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  1. Frustration with SD Sites

    As a guy who has tried those sites, I 100% disagree that guys are merely looking for a discount off escorts. Anyone who has tried it knows sugar babies are actually typically more expensive than escorts. There are differences to each and each has pros and cons. I find the rates tend to be very similar actually. I personally find sugar dating to be just that... dating. Be prepared for all the crap that goes with it and then when you find a young lady, still getting to pay for her time. That being said, the sugar babies I've had, have spent more time chit chatting with me than escorts. More day to day chats, more how's your life, etc. Just as a real life gf would. Escorts may do that if you see them often enough but it's unlikely as it's more of a professional relationship and once you're out the door, chatting ends. This can be a pro or a con, your preference is at play here. Escorts I find are more professional setting up dates and sticking to what they do while not asking how you look, etc but as with anything, nothing is 100%. On average I think it takes 20/25 SB to score a date and find one you click with. So the odds are low and your persistence is key (persistence and pumping the website full of cash, plan on spending several hundred there). That said, even with escorts as we all know it's not 100%. I'll probably only get to setting up appointments with half the escorts I reach out to for one reason or another (times don't work, locations, rates, she never replies back, etc) Still way better odds of a date. One major difference is also important to be discussed and that's condoms. Escorts are almost never in the business of offering service without while sugar babies just like the dating world can be more open to this discussion especially after dating awhile. That being said, don't wear at your own risk lol.
  2. Missed retired providers

    She hasn't answered any messages in awhile. I tried her twice and never heard back. Thinking she must have retired as well. She definitely was great.
  3. Missed retired providers

    Thought she just moved not retired? Never did get a chance to see her but saw her posts when she was leaving Denver on her farewell tour. Always heard great things about her.
  4. Missed retired providers

  5. MFM / GB / Group interest?

    Would be super fun to attend a gb on a sexy little lady such as yourself lol. Couldn't resist that one hah
  6. Haters gonna hate lol. Most of the time I log into tob anymore it's just to pull out the popcorn for the S show that the posts have become. Back on topic, For me I've had multiple same day encounters. Met that morning/afternoon, by that evening we were doing the deed. Ahh fond memories lol. So I guess I'd have to say fastest was likely 6-12 hours. Somewhere in that range.
  7. Sex in public

    Yup so many places I can't count. Actually just hooked up with a sugar baby of mine in a parking garage in her car. We were rushed for time and she wanted to see me before her vacation so we made it work.
  8. Who is in the state of Nevada

    5 year old thread....
  9. Being a newbie is hard work.

    Fair enough and no worries it happens lol. I'm easy going and just shrug it off. Already went and saw someone else that I enjoy her company. Life is too short for grudges.
  10. Being a newbie is hard work.

    Does it matter? Ncns is a ncns for both parties. Just got ncns by someone myself last night and still no reply as to why. Crap happens, best to just move on and weed them out.
  11. Actually.... Its a well known fact that many of the countries claiming to have more oil than us are probably cooking those stats. No one knows for sure how much Venezuela, Saudi, Iran, etc have and it's in their national interests to lie to the world about it. There is also a HUGE difference between "having" oil and actually being able to "produce" that oil. In this regard, the USA is considered to have the #1 proven reserves in the world. Fact do indeed matter.
  12. Tell me about money

    That's funny because my best experiences are almost always with traveling ladies. Just goes to show ya ymmv.
  13. Anyone have any info?

    Was thinking the same thing... I'd happily spend that rate for some edging 😂. Like everything ymmv
  14. Favorite Winter Olympics 2022 Moments

    Not gonna lie, haven't even watched any of these games. Can't get past the icky feeling of China hosting.
  15. Pop up

    Lol wish it worked like that. But with the stigma around our activities, I tell as many people about what I do as you probably do. Which is to say, none. Not a single soul on this planet knows what I do besides the ladies I see and I'm semi retired so I only see a handful of regulars once in awhile. Getting through screening has become quite a chore sometimes and just isn't worth tracking new ladies down just to get ignored imo but ymmv like always. Also I believe your references for 'us' are more for the safety of other ladies than for 'us' I bet. Not to say we don't appreciate it or you, we absolutely do. Back on topic, sorry to digress.
  16. Pop up

    All of this is true and not to mention your data could get leaked from AM. Happened before....could happen again and they leaked it ALL too. The biggest thorn over am though is it's just like all other dating sites....pure sausage fest. So the ladies probably all hold out for the brad pitt of the site (in their eye they want gold medal of men to make it worth it to cheat) and let's face it...most of us ain't him so moving on. I don't think anyone here has any risk of losing any business on that site or the sugar sites (those are even worse than AM imo, like being on tinder but also having to pay.... 🤣).
  17. Why NOT TOB?

    🍿 🍿🍿🍿. 😂
  18. Native Marie

    I think she's still active. Saw a new review over on TER for her in Jan 22.
  19. Why NOT TOB?

    I do have to say that stupid yellow ribbon the top is uber annoying. Especially because it runs to a SB guys think you have had bad luck on tob, try fishing on one of those....spend 1k credits and I've got $20 that says you might get flirt message or two back out of the deal, TOPS. Everyone there wants cash for free much like the handout nation we now occupy. Tob definitely has pros and cons like anything. I do often struggle to get ladies to message me back as well for appointments. I just chalk it up to they're probably super busy and already filled their appointment books for the dates I was inquiring. For that reason, I just try to stick to ladies I've seen before as it seems to be much much easier to get appointments than with ladies new to me.
  20. I Got Scammed

    First off, sorry to hear about those of you that got scammed here. That's horrible. In regards to the ladies, I think Kat retired over the summer last year. I was getting ready to book a duo with those two lovely ladies and all of a sudden winter dropped Kat from the website and all Kats info went private/hidden. I assumed that it was her retiring and moving on. Winter was still posting not that long ago so it kinda looks like she got hacked or something here but who the heck knows....anyway like you said, hope they're both ok.
  21. At first I thought this was another rate thread...then I realized I needed some popcorn. 🍿
  22. Cheers mate. Happy to help out and share my experience. It was extremely challenging to get established here and still can be tricky even now.
  23. Thanks @gr8owl. I knew it was around somewhere but couldn't find it. Hope that helps clear up for both ladies and gentlemen.
  24. I went and saw a lovely lady here from tob. I submitted a review for her both because I wanted to and to help build up a little cred. That review was denied stating I couldn't review without having a reference from her. Happened at least twice. So I just got in the habit of asking for a reference before I review the lady and I explain why to each lady too. Now I just ask for a reference and ask the lady if she would like a review or not. I have no idea if now I have enough references or reviews to sidestep this policy but I can confirm the first several reviews I posted, at least two were rejected because I didn't have a reference from the lady I was trying to review.