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  1. Happy Birthday Kandi Apple

    Thank you everyone! You all made my day 💋❤💋
  2. Anyone notice a lot of men low balling them

    Mike it means do some research and figure out what other sites she advertises on. More that likely your going to see a full ad. Most ladies are not just on TOB. There are plenty of other sites that allow full ads to be listed because they do not charge to advertise. The reason we can not have a donation on TOB is because we pay to advertise on this site. This is also why we can not have any Duo ads. Thanks to the SESTA & FOSTA
  3. Greatest movie scenes / quotes

    War Of The Roses
  4. Anyone notice a lot of men low balling them

    Its called being a HAGGLER! If you want to compare ladies to cars most dealerships have a NO Haggle fixed price. I know mine did.
  5. Similar Names

    Mods this can close any time!
  6. Similar Names

    At least those Kandi's all maintained a decent rep and didn't have to self review. Kandi is a good name to have. It it supposed to be a nice sweet name. I'm not declaring the name as only mine. Anyone can have any name they want. I just liked when you did a review search on the name Kandi it showed good things all the way. Now well humm....🙄 I liked to have a advertising line and never expect it to be duplicated on an other Kandi's ad line. I'm not associated with any other Kandi but recently was asked just by the assumption if we knew each other. Not exactly what I would call a great assumption.
  7. Ladies, Please Don't....

    2Big dont be messing with my lashes or nails! You know you love them juicy red lips to! 💋💄😘
  8. EROS?

    She probably was waiting on you. Cops don't get in their birthday suit first. Ladies usually play off of the gentlemen and if you act weird it will sketch us out. You should know that the envalope should be visible. If she was asking about $$$ she was confirming that it was correct. Just a FYI, Yes Eros is legit just as legit as TOB.
  9. Happy Birthday SophiaDeLaRue

    Happy birthday! I hope that you were spoiled a bit today!
  10. Similar Names

    There is a difference between Sweet and Apple for the name. With that the mods stated that they sound nothing like each other. Yes I understand that... I noticed a few times she has used my advertisement lines or very close to what I have posted. It's Ok as I am moving on...
  11. Similar Names

    Thank you ilovewomen 💋❤💋 You just made my day!
  12. Similar Names

    I notice a lot of ladies that have similar names. It is a bit discouraging that some can work for years and hold up a good reputation, and then some other chic comes along and has a similar name with a bad reputation from her start. WTF? It makes me feel like telling her to straighten the fuck up or kick rocks! Back in the old days ladies would get pissed off and let you know that there was already a girl with that name.... Now We just sit back and shrug the shoulders The gentlemen that have been taken and ripped off are left with a bad recollection. I wonder if that recollection leads them to avoid the ladies with the similar name in general?..
  13. Thigh highs or pantyhose !

    I know this happens to men also. Them balls need to have air to breathe otherwise they ferment and brew up some fumunda cheese. Wear breathable undergarment as anything made out of nylon that is too tight will bring out the Brew
  14. Expectations for Incall Necessities

    The property where my incall is has had some serious problems with the water. Every since the water main broke last year! The city of Denver finded the property pretty big for not having there pipes up to date and there was lead found. I have had issues with this crap and it has affected my buisness. I can not wait until the lease is up!
  15. What is Your Must See TV Shows

    Last man standing! I l love Tim Allen And my TV is usually stuck on A&E.