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  1. It's a Business

    I think it would be fine for the provider to reach out like this ONLY after making sure the guy is OK with it...
  2. Where to keep the supplies?

    Where to keep them? Readily available, where ever that might be.
  3. Dear Fifi: Am I bad at sex?

    Sex is a two-way street, whether with a SO or a provider. Why wouldn't a guy want to take some direction/suggestions/hints to make things a little nicer for the lady?
  4. new vetting process?

    My earlier reply to this was a joke, of course. Kinda surprised I got a thumbs down on it. The guys expect to see pictures of the ladies, so they can find someone that is appealing to them. Makes perfect sense. It also helps guys know what to expect when they meet a lady, and if photo doesn't match the lady, it sends up red-flags. So, there is the question about a guy sending a photo, if requested. A guy doesn't have to, and as has already been mentioned, refusing to send one can result in a lady refusing to see the guy. That's fair. But, guys have to worry about being exposed, and who's hands the photos will land in. Also reasonable. If a guy's photo is already out there in the ether, there may be a way to just send a link to it, if the link was to a site that wasn't identifiable. Maybe a free Dropbox account tied to the guys user name here, and the dropbox containing just a photo? Clunky, yes, but it might work. Just thinking out loud.
  5. new vetting process?

    Maybe all us guys should just swap pictures of each other and really confuse the hell out of things...
  6. Out of towner

    You're a gorgeous lady and no doubt there are many guys who would like to meet you (me included). Everyone is trying to be careful and one of the methods used to make sure someone is OK is to look for reviews.
  7. Bad Day, Roll In the Hay?

    I go outdoors. There is nothing better for the mind and soul.
  8. Colorado Sprigs

    Yup, we are, dammit!
  9. Have you evee felt?

    There's not a person on this planet who at one time or another didn't feel just as you do right now. The key is to not hole yourself up in your home and your own thoughts. Go outside. Talk to someone, including the people hear who've been generous enough to reach out to you. You're not alone.
  10. Meteors Stare show all weekend!

    The further east you go the better. A bit more than 60 miles away, Florissant Fossil Beds National Monument is a great night sky viewing spot since it's far from city lights.
  11. Out of towner

    Yeah, I kinda what I thought... I might have to pass until I see something more...
  12. Out of towner

    Anyone have an update on her? Considering giving her a try, but based on the above, and the lack of reviews, I'm kinda leery, especially since I'm a bit of a newbie...
  13. Grab some nuts

    Apparently, today (August 3rd) is "Grab Some Nuts Day". I hope that providers and hobbyists celebrated appropriately.
  14. Hobbyist 101

    Thanks, CaliSurfGirl! Great info!
  15. Hobbyist 101

    CaliSurfgirl, as a newbie here, I appreciate the hobbyist 101 help. I lurked on here for a very long time before joining, and my recent first encounter went well, but there's still so much I'm sure I don't know...