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  1. Your worst nightmare...

    Reread her answer to 2Big. If she didn't mean that Ron Jeremy died.....WHO did she mean was dead ?
  2. #SESTA #FOSTA- Who's been following...

    Dumb move.They should make the hobby legal, collect taxes on it and pay off the national debt.
  3. Lilly Taylor

    This one gets my vote for hysterical thread of the month. Its quite funny reading someone saying that he just had a fantastic session with Miss Taylor,to be followed by someone else questioning if she exists. Why are the doubters not reading her views ?? Why do they not read between the posts ?? Only the Shadow knows....and he is at her incall right now !!!!
  4. Your worst nightmare...

    Actually you did. I just reread the thread . 2Big stated that he hopes Ron Jeremy doesn't drop dead on someone. You, Laci , then stated to 2Big "He died asshole, so let that sink in." So you were talking about Ron. Scroll up and see,it wasn't that hard to follow. That said..just got off the phone with Ron.He is alive and well, and explained why he will not be at Exxxotica this year. The most recent porn star death btw...is Cara Lott.
  5. Your worst nightmare...

    Ron Jeremy's sister lives in Denver,she would have called me if he had passed,as would many of our mutual friends. Ron had heart surgery in 2013,but he survived as many at last years Exxxotica would confirm because he was there. I have his home and cell numbers and will call him later tonight. Nice guy and does not deserve the 2-Big comment at all.
  6. Your worst nightmare...

    A real life friend had her client pass away during a session,no time to save him,back in the 90s. She left the adult video industry and stopped escorting as a result and has had the occasional nightmare ever since. We are still friends and lunch often . Sometimes she brings up that awful experience. Always wishing that there was something she could have done,even though he just dropped dead on top of her. KUDOS to you Laci for wanting to set up a CPR teaching session. May it save many lives and give confidence to others on what to do.
  7. Concert Tickets

    With Joan Jett and Styx ??? Hmm, according to the venue box office.....you will be in the nosebleed section.
  8. Hello, kinda new here!

    TRUTH !
  9. 411 on Blondefantasy

    Noticing some well known reviewers are now posting reviews on her. Her last visit here,with all the NCNS ,really shows an obvious lack of communication. If she had to leave town abruptly and/or was really sick...she should have notified her clients .No excuse for that. But,since she seems to be reliable right now...go for it.
  10. Concert Tickets

    AVOID the resell houses,buy from the venue directly or flirt with someone with tickets. BTW...thinking about going to Dazzles for Shemika Copeland...thanks for mentioning how much you like their new location.
  11. Friend Zone

    Hunter, in my younger days. I had the opposite happen many many times. Know a lady in the industry as friends for years sometimes decades without sex.Then one day,that changes. Friendship continues and doesn't feel weird at all. Just better benefits.
  12. Real world dating as an adult

    Yes and no....although this board has had a ton of one hour love affairs ,many have side relationships that have lasted for years.
  13. Does anyone do belly dancing?

    Never been there, but am very bummed that after42 years...Mataam Fez closed down.
  14. Real world dating as an adult

    Depends on what you are looking for outside of the bedroom.
  15. Happy birthday Laci

    Happy Belated Birthday Laci !