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  1. Selling our information

    I find my Photos and ads that I never created on all kinds of different scrap sites. These sites surf the internet and copy our information and paste it on there site. I suppose it makes them look like they have a reputable site that will bring revenue. Sugarnights is just one more added to the list. I noticed this when I looked up my reviews on TER and the sugarnights site was included on my contact info along with my website.
  2. If sexual styles are just completely different...

    I had this happen to me yesterday. The gent met me in the past and it had been so long I forgot what he was like. Upon booking if I could have recalled him I would of opted out because our styles are so different. I was thinking, is this hour ever going to end? Definitely not my perception of a good time... When he did leave I found myself sitting there trying to wrap my mind around what the hell just happened...
  3. Etiquette in contacting a provider

    Not for me! Texter = Timewaster IMO!

  5. Etiquette in contacting a provider

    It is good to look at the information on the provider . Most of us have what days and times we are available on our advertisements and profile.
  6. Do you ladies read reviews too?

    I read the reviews. If an inquiring gent is a reviewer I read the way he has written about the ladies. If he is arrogant or rude, I pass on the meeting. Do I want to put myself in a situation where I'm going to be scrutinized? Probably not. As always YMMV.
  7. Really B!#$&.. You just logged in!

    The only time I do not respond to a reference request is if: 1) The inquiring lady text me as I do not look at my phone often, I just check my voicemail and email from my real world phone. 2) I am on vacation. The industry is out of sight and mind. I rarely log out also....
  8. Specials and expectations

    If you can get it in and pull multiples, go for it! We like to be entertained also!!!
  9. Grooming Rant

    Lol....I just noticed that
  10. Grooming Rant

    I don't know if it would grow back or if it would be a supper bush... They say when you shave it grows back thicker. I never tried to grow it back since I shaved it off...
  11. Follow the damn rules!

    I was just revisiting all of the forum guidelines but did not come across what was acceptable for provider ad content. Where am I missing this?
  12. Follow the damn rules!

    No! Everything is going to be fine! I will just be thankful for the Warning!!! Lesson learned and moving forward with no problems.
  13. Follow the damn rules!

    So today I can no longer advertise as I violated a rule. My account is suspended until further notice. Unfortunately this is due to my own negligence in keeping myself updated with the rules of advertising on this site. I should know all of them by now! Being a human being I tend to forget things, and I forgot..... Ladies keep yourself updated with the rules on this site as they are different from other sites to avoid any problems with your account. The moderators here will not hesitate to suspend you.
  14. Returning Provider

    Hi Karma, Happy to see you back!
  15. Love in the Time of the Hobby

    I fell in love through this Hobby and I live with my SO. I love him to death! When we became a couple everything changed. He no longer gave me money on a weekly basis that paid all of my bills. I walked into a real relationship and I surrendered because it was for the best for both of us. He accepts me for who I am, and I accept him for who he is. Love is one of those feelings in life that you go with and enjoy it. I love many of my clients because they are different in their own way, the variety attracts me to them. I end up caring for them. This is the love effect. Not in love, but I love you as a person and you mean alot to me. This feeling is normal right?