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  1. Stanley Kubrick

    Actually, the late Gerard Damiano is a much more influential filmmaker than Stanley Kubrick. Starting in 1969 and going on to his last film in 1991 ,he made history with several releases.(1972 was his best year )
  2. Which is the Most?

    Good choice ! That said,it is surprising he left my obvious favorite 4th one on his list. (Hint,right between the...)
  3. Stanley Kubrick

    While watching his bad movies,kinda wished I had a pill to keep me awake.
  4. Stanley Kubrick

    Most influential filmmaker of the 21st Century ?? There were so many great filmakers that its very debatable to hang that title on just one. That said,saw his "A Clockwork Orange" on the big screen on its first release (dressed up that Halloween as the Malcolm McDowell character ). Loved "2001:A Space Odyssey." But,as others noted,he did have some flops.
  5. The wonerful cyber world

    Have had my opinions changed many times,on Facebook ,watching C-Span , and yes,here on TOB. Sadly,I have to agree with you that discussions do exist online that go nowhere.
  6. HR vs 90min vs 2HR

    If Ron Jeremy can be a porn star....anyone can be a porn star. (I'm quoting him )
  7. HR vs 90min vs 2HR

    Actually, in my case,its very rare to encounter a lady that is NOT a great companion for 7 or more days. Probably because I come from a very different part of the industry ,where those types of ladies exist.
  8. HR vs 90min vs 2HR

    Dear Richard Gere, Yes,she is a pretty woman,but she's no Julia Roberts. ( loved that movie )
  9. HR vs 90min vs 2HR

    Didn't have to negotiate. Been contacted and got an offer I couldn't refuse.
  10. HR vs 90min vs 2HR

    Noticed none of the ladies off week long sessions.bummer as the porn cruise is coming up .
  11. A novel approach...

    you should charge extra for those.
  12. HH vs HR

    we noticed
  13. HR vs 90min vs 2HR

    Agreed, I haven't had a drink of alcohol since the early 1970s. Not a drop of it is in my house to offer anyone. That said,I do like a bit of conversation to put each other at ease.
  14. Donation instead of tip?

    Having accompanied various ladies on shopping trips in Vegas and LA, I eye witnessed them tipping the salaried people waiting on them.Especially on Rodeo Drive. (Where some are commission only,but signs at many stores stated "salary only ." )
  15. Donation instead of tip?

    Glad my college years of waiter/bartender wasn't in Texas. As for retail, did that very briefly,but long enough to get bonuses on top of salary.My late fiance got commissions on top of salary.Guess its just down to where one works. (During my DJ years,it too was salary plus tips ).