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  1. Check Mate

    You sure you want to start a trend of men arriving with bags of these ?? Checks in this biz ??? Sounds like a mistake.
  2. Trim your trees

    At firstIi thought this was a thread about manscaping.
  3. NO Bait & Switch!!!!!

    They always get found out ! NICE catch .
  4. Sure glad that flag was fine for the General Lee car on Dukes of Hazzard....but the MOST obvious thing she got wrong is the fact she isn't smoking hot.
  5. Ladies preference – session length?

    No $upri$e that the ladie$ prefer the longer $e$$ion$ .
  6. False Images..

    It sucks for the ladies whose face pictures are stolen,without their knowledge by escorts. You've pointed out yet another of a long list of reasons not to use fake pix.
  7. 411 on kittykatt

    Interesting,kittykatt is now running a disclaimer that the photos she is using are not of her. On the one hand its nice to admit that,but on the other hand she is using someone elses FACE...and that can cause problems for that unsuspecting lady.
  8. Advice Please.

    Sounds like he wants to know whats between the ears ,before he finds out whats between the legs.
  9. False Images..

    We love them.
  10. False Images..

    ........which has already been pointed out i this thread.....and we all should be in agreement with.
  11. False Images..

    Actually,it is uncommon. what you have to look at is what form of media is used in the advertising. Obviously a Burger King Whopper that you will get in the drive thru is not the same size as the one you see on a Billboard as you drive down the highway. If you take a good look at the product in any ad,you will usually see an * next to said product that says "actual size," "product is smaller" or " product is bigger." What should she do ? Put an asterisk next to her fake photo and say "similar to what opens the door " or " borrowed picture for security reasons" ??
  12. Red flags?

    Hmm... sounds like you avoided a chance to hang out with the ones in blue..with a handcuff fetish. Can't imagine any other reason not to screen.
  13. False Images..

    I have !!!
  14. A lesson the Hateful Ladies and Men...

    May we assume that this ex-lawyer is now on every escorts "do not see ' list ?