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  1. 411 on MYAH

    Fake pics ... I responded to an ad with the same 2 pics above ... Wasn't who the picture was ... And it was very mechanical, didn't have a good time at all?
  2. 411 on Mya in COS

    Thanks for the update gime ... I was wondering about her myself ...
  3. 411 help in COS please

    Is she still active fork? Seems like BP in the Springs has slim pickings anymore. The legit one's I used to see don't seem to be around anymore?
  4. How many times do you see a provider

    Mtman, I have the same issue ... Lol. Found 1 I clicked with & she quit .... Did see her at the Ballon Festival & she said Hello & gave me a hug? 1 - 4 times 2 - 3 times 3 - 2 times I play when I can but, travel a lot for work & I get nervous in other cities, no need to get caught while on business right?
  5. COS Vanessa/Stacie beware!

    Good looking out!
  6. I would like to introduce myself

    Welcome ... And Enjoy Your Trip to our Wonderful State!!!
  7. 411 on Hailey

    I haven't but, if you do let me know? I tend to play in the Springs only myself.
  8. Luck with massage therapist?

    I'm in the Springs ... Can you pm me recommendations? Much appreciated πŸ‘πŸ»
  9. Need some info

    Hey Guys, Anyone know anything about this place? Sorry on my IPad .... Any info or reviews? Mahalo ....
  10. Happy Birthday Lucy Kitten!!

    Otanjobi Omedetou Gozaimasu Lucy
  11. If you take the dive ... Let us know Pete, I was checking her ad out as well.
  12. 411-COS Ladies

    Thanks for the tip guys! I won't waste my time then .... I can do that at home ... Lmao
  13. info on Katia

    Sorry chiming in late on this one ... I have seen her. She is legit, nice lady ... Seen her twice & she gives a decent massage not licensed. But it was good
  14. purchasing Viagra on-line

    Nothing to be embarrassed about ... Many factors associated with ED ... Could be Sleep Apnea, Inactivity, being over weight, etc ... Growing up in Japan has made me more open to things I guess. Good Luck .... I'm having fun so ....
  15. purchasing Viagra on-line

    @bobcat .... Yeah they come from the UK, and I get them within 7 to 10 days
  16. purchasing Viagra on-line

    Well ... I'd like to chime in on this as I see there are quite a few opinions here. I did the Dr. route here in Colorado & to pay $180 for 5 pills is a little ridiculous. So after talking to my local pharmacist and asking him why it was so expensive here, he said it's the pharmaceutical companies & that he gets some of his prescriptions from Canada as well. So long story short ... I did my homework ... checked out: found a place called: And I've been ordering a generic 100 mg Viagra that is just as good as the real stuff. I've ordered 16 pills from this place and they work great $45 with shipping ... versus the $180 price tag for 5 pills I refused to pay here. Just keeping it real ... I've ordered twice from affordable drugs and it's the real deal!
  17. Are there any real hookup sites?

    1st time posting ... So sorry if this is a dumb question. Tried AFF, Milfaholics & a couple others .... They all seem fake. Thus the reason I started hobbying? Any input on these? Just curious?
  18. Chloe in COS

    Nope ... I live in the Springs, would love to know myself
  19. Wow! Good Catch Sir! I've been staying away for awhile myself ... Getting crazy out there. May be a scare tactic? Not sure but, better to be safe then sorry right?
  20. I guess PreMed School & Physiology paid off ... lol How Much Do You Actually Know About Vaginas? You got 10 out of 11 right! You’re a certified ~vagenius~! Put it on your resume β€” you really know your vaginal stuff.
  21. Please & be Pleased group here, I find the other way not as fun or memorable ....
  22. Are there any real hookup sites?

    Well I was looking for a FWB's type thing ... Had one years ago but, she moved to Florida to be closer to her mother. I travel alot for work so something ... with no commitments was what I was looking for without the expectation of every week ... etc ... but Mahalo for all the feedback everyone
  23. Are there any real hookup sites?

    Thanks for the feedback! Much Appreciated . I will stick to hobbying .. Never got anywhere on any of those sites. And don't need the drama ... Mahalo Bradah's
  24. why?

    Obviously they didn't read your post very well ... Some people feel they are entitled to act any way they want? I'm New to all this but, I'm always respectful & discreet .... Because it's important to me too! So sorry for the few that make us all look bad? Can't please everyone... You're Good OC ... I'm from HB & a Pacific Islander