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    JR Wolfe..writer/photographer for the Oyster from 1977-2003 and again from 2007-2008 .
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    Freelance Photographer/writer and booking agent for adult models.

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  1. Shalaya (TOB)

    She has self reviewed multiple times...a definite red flag.. and has asked for $$ without play. Sounds like one to pass on .
  2. Las Vegas

    The not 100% sure might have saved you an uncomfortable room .
  3. Stories I Could Tell (Chapter One)

    15 to 20 years ago,in a sorority house near us. ALL of the fine ladies in it were FS escorts ,when not in class. I was visiting my nephew in the frat house next door when the sorority was raided and closed down. His fraternity brothers wish that they had known (some probably did ) .Considering the high caliber of ladies escorted out..all over 21.....wouldn't have minded knowing myself.
  4. Mine is Budweiser...

    H2O .....shaken,not stirred.
  5. Parking lot questionable vehicles?

    There is a police station on the north side of my street....its down the block . Thank goodness it doesn't make out call ladies paranoid.
  6. World's biggest orgy in Las Vegas

    Surprised its so above ground in Vegas. Clark county bring Clark county,figure it would best being under the radar.
  7. Thank You!!!

    Safe travels ! Keep following your heart
  8. World's biggest orgy in Las Vegas

    This will probably be the biggest orgy ON RECORD. There are swinger orgys that take over cruise ships several times a year. Many of whom had booths at Exxotica. They are much more discreet on their number of attendees. Las Vegas is fun ,but doing it on the high seas sounds like the better adventure.
  9. Mile High Exxxotica 2018 Review

    Rhiannon, wow...doesn't seem that long since we met and worked together. You became an amazingly good stripper .Then you took a left turn later and became a very good masseuse . Last time we ran into each other was at the Denver Day of Rock a few years back. Always a pleasure catching up with life and you surprised me big time with a bit of news. Would love to do Exxxotica with you next year !!!
  10. greetings from a new member and just thoughts on pics

    Sadly,there are girls that simply will not listen to the photographer trying to position them to show off the lady at her best. Their mindset has them thinking their body is what it was at age 21,vs what it is now. Encouraging a model to practice their positions in front of a mirror to discover their current curves is a good thing,but few do. More often than not , a compromise can be reached The girl poses the way she wants and alternates that with posing as the photographer directs. Wild guess which photos turn out best.
  11. World's biggest orgy in Las Vegas

    Nope...not going.Will be at Stormy Daniels personal appearance in Denver that weekend .
  12. greetings from a new member and just thoughts on pics

    OBVIOUSLY a stolen picture. The ladies will be very disappointed when they open the door.
  13. greetings from a new member and just thoughts on pics

    Like to add,our mods are quite talented in spotting and confirming stolen photos.
  14. Parking lot questionable vehicles?

    Good thing that you did contact her instead on NCNS. Did you two decide on a different locale ??