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  1. 411 Victoria Wright and Nikole West

    Two recent reviews on Nikole, both are good...
  2. What would you do ?

    A lot of my favorite local non-profits would suddenly be very well off...
  3. Screening Question

    In Colorado, license plate information is considered "confidential", meaning only LE or PI's (who have to show why they need it) can get plate info. Also, the cameras on toll booths (think E-470) can get your plate info, but only from the cameras so they can bill you and it's all automated anyways.
  4. Sears declairs bankruptcy

    They still honor the lifetime warranty on Craftsman hand tools. I exchanged a pretty old wrench that I managed to break not too long ago. Other than tools and automotive stuff, like tires (at one time, Sears sold as many auto parts as any other auto parts store), I was never a big Sears shopper. Still, those were a big part of my young adult life and it's sad to see them go.
  5. How many times?

    Not often enough.
  6. Dennis Hoff dead at 72

    Mostly what I know of him is from the HBO series. Seemed like a pompous ass with a WAY over-inflated ego. Or, I could be entirely wrong. But, based on your comment, I'm thinking I'm not?
  7. Are you an Explorer or Home bird?

    I'm still a relative newbie to the hobby, so I'm still wandering around checking to see what's available. All the experiences so far have been good, and I imagine I'll find one or two (or three) that I will become a regular thing with. I'm not sure what will make that happen, but I'll know it when I see it. Still, I won't rule out wandering a bit...
  8. A abundance of useful information

    I lurked on here for a long time before signing up and participating. It helped a lot, but I probably still asked one or two dumb questions . Still, I think it helped when I set up my first appointment, and then subsequent visits which seemed to have gone fairly smoothly...

    Those aren't boobs...they're empty tube socks.

    You know what they say: Once you've seen one set of boobs........you want to see them all! I love any kind of boobs... Natural. Enhanced (except for the obviously over done and unnaturally huge). A day with boobs beats the hell out of a day without boobs.
  11. Anyone know JJ Honeybee

    Thanks. I always forget to check the phone number...
  12. Anyone know JJ Honeybee

    JJ Honeybee Colorado Companion Looks cute, but no reviews... Anyone? https://theotherboard.com/listings/show/28341
  13. Confusing reviews

    So, the same member date is probably a software glitch...the rest, however, still stands
  14. Confusing reviews

    Something fishy there...both reviewers have the same member date, and they both seem to be seeing the same ladies, on the same days and with WILDLY different results. One reviewer seems to hand out a lot of bad reviews to ladies who otherwise have lots of good reviews. Sounds like someone may be a difficult customer.
  15. Here's a Tip - Don't Drink and Drive

    If a lady has a website, I always make a point of reading it thoroughly. And, I always give some kind of proper introduction when I first make contact. For the most part, it's worked well for me.