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  1. P411

    Ladies help a girl out. Lol
  2. Kegel

    Snatch a man's soul 😈😈😈
  3. Ancient mystery?

    Once upon of time sex was a sacred practice between two ppl. Alot of energy work and prayer was done before sex because of how powerful it was. As well as how effective it was due to the energy transferred between each other. In order to achieve this it requires concentration, trust, breathing and a very tight bond to reach a level not many of us has reached. I once cried when I had an orgasm and got scared of the guy afterwards cause I had never reached that level. I felt vulnerable and open like all my secrets were exposed. I ended up pushing the guy away well because I thought he was the devil (jk) but hey Scorpios are notorious for pushing something away that seems too perfect and too good to be true...
  4. (roll my eyes) every woman who do this voluntarily or forced fall under this... Next!!! They need to tax it already and have every woman who voluntarily does it follow guide lines. That will let them know who is being trafficked. Problem solved!
  5. Gfe

    I've had gentlemen contact me in this regards. I can't get into GFE. Not my thing. I have a life outside of being a provider and I don't want to take the chance to experiment with a stranger. More or so I respect my worth and sanity. Not saying that other providers don't respect themselves. Whatever rocks your boat but to me certain activities included in GFE is too personal and risky! But I have skills that make up for my denial of GFE and it's always a 💯 guarantee. Stay safe and have fun!!!
  6. Women's anatomy

    Nice! Lol. How long did it take you to successfully master the pleasure factor? Lol
  7. Women's anatomy

    Gentlemen! What age were you when you understood and patiently studied the woman's body? It seems that men my age rush and don't take time and know what intimacy really is. I know women mature faster than men but you would think that a man would appreciate a woman who actually teaches them how to please and what she likes. It feels like I am pulling teeth. I don't enjoy physical play at my agebecause it seems like a chore and I don't enjoy it like when I was younger when it wasn't about building a deeper connection... How old were you when you actually appreciated the female anatomy?
  8. Preference.?

    Hobbyist what are your preference when it comes to seeing a provider? Race? Body type? Do any of you wonderful men like exotic mix women?
  9. No, no shave November fellas!!!

    Shave folks... Shave. I don't want sour dough!! No shave November is over!!! Thanks!
  10. Tongue twisters

    😂😂😂😂 No you can't say them? Lpl
  11. Tongue twisters

    No you can't say them? Lpl
  12. Tongue twisters

    What is your favorite tongue twisters? Mines is: You'll never get your bloody black backpack back And.... I love New York, unique New York, I love unique, unique New York Also... Red leather, yellow leather Can you say these repeatedly without messing up? Lol 😂😂😜😜
  13. Feet

    They are jealous because you can pride yourself in sharing that. They wish they were as brave, while they hide under their ego and can't share their weird obsessions and fetishes. Pat yourself on the back!
  14. Hello!

    This will be fun. Who will the lucky ladies???
  15. Are you woogie ready RIGHT NOW

    Nailed it!!! Those kind of guys dry me up like a sandstorm. It's a no fellas!!!