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  1. To Review or not To Review

    Thanks for the comments. I've come to the same conclusion and will just chalk it up to "life".
  2. To Review or not To Review

    Haha, no worries! I appreciate your perspective and advice.
  3. To Review or not To Review

    It's funny that you mention that, as I had a similar concern, but I did in fact, have service.
  4. To Review or not To Review

    Yes, you nailed it. What is the general consensus on how long you should wait to see someone, when you're not receiving any communication. It's particularly tricky when it's a first meeting. You're either going to have a rushed, much shorter than planned session, or you can extend time at the end...if both parties have a buffer...but you don't know those answers without communication.
  5. Colorado Companion I had an unfortunate experience today and I'm really not certain what to do with it. I had a scheduled appointment with an established provider, which we confirmed yesterday. I was expecting a text today, with directions/address etc. but that never came. I decided to head in her general direction, which was stated in the ad, and I sent a text 30 minutes before the session asking for directions. She did reply about 10 minutes later with an address to an office building. I thanked her, told her I wasn't far away and would see her soon, to which she didn't reply (though I didn't give that much thought in real time). I then texted a couple of minutes before the scheduled start time, to let her know I was there and ready, and was expecting the final directions and/or unit number, and again didn't hear back from her. I waited for 15 minutes and then made the decision to leave. I really don't know what the right answer is on how long you wait without correspondence, but at that point I'd already lost a quarter of the scheduled session time. I heard from her shortly after I left via text to say that she was there. I replied that I waited for several minutes and assumed something came up when I didn't hear back, so I left. She wasn't very happy, which I can understand, but at the same time it was over 30 minutes between the texts I received from her. She then sent me a series of texts saying that I had lied about being there at all, lied about when I left, that I was a no call, no show, and quit replying to her texts. Finally, she said that she was going to send my contact information to the other ladies, so they wouldn't book with me. I am not a super active participant in the hobby, but enjoy it a few times a year, and I would hate to see that end. Furthermore, I understand that this person does this for a living, and I don't want to leave a bad review over an unfortunate series of events. I know there was no malice on my part, and I genuinely don't think there was on her side. :-( With that said, I am curious if anyone has had a similar experience or advice on the best way to handle this?
  6. Iowa

    I have one pretty decent resource for information, that's specific to Iowa. Feel free to message me, and I would be happy to share.
  7. Roadtrippin Tunes

    I've been lucky enough to have some fantastic road trips in my life, and "Turn the Page" by Bob Seger is the anthem for road trips, in my opinion, and should be on any playlist.
  8. First Impressions

    I agree with many others, a warm and genuine smile really is the key to starting things off in a good way.
  9. Old tv shows! What are you re watching

    I absolutely love Andy Griffith and WKRP as I saw mentioned earlier. Also a little Frasier and King of the Hill on occasion.
  10. Members you miss

    I really miss Megan Rae. She was fun and funny.
  11. Massage Spas

    I drove by one yesterday, that had actually been there for years, but was closed and being cleaned out. I also drove by 2 restaurants and a flower shop that are closing. It's sad...I look forward to putting all of this behind us.
  12. Starting a New Thread

    For the vast majority of the population, we will come out of this much better....eventually. In the meantime, take a look at the very clear skies and views of the mountains. Pikes Peak, in particular, is spectacular when I look south. The simple things are becoming cool again.
  13. Dancing

    This is a bit of a tough crowd for the newbies. I've observed for quite some time, and try to follow the protocol and not make any waves, while chiming in where I have an opinion, etc. Everyone has been great to me, but I really try to do my homework before posting.
  14. Snow

    I agree, this reminds me much more of the winters here growing up. This is great. I would rather have this than one huge blizzard, although that's certainly still possible in the spring.
  15. HH vs HR

    I don't really understand the point of a HH. IMO, an hour just seems much better and more fun.