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  1. Playlists for Sessions

    Music is just background noise and I really don't care what is playing. It gets tuned out once the activities start so play whatever you like.
  2. Black and White or Color Photos

    I don't really have a preference for color or black and white in artsy photos. For provider pics I don't really like the artsy photos. I get a better idea of a providers personality and it is a closer representation of what they really look like with the cell phone selfies so those are the pics I prefer.
  3. The best kisser

    Leigh Morgan and Aubrey. Damn, I miss those two.
  4. Do you ever go over your budget

    I have a set amount that I will not go over for an hour visit. I went over a few times and it really wasn't worth it so now I stick to that amount no matter what.
  5. I've completely stopped using the reviews. I've noticed that there are rarely any so-so or negative reviews and to me it seems like guys are writing reviews to stroke their own ego or writing them for the providers. The reviews are completely useless without the negative and so-so reviews. As I'm reading reviews and posts from other members I can get an idea of their personality, like and dislikes. In the old system I was able to take that info compare it to my personality, likes and dislikes to find providers that were more compatible and also look for certain traits in myself that might make a particular provider a not so great fit. I realize that it is probably hard for providers to see so-so reviews for such an intimate service but I don't see anything wrong with those reviews. What works for one guy doesn't work for another and maybe if more honest data was available both providers and clients could have better experiences.
  6. Texted a date request to the wrong number...

    You probably did the smart thing by not showing up but next time you may not want to respond to the wrong number. I have a friend that received a similar text from a guy that was tying to schedule with a provider. My friend strung the guy along for a bit and then forwarded the text messages to LE. I'm not sure if anything came of it but I would say for the ladies and guys if you get a response from a wrong number or a different number then what was used to originally make contact it might be wise to just ignore.
  7. I wouldn't have any interest in it. This may sound weird since I have no problem paying for sex but I just wouldn't pay someone to hang out with me. I have friends that I don't see enough of as it is so when I am looking to hang out with someone I call them.
  8. When a newbie client is shady.....

    What's wrong with PM? I book all of my appointments strictly through email or PM. I haven't used a phone in 2 years to book or communicate.
  9. Taming it down.

    If you have P411 put it in your profile and asked the lady to look at your profile during the booking process. You might even put it in your profile here and if it is lady on TOB you are booking with ask her to take a look. I don't like discussing anything before the first session with a lady but if after the session is over and you liked her ask her about it for a future session.
  10. Anyone else having yahoo issues?

    I got that email from you as well. Instead of sending out another unsolicited email maybe just post a notification to your websites. I'm not sure how I got in your contacts cause I've never seen you but I might have signed up for an account on your site so that might be where the list came from but you might already know that.
  11. What do y'all think about a new place?

    I think it's a fine idea and many providers have roommates. I have run into a few female roommates going in or out and I didn't have a problem with it. I would be a little uncomfortable if it was a male roommate though so an either case if you don't want your clients running into your roommate it will probably require very good communication between you two.
  12. A name change could a sign of a potential problem but I wouldn't make that assumption without a little more research. I know that a few have changed names and contact info because they had a bad reputation. I have seen several ladies that changed their identity and have not had any issues. I never asked why because it's not my business but I'm sure there are plenty of legit reasons to do so. I just do a little extra homework in these cases.
  13. Review Discounts

    I never ask for discount when someone is providing any kind of service inside or outside of this hobby. I find it very tacky to do so and kind of insulting to the person providing the service. I either pay the asking price or find someone else to provide the service I am looking for. I'll negotiate the hell out of something I purchase though.
  14. That's very disrespectful IMO. LE knows about this site and they are on it. They are just doing their job and are a very important part of society. If you don't like what they do work to change the laws. It's the lawmakers and other citizens that don't approve of what we do here and that will never change unless we fight to change perceptions.
  15. Is it possible to setup an email notification or other notification when a particular provider posts an ad? If not it might be a nice addition.
  16. Election Day Anxiety

    Relax, you are way over thinking this one. This was a predictable outcome and no matter who was running as republican that person was going to win. This and nothing to do with hatred or racism, just history repeating itself. http://blog.constitutioncenter.org/2013/01/historic-re-election-pattern-doesnt-favor-democrats-in-2016/
  17. Provider Pleasure

    My orgasm is the primary reason I visit a provider so anything else is secondary. I defiantly try to be a pleaser and it makes the session much better if it happens or she pretends it happens.
  18. Glad to know I'm not the only one that has had this problem with them. I think it's rude to not reply.
  19. Falling For a Provider

    I've never fallen for a provider. For me the whole point of the hobby is so that does not happen. I'll never seek out another relationship. It's just too much damn work.
  20. Calling someone out

    Given her past I don't think this thread is pointless at all and appreciate the fact someone called her out. This is not the first time she has changed her name, been called out for it and claimed to have changed. I hope that she does change and she stops ripping people off but I won't be taking that chance. I'll admit that it is a little weird that someone would book with her just to prove she is KC.
  21. I never bothered with trying to get references. Somehow I found sowet which led me to TOB. After 6 months of lurking on TOB and doing tons if research I decided P411 would be easiest. I gave them my info and once I was verified I found a newbie friendly provider on P411 that had a bunch of reviews on here and she gave me my first OK. I don't think I have ever booked an appointment with a provider I have never seen outside of P411.
  22. when entering..

    I don't. Whatever she chooses that makes her feel sexy works for me. I've had providers met me at the door in a robe, just a towel, naked, street clothes, form fitting dresses and lingerie and I don't think i was ever disappointed by the ladies outfit.
  23. Are the weekends more fun?

    Weekend play works best for me. It's not possible for me to get away during the weekdays during daytime hours because of work but sometimes I can in the evening.
  24. No, not all NCNS. I have only had 2 NCNSs in the last year. All others were cancelled usually last minute but at least they contacted me. I'm fishing from the TOB and P411 pool and all had several good reviews. I'm polite and I'm doing everything the same as when I didn't have this problem. 2 years ago I rarely got cancelled on and now it's the norm so maybe I am on a blacklist.
  25. I also feel like the service is way down. I haven't experienced the upselling but 95% of my appointments in the last year have been cancelled by the ladies and usually last minute. I went from seeing 2 to 3 ladies a month to 4 for all of last year and 2 so far this year. I only see well reviewed ladies and I'm interacting with them in the same manner I was when I was more active. Also, in previous years they were a little more courteous when cancelling and now most just send a one liner without any kind of apology.