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  1. Guidance

    you have the right to remain silent.
  2. Harvey Weinstein, why are people shocked?

    Just an FYI. Weinstein has a huge ego and it obviously led to his downfall. Paparazzi will tell you that ole Harvey loved to photobomb pictures and get his face in as many photos as he could at Tinseltown events. So don't take a 5 second photo op too seriously. The majority of studio owners and executives (producers,etc ) are rather shy at self publicity,Weinstein being the very obvious exception. As for a Weinstein/Clinton connection. Weinstein contributed a lot of money to Hillarys campaign ,helped pay for Bills' legal fees in the Monica affair,lived next door to them at least one summer and as recently as a year ago,on CNN,declared the Clintons to be his mentors. A lot of audio tapes involving Weinstein are coming out,people are still stepping forward ( some could be telling the truth,some just want self publicity ) and it wouldn't surprise me one bit if more of this becomes public in the following months. Just hoping there are no video tapes of Harvey in the shower.
  3. Mans Dinner Menu

    Take them to the tour of Coors. Great time and free beer.
  4. STING by DIA!

    Interesting,because the Crown Plaza is where the Mile High Exxxotica was held in April.
  5. Harvey Weinstein, why are people shocked?

    proven in 3 trials.....but my point was that the scandal ruined his career. He had to resort to using an alias to get work.
  6. Harvey Weinstein, why are people shocked?

    You are really trying to make something out of an obvious photo op at an obvious charity event ? (look closer at the picture ) Now thats hysterical. Photo ops at events are a dime a dozen,especially in Hollywood. Weinstein,a die hard democrat,did not contribute to Trumps campaign.
  7. Harvey Weinstein, why are people shocked?

    Good grief,you must be one of those that still whine over Clinton conceding. (almost a year ago ). Go back and reread my post where i stated that I am not a democrat or a republican.To take it even further,I didn't vote for Clinton or Trump. You made it about politics when you brought up Trump when this thread is about Weinstein. I watched 20/20 last night and saw a parade of ladies testify against Weinstein. Call me cynical,but as was proven in other scandals,a few of these women probably "came forward " for the publicity. That said,the majority were obviously telling the truth. Obviously you did not hear all the tapes that have been played of Weinstein in action, there are connections to others Be interesting to see how this all shakes out. Sadly,saw a recent interview with him where he isn't taking this seriously,not even trying to deny what he has done.No remorse whatsoever and that is sad that he dismisses this particular scandal as something trivial. From Fatty Arbuckle on ,this has been going on in that industry. Both the democrats and the republicans have had their fair share of scandals, and don't get me started on evangelists ! This is the newest.
  8. Harvey Weinstein, why are people shocked?

    You are deflecting and obviously not watching this unfold. That said, why are you ok with Bill Clintons proven indiscretions and uptight about locker room talk ? As for Hillary, do you really support a politician that wanted your source of income taken away ?? ( that would be confusing )
  9. Birthday tomorrow - suggestions?

    You still haven't gotten your license to kill ?? They lost a lot of the double o's this year.
  10. Harvey Weinstein, why are people shocked?

    Before we continue with your sentence....the key word is hypocrite.....Bill has as long a record as Harvey...and never went to jail or to a "rehab hospital." Where Mrs Weinstein has filed for separation and divorce....Mrs Clinton has not. That was the point of Mr Pinks post. I am neither a democrat or a republican, but agree with the news reporters that are pointing out that Hollywood has been quite judgmental while looking the other way on one of their own. Sure hope the awards shows and late night comedians will start entertaining again,instead of being so hypocritical.
  11. How Facebook Outs Sexworkers

    Amusing article. For whats its worth, I run my hs fb page as well as my personal one. Have music and adult industry friends on my personal one. On my HS page, i get suggestions to add my music industry friends to it...but never my adult industry friends. Hmm, explain that ??
  12. Is she legit?

    Interesting review...how the hell can someone look at a naked woman and not notice if she has tats ???