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  1. The Other Side

    Hey all I've been a member of TOB for a while now and like all have stated things have definitely changed. Im wondering do you have any advice on where a masseuse should be posting? Is there away that you are distinguishing yourself? Reviews and the categories used to help. personal site lists do and don'ts yet still 90% of the calls I get asking for what I don't provide. Where have all of BM clients gone? Did they disappear with the legislation lol. It really sucks that we have all been thrown into this mixed bag of goodies lol. Any advice guys?
  2. New to TOB

    Thank you
  3. New to TOB

    ok oh perfect thank you
  4. New to TOB

    I am very excited to meet you all and looking forward to getting the hang of all the TOB has to offer . Also, Im trying to figure out if there's a way to post my video that I have for my ads on other sites here. Any suggestion?