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  1. Six Degrees of Bacon, I mean Connections

    Thread kinda along the lines of this thread:
  2. Hotel advice?

    As JHooker said "get a room". Don't want to spend a fortune, yet, want to rent an ASP's incall. So, guess not willing to pay her $200-$300/hr fee, since not willing to spend on a hotel room? Why would a provider give up an hour or more worth of her income to sublet on the cheap to a guy looking for a nooner with his on the side woman? If you want to do the threesome, great! Pay the provider her rate, if she's willing to work with a total stranger in the woman. Otherwise, get the room.
  3. Re: gloved HJs. Put "glove" into the session description box under review search. Turns up a few, including the infamous "Lucia" and her oxygen tank review.
  4. In the past, this particular topic has had three basic responses: "I agree", "The risk is small. You have a better chance of getting <insert disease> than something from bbbj", or some comment around business practices (eg. "not going to see a woman that doesn't offer", "not going to pay those rates and not get it", "always disease risk in this biz, don't like it, get out of the biz", and so forth). Maybe something new and or of value information-wise will pop up this time. Bottom line: do what you are comfortable with. Yes, guys will be pushy about this (comes with the territory). Don't get pushed into something you don't want to do.
  5. Not my cup of tea, no pun intended. But if a lady wants me to piss on her, whatever floats her boat.
  6. Photography as a hobby

    Three cameras for me. iPhone 6, which is always with me, and pretty much for what Badboy said. For trips and more planned situations, I have an Olympus E-PL5 with two zoom lenses. Small (with stock lens, can fit into a pocket of my khaki shorts) and light rig, packs easily into my carry-on luggage without taking up any room. Takes great pictures, REALLY fast auto-focus, lots of manual controls. Sure, it's a 4/3 sensor vs. APS sized, but, still a honking big sensor when compared to phones and point-and-shoots. For road-trips, I take all above and have an old Canon SD1100 P&S. Fits in a cup holder, or a compartment I have in the center console, can be worked with one had, so if I see a great shot out the car window, can make an attempt to capture it without having to pull over or take my eyes off the road. Takes really nice pictures. Also great for a situation where I don't want to take my "good" camera or phone into, for fear of damage.
  7. Is this provider legit

    Did you try searching the review board??
  8. 411 Goddess Dianna - 35

    That's TOB advertiser Dianna Anderson: And yes, does have a habit of using borrowed pics. ADD: current body rubber ads are using the same number as on TOB.
  9. Sugar Babies in college

    Not particularly interesting number, seeing that CU Boulder has 31,000 students. Working on assumption 15,500 women there... Sure, as N6 said, smacks of advertising for the sugar baby site, and could (probably?) be more women out there doing it via other sites. But assuming similar numbers, still not a lot of SBs in school. Probably still doing it the old fashioned way: waitress jobs. Or in the case of CU, what with the amount of CA, NY, TX license plates near campus, their real daddy.
  10. Wyoming Requests

    Eggs Danny Thomas style:
  11. Crew looking to deceive..

    Maybe related, maybe not, but in Eros for many years now, have had a similar set of ads. For example, the following: Kylie, Kristie, Kaytln. Over the years, same MO. Outcall only, all of Denver area, stolen pics from Europe. And $250 like the above ads.
  12. Wyoming Requests

    The way I read this: "So you're telling me there's a chance... YEAH!". For part of that fetish. i guess that items 2 and 4 kinda go hand in hand. If one advertises "fetish" and or "roleplay", probably going to get these type of requests. Though is odd that getting more of those from WY vs CO. You'd figure more kinksters in CO, just due to population. Bareback, think that's becoming more of a thing in the area. Seeing more ads in BP stating "no bareback" or coded phrases for "yes, I do bareback". Must be more guys asking and or getting it that they are asking more often for it.
  13. Crew looking to deceive..

    Related previous 411 threads. And as Kaduk mentioned, the BP ad links in these threads have morphed into different ads. Eg. Asian Twin Peaks girl is now a blonde Russian, for example.
  14. Victoria BP

    Re: "pictures accurate": I'd take any of those review fields with a grain of salt. From personal experience, seeing a provider that has a review, many a time the review info does not gibe with what I experienced. Review says "tattoos: none", lady is actually covered in them. "Pictures accurate: yes", yet lady's ad has photos from "Playboy" or some porn actress, with the head cropped out. I've mentioned in other threads that when the blood rushes from the big head to the little, perception skills go out the window. Stacked blonde in photos, stacked blonde at door, "yup, pics accurate". Maybe this woman is actually the one in the pics, and everyone else stole her pics. Sometimes happens. Then again... As for being on P411, sometimes one sneaks through the cracks re: accuracy of their info. Personally, in this case, I'd sit it out. Would really love to actually see a woman that looks like the one in the photos, but those pics are suspect, imo, and the review basically says nothing, other than she might be legit (ie. Not LE, and does render some kind of service,though we don't know what).