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  1. When you see a provider/client out in the public?

    I have seen clients in public, and we have made eye contact. Discretion is vital for both parties.
  2. Glad you could join the community. Welcome.
  3. I've canceled vacations to Florida, Oregon and California this year due to the COVID-19. Instead, I've spent a lot of day trips around the Rocky Mountains here in Colorado. I've seen parts of my home area (within 50 miles) that I never knew existed. I've fallen in love with Colorado all over again. Have you canceled bigger vacations like me and rediscovered your home area?
  4. Chivalry is not dead

    What's the nicest thing a client has ever done for you? I was driving home late at night when I got a flat tire warning in my car. I pulled off into a neighborhood and discovered I didn't have a jack. Oops. (Since has been corrected) I called my insurance to get a tow truck to help me since I pay for the service, but apparently midnight is really late and they couldn't find someone. Out of the blue... a client whom I'd seen before sent me a text. "Hi Rose, I've been in the mountains no phone service, just got back. I apologize for the late message, I couldn't wait, I hope your well and all is good." Well, I told him it was fine to message me since I was sitting in my car waiting for a tow truck. He wouldn't take no for an answer and asked where I was. I was in the middle of nowhere and not near him, but he came out and helped me get home. I dropped my car off at the shop, which was closed, and he drove me home. I couldn't stop thanking him. A couple of days later we exchanged texts, told him a heavily discount would be in order, he thanked me, . "If I took the discount then my chivalry wouldn't mean anything." Well, this TOB client, made an impression on me. Chivalry is not dead.
  5. Travel during uncertain times

    I bought a new bike one day before Colorado shut down and was very grateful I did. I've used it a lot these past few weeks.
  6. Travel during uncertain times

    I've never been to NYC. It's one of the few east coast cities I've never spent time in. Layovers at JFK don't count. ;-)
  7. Travel during uncertain times

    I grew up outside Portland. It's a nice place to visit. They've got a great strip club there. ;-)
  8. Favorite position

    I love mish or any position with the most body contact. I think I just love being touched. ;-)
  9. Labia-good, bad or ugly

    Well... I love my labia, but I understand her concern. We all have something we don't like about our bodies, but I've had some work done on parts of my body and it's helped my self-esteem immensely. You should always compliment ladies if there is something you really find sexy.
  10. 40 is better than 20

    I was a mother at 22 and life was hard during my 20's. My baby is graduating from college this year. My 40's are many times better than those early years. Of course, my self-confidence is much higher.