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  1. As most of you know, wearing my hat as a mild mannered reporter for decades . I've covered the adult video scene and the stripper industry, but never once the escorts ....until the last few months. My long absences from TOB have been spent as much in court as at work. Following TOB rules I won't out the names of those involved,but will tell you the facts. A mainstream model I've know for years was attacked by a man in a bar , thankfully all caught on video. This lady has never been in the adult industry,she has never posed nude for photos,but has done swimwear ads. Unbeknown to her , an escort stole her photos for an escort ad . Those of us that peruse the 411 forum know that this isn't exactly a first. The man recognized her from the escort ad,approached her..tried to make an escort date and flew into a rage when she stated she had no idea what he was talking about. The police were called ,the man actually told them why he struck her. I went to court to support her as I would any friend and am actually quite close to the photographer that she had posed for the most . That photographer brought her model releases and other evidence to prove that the photos were shot for mainstream magazines and not for adult publications. Her attacker got major jail time and a hefty fine . Not long afterwards , the ad with the stolen photos was found.The girl didn't do her screening and was busted by vice. This escort thought that she was just going to get a slap on the wrist . Instead,she was not only charged with prostitution. She was charged with reckless endangerment of another persons life for stealing their photos and using them in her ads. She received a long prison sentence, has to pay the victim restitution and she was found guilty of copyright infringement and has to pay the photographer too. The escorts excuse to the judge...she did not want to use photos of herself as she did not want to be recognized in public or by friends and family as an escort. Part 2 in this series will be more scary. For part 3 , I'm heading back to court to cover the trial of where this girl advertised. Allegedly they don't take government issued IDs from their advertisers ,which would have prevented the use of stolen photos.
  2. California and a prayer.

    Have a lot of friends living in Thousand Oaks . The shooting was just too close to the heart as many of them have kids the ages of those killed. Just heard that there are now fires there. I'm returning to Pasadena on schedule and this Sunday will see what destruction or loss has happened there first hand.
  3. Ladies watch out....rip off report

    What an asshole. He is a prime example why its stressed so often that cash is king.Hope the word spreads enough that the only one he can hire is Rosy Palm.
  4. New friendships

    Hunter, you are a smart lady.Too bad so many others do not see it your way.
  5. New friendships

    True...but in todays economy..ladies like regulars.
  6. Reminiscing....

    WOW ! You are young.
  7. Ex-Lover turns Provider

    Sometimes reaching out works....sometimes reaching out backfires. Up to you to roll the dice.
  8. Why the reluctance to take credit and debit cards?

    The hobby is legal in Carson City,so no worries about a paper trail there. Outside of some parts of Nevada (still illegal in Las Vegas ,Reno and Lake Tahoe )... agree with you that...cash is king...period. With ATMs and bank branches everywhere....stating that someone has to go clear across town to their bank is at best..a very weak excuse.
  9. Why the reluctance to take credit and debit cards?

    Doesn't your bank have branches you can withdraw from ?? Mine has them all over town, as well as in grocery stores.
  10. Happy Happy day JRWolfe

    Chuckle..your memory is slipping BadBoy ,you actually wished me a Happy Birthday on my actual one of Oct 6. I was in California then and just recently thanked Laci for starting a b-day thread. No ink for me,like having a good memory. Did forget to tell Willard Scott btw.
  11. What's your pump up theme song?

    Chuckle...no, I saw it on the big screen , that particular Andrea True movie was a talkie. Don't recall her doing any 8mm loops. Found this bio on the internet : Nashville-born Andrea True moved to New York to become an actress. After managing to get a few jobs as an extra (in The Way We Were (1973) and 40 Carats (1973), among others) she embarked on a career as a porn star, and quickly became one of the best-known in the business although--at $500 per picture--not among the best paid. While still involved in the porn business she was trying to obtain roles in "legitimate" films, but none came her way. She had been writing music for TV commercials and singing in various clubs around New York City, and obtained an assignment on the Caribbean island of Jamaica to shoot commercials for a local company. She got caught up in the political instability that was ravaging the island at the time and was forbidden to leave the country with the money she earned from the commercial. Resourcefully, she called a record producer friend in New York, Gregg Diamond, and had him bring down a music track so she could record a song in a local studio and, in effect, launder her money and take it out of the country in the form of a master tape. The track Diamond brought down was an instrumental one he had produced and recorded but had no lyrics for. He and True got together, worked on the music, hired some local musicians and the result, once the tape was brought back to New York and remixed, was what would become her #1 disco hit in 1976, "More More More (How Do You Like It?)". She recorded a few more albums, but none achieved the success of her initial effort. In 1980 she abruptly left the porn business, and little was heard from her until news of her death at age 68 on November 7, 2011.
  12. What's your pump up theme song?

    The late Andrea True...the only porn star to have a number one hit single on the Billboard charts. Had the pleasure of meeting and interviewing her twice. Once when a porn movie of hers was released (pre VHS years ) and two years later backstage at her concert as this song hit number one. She was quite the character both times.Still have an autographed copy of her lp in my collection.
  13. What Are You Reading?

    Never bothered with kindle ,get too many books to review as it is. Just finished reading Michael Nesmith's "Infinite Tuesday." One of the most refreshing autobiography's ever. Barely touches on the most famous two years of his career and doesn't have any negative dirt in it on anyone. He still captured my attention from page to page. Oh, yes..it is autographed...but that has nothing to do with my enjoyment.
  14. Knowing her real name

    Its not just the dating community, I give respect to all the ladies in every aspect of the adult and mainstream entertainment industry to never call out their real names in public places and forums. (Ditto the male talent ) . They worked hard to have a brand name and to disrespect them is simply uncalled for.
  15. Why do guys keep ignoring bad reviews?

    Chances are pretty good that they see the ads...but didn't read the reviews.