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  1. When you see a provider/client out in the public?

    Well,,the client/escort relationship does begin when the door opens and ends when the door closes.
  2. Providers for older dudes

    We need more of those DECODER rings
  3. When you see a provider/client out in the public?

    I let them,if they choose to do so respond to me. The ladies deserve to have their private life respected.
  4. Tell me about money

    I'm retired but made wise investmemts.My dividend checks keep a comfortable lifestyle. I didn't see the ladies during Covid ( huge savings ).Now that I'm vaccinated it's time to return to the hobby. Can't see paying a grand an hour (who charges that ?) But can't see being cheap either. Suggest seeing those that you can afford.
  5. Helping each other...what do you need/have

    Got my booster shot but still wearing a mask to dyalasis (just started that last month ) and crowded places. So many have refused to get vaccinated I play it safe. Still hiring girls to drive now it's not just for errands. Finally XRCO,AVN and other industry events are having in person red carpet events instead of online.Life is returning to normal, will bet the swinger cruises are next
  6. I Got Scammed

    I've never paid a deposit or in advance in my life Your Spidey sense should have tingled
  7. How often do you hobby?

    No ,I did not pay $300 per hour .Just paid them the same as the average landscaper. The ladies that were happy to have this work were taking a break from their usual job ,due to covid .
  8. Weather

    Damn it's cold,icy and snow packed outside.But we need the moisture, although getting to the store for a PowerBall ticket is going to be a bitch.
  9. How often do you hobby?

    Haven't ďuring Covid,but did empĺoy escorts for yard work and driving me on errands. Hopefully it won't be long till I can hire arm candy for events ànd ladies for personal attention.
  10. A quote from Betty White; RIP Betty.

    We'll miss the wit and wisdom of Betty White.
  11. Hope you’re all safe

    Had an ex girlfriend knock on my door for shelter.My living room has sleeping bags for my two friends already staying here,so she shared my bed. Within 10 minutes of her walking in the door.I remembered why she is an ex,but I'm not kicking any of these three out.They lost everything.
  12. Hope you’re all safe

    I'm nowhere near the fires,but the winds were so strong in my neighborhood that a very tall tree in .my backyard fell down.No one and no houses were hurt,it's going to be a big and expensive mess to clean up.Prayets to those that lost everything in the fires.One of my musician friends did and he and his lady are staying here at my place.
  13. RIP Mike Nesmith

    Saw Nez perform an excellent solo concert in Boulder during his Movies of the Mind tour and did the meet and greet photo and autograph signing afterwards. Later that year,sat in the front row when he,Tork and Dolenenz as aaMonkees concert. Last saw him as a duo with Dolenz a couple years ago when he was in excellent health. New was a very talented singer ,songwriter ,guitarist, performer ,actor,inventor,director, and producer. He was more than a Monkee and will be missed.
  14. Why NOT TOB?

    I refuse hto do deposits, but never complain about donations.Never did a cancelation, but had one lady NCNS. Hmm,maybe I should have asked her for a cancelation fee.
  15. Hannah & Hailey

    Deposits ? No thank you.