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  1. Your First.....

    Pretty sure that she meant to qoute a different post
  2. Singing in the Shower

    Hmm, will have to have some of the ladies over for a group shower on Feb. 5 ! Now,where is that piggy bank ?
  3. Singing in the Shower

    Hmm, rumor has it your voice is closer to Tiny Tim than an Oak Ridge Boy. But...as you know...rumors vary
  4. Your First.....

    Not being rude at all . She qouted the linebacker post.....which definitely colored me confused. By her photos there is no way she could be mistaken for a football player type body. (Scroll around to find the original posts )
  5. New Again!?!

    Don't forget that Maud Adams played the title role of "Octopussy" in the 1983 James Bond movie starring Roger Moore.
  6. 411 on CaseyCutee-FAKE

    Nice that TOB is on top of reporting stolen photos. thank you.
  7. Your First.....

    Hottest Aussie escort I ever ran into in Colorado,was at a very private party in Ron Jeremy's hotel room, after one of his personal appearances here. Ron still asks about her...she was that memorable.
  8. Your First.....

    You were the "linebacker " ??? ( color me confused )
  9. 411 on Angel Eyez

    Thanks for the LINK to her.
  10. What is your dream vacation?

    There were some tempting swinger cruises exhibited at Mile High Exxxotica this year. Been invited on the porn industry cruise. But..to have a real vacation from it all...the Blues Cruise looks very tempting. Love that blues music.
  11. Which path are you on

    Looking to be taking the path back to Los Angeles in a couple weeks. Don't know what you would count that as.
  12. WWYD??

    I've only ever had one NCNS in my line of work and will only accept double my rates ,if she would want to book again. As for clients that bounce checks or try other ways of not paying....no way would I reschedule,unless they paid double in cash in advance. Yes, clients in all kinds of work, do forget their bad habits easily .
  13. Bold

    Considering who he was with, I'm surprised that he picked up the phone ! Even more surprised that she let him.
  14. Undressing

    Sounds more like the right girls.
  15. 411 on Scarlett

    Cute face, pictures that looks familiar. Bad ink...could identify her easily . Different ph number could be a red flag.