with this shit!
  14. Time?

    This is why I do not offer anything less than a hour. I do not like to feel rushed. The gentlemen should never feel rushed either. This is a very expensive Hobby, gentleman work their asses off just to have a meeting with Lady. It's always nice to enjoy the time together. Chemistry Works in a lot of different ways but you have to give it a chance. I have to hand it to the ladies and the gentleman that can do these 15-minute speedy rendezvous. I don't have it in me for that type of meeting.
  15. Time?

    I'm speaking for myself. I honor the amount of time that I am compensated for! It is not ok to take advantage of anyone. To rush the meeting is as bad as stealing. It makes me feel good when the gentlemen and I both have a good time together.