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  1. MSOG

    If you can last that long, Let's Get It On!
  2. Advice Please.

    My word of advice is, Find something better to do with your FREE time than go out to eat with some guy off this board for free. This is a escort site....

    With every encounter I have I like to be ready! Anyone who has met with me knows that it is on! Sometimes it can be to much and some times I'm left to catch my breath! Reviews can range from one sentence to a short story. Sometimes I like the one sentence review just to keep it simple. Yes we met, we had a great time. See her on the monthly basis. Lol
  4. Site for FBSM for Women By Men?

    Set up a Twitter account and start tweeting and following. Just a thought...
  5. TOES.... I have to vacuum my little rug in front of my couch three times a day from toe fuzz! Lol
  6. So this happened

    You have been in my thoughts, no surgery is easy and painless! I hope you are feeling better babe!
  7. Trick ass Bitch

    My goodness all of you have me rolling!
  8. Trick ass Bitch

    Hell no my girlfriend is straight! Love her ass!
  9. Trick ass Bitch

    Yes baby....
  10. Trick ass Bitch

    I wish so bad that I could put some bitches on blast for being fucking sideways. This forum does not allow bashing but these skank ass bitches these days piss me the fuck off!!! Rant over.....
  11. Question for providers....

    Very TRUE!
  12. Question for providers....

    This is a good point. Most the time us ladies can recognize if a lady has retired, and it's easy to find out when you research her and look at her website and it is down, her ads to be non-existent anywhere that's when it's a given she's retired. In that scenario it is still easy to pull up some reviews and know that she was reputable. Most us ladies that have been around long enough to know some common faces and names will be able to differentiate what's good word and not.
  13. Question for providers....

    This happens quite often and I have no problem calling the gentleman and telling them "hey I am not a personal secretary" . Please refrain from using me as a reference as I have gave plenty to you and you can use a lady that you met recently. I give references but as long as they are a consistent client will I give repeated references. This keeps the reference recent. If I have not seen a gentleman in over a year I am honest about the date when we met to the inquiring lady. A response is always a good thing weather it is good or bad, recent or old, the lady appreciates the fact that there is a response. For me I like the meeting to be with 6 or 8 months of the reference request.
  14. Best Exercise Program

    I like to paddle board it works everything at the same time. It gets you out into nature with water. The ducks and geese like to hang out with you too.
  15. I am Curious Yellow…

    No I just liked the song and it went with your yellow topic line.