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  1. Thinking of visiting the area

    Lexi, Come to town and i am sure you will be busy. Most of the girls that travel through here and do a good job stay busy enough to have return trips. Denver area is a great place
  2. Retirement?

    She did not make it public that she was retiring She has gone complete legit I think many miss her
  3. hey all!!

    Welcome, I hope you enjoy yourself here.
  4. Hey guys!

    Good evening Aria, Welcome, I hope you enjoy yourself here. BTW great picture
  5. Pro or Amateur photos?

    I prefer a mix of pro and selfies that way i get a look at normal everyday looks and way over madeup photos.
  6. Expectations

    I peronally like to do my research and have a faint idea of what will or could happen. I think variety is the spice of life. I do not want to plan any appointment due to the fact that i may enjoy something that is new to me or something she is enjoying. I dont want a scripted encounter because it makes me feel like just a number
  7. Your Daily Squee

    that guy has way too much time
  8. After viewing a post from Kashmir I got to wondering what are the Lady's wearing for Halloween? Something sexy of total mundane since many men think you sit near the phone in your sexiest outfits waiting for us to call LOL
  9. Can't believe it happened to me...

    That sucks!!!! Thanks for the warning
  10. Popping The Question

    LOL I think you might be best to look for a girl that you know is into that. If they are not into it your going to get the mean mug look
  11. I have a question...

    I look for eyes and lips first, a great set of lips and bold red lipstick make me melt. Second is she must be able to carry on a good conversation. If she has those I can get along splended
  12. Changing rates is always a tough one I wont see someone that changes their rates often This way there is no uncomfortable moments. I saw a wonderful provider a few weeks ago and must have missed a $20 when I grabbed her cash, I am still so embarrassed that I will never let ghat happen again
  13. Hello Everyone!

    Welcome Madison. Enjoy yourself
  14. Hello Colorado.

    Welcome Audrey, I hope you find this site and hobby fun. You are correct you have a great mentor
  15. Good morning everyone, I'm Hala!

    Good Morning Hala, We will be glad to have you here
  16. Friday Fitness Tip!

    Damn I wish I could stop laughing Great one Justina
  17. So Long Colorado!

    Good luck in your future plans and I hope you always find happiness in each day
  18. Boner as a compliment

    Jeepers i can complement many of the women when I look through the daily adds. Thank God we have so many great looking women to choose from
  19. Herbal Viagra

    There comes a time when you just have Just Say No lol
  20. Just saying hi Denver/aurora

    Hi Sky, Welcome and enjoy the fun here
  21. Happy B-day Kandi

    Happy Birthday Kandi
  22. For me I prebook due to my schedule. I have tried to prebook with some girls and have been told to call back when I am ready, those are the ones I dont call back. Working as a mechanic I get dirty and I dont know any girls that want a greasy guy on top of them. Just my .02
  23. I have only had to cancel three appointments with young ladies, Once because I was involved an collision when an old blue hair did not see my Harley. I did how ever call to cancel my time .
  24. Great Post Justina I think I would be spnt if a woman used almost anyone of these on me