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  1. What is Your Must See TV Shows

    Couldn’t agree more. You have to watch all the way to the end of season 1 to really appreciate it. There are a lot of moving parts so it does need your full attention. It’s not a Spaghetti Western.
  2. What is Your Must See TV Shows

    Old favorites still on: GoT, Big Bang Theory, Goldbergs Newish shows: Westworld, The Good Place Will actual watch Reruns: HIMYM, Top Gear
  3. Thigh highs or pantyhose !

    Love thigh high stockings. I always thought that a little cloth leaves a bit to the imagination which just makes it that much more tempting and sexy.
  4. What do the black dots mean?

    Reply to check my dots.
  5. Venmo scam, or paranoia?

    Thanks for the topic. Been seeing a lot of new Venmo friendly ads and have been wondering what that is about. Definitely write a review, the community would be very appreciative of the info.
  6. Reviews

    Pleasantly surprised this morning as well. So glad It’s back to the way it was!!!
  7. Safe Communication

    I was thinking using PM would be the best. But without all the previously available info there are so much more unknown. Which might lead to some questions that one was supposed to never ask in communication with the ladies. Do people feel like the communication etiquette need to evolve? As of now I found it to be very helpful for the listings to have a website link.
  8. Ladies remember.

    I third that. Hopefully this means the well established ladies here are not suffering as much from all these site changes.
  9. Urban clubs

    I agree there is no real “urban” club in Denver that I’m aware of. P84 is my regular stop. It’s a pretty nice place with a bit of variety but it’s still mostly shades of vanilla. The music really just depends on the DJ, but it can be heavy in the hip-hop at times. Players Club down the street is couple of steps down in terms of club quality but definitely has more chocolate and caramel curvy ladies.
  10. Consumer Review - $29.95 Burner Phone

    Great info and review, thanks for the tips!
  11. Provider's with sports knowledge

    It's always football season! I actually used to go to this strip club just to chat football with a particular bar tender. It's an incredible connection to be able to talk sports or cars with a beautiful lady.
  12. Yup shouldn't have read this... But it was too tempting like a click bait.
  13. Question about Colorado's Laws..

    Funny thought, so according to the law above it's ok for your spouse to exchange sexual acts for money. Maybe hitting too close to truth for some people. Also what if you are licensed to perform marriage and you both sign the paperwork before the session but then anointing it afterwards. Does that make it legal?
  14. Winter Is Here...Potential Spoilers

    Ugh season 3 means red wedding. I read the book first so I knew what was coming but I still couldn't bear to watch it. I basically fast forwarded through those scenes.
  15. Winter Is Here...Potential Spoilers

    Good points, just seem like there are way too many plot holes that doesn't make a whole lot of sense this season. Some storylines seem like they were written just to showcase the dragons in a battle. To be honest I want to see more dire wolf instead. I mean where the heck is Ghost?