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  1. I love Men!

    I spent my entire life in some of the most "masculine" jobs to be found. I don't understand what "toxic" masculinity is. @Leena_rose's list of traits looks to me to be a list of what we used to call "assholes". In any case, I appreciate @Melissa Sterling telling guys it's OK to be masculine. My own two cents worth, based on years of being in tough jobs, of having seen and experienced things no one should have to see or experience. These are traits I saw in guys who would probably be considered "toxic" If you constantly have to tell someone your in charge, you're not. If you constantly have to "prove" how tough you are, you're not If the only way you can supervise is by belittling, you're not a supervisor If you're offended by every perceived insult, you're too insecure in your own "masculinity" If your answer to any challenge is to use physical force, you're not as tough as you think you are. If you don't get a joke, even when it's on you, you need to re-evaluate yourself I could go on, but I won't. Already TLDR. Melissa, I hope you return to Colorado someday!
  2. Not responding to texts

    Gee, I don't seem to have a problem. I don't interact with a provider who's not advertising because they are probably not available that day (amazing how much sense that makes). I also pay attention to their listing and/or website. I've also not had a problem setting things up in advance. And I don't look anywhere except TOB. Hmmm...maybe my approach is just a whole lot better than yours.
  3. Manscaping

    I like to keep a tidy house...
  4. Self-driving cars

    Nothing could possibly go wrong...
  5. Burr uts been cold!!!

    Bundled up in layers and went outside. Nothing keeps you warm like being in motion!
  6. Proper etiquette?

    It's been my experience that once I've introduced myself, expressed my desire to meet, passed screening and have set a mutually agreeable date and time, the lady will usually then give me her rates. I can then decide if it fits my budget. If not, I'll decline, if it does, we're good to go. I've not had to actually ask.
  7. Proper etiquette?

    It's so much easier for me when a lady has a website! I always look for a link on a ladies profile.
  8. Should I stick to one provider?

    I haven't been in the hobby too long, but I'm planning on my first repeat visit with a provider later this month. I'll still visit a variety of ladies, but am also putting together a very short list of those I will make repeat visits with.
  9. Gonna be a great week!

    Last Friday was a bad day. By Monday, things had turned 180 degrees. Week has been good so far. It's good to live mostly schedule free, so most weeks are pretty good. Cheers to those enjoying some time together with friends!
  10. Choose your hotel chain carefully

    This will end the first time a woman who gets kicked out of a bar for being there alone files a lawsuit. Patently unconstitutional...
  11. Just wondering

    Nice looking hair up top, minimal or none down below. Otherwise, I don't care.
  12. Ten Important Facts

    Never waste a hard-on, or pass a bathroom (especially if over 55).
  13. Fake Reviews

    ...Or you had a bad day. Regardless, one bad review out of many good ones isn't going to be a thing to worry about.
  14. Hunter goes to great lengths to help clients, and I'm sure that behind the scenes she goes to even greater lengths to help her fellow sisters.
  15. What to watch?

    Good Girls on Netflix is hysterical.