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  1. Members you miss

    Crystal Bliss. Best ever
  2. Lilyreign / Tegan Daily

    Confirmed the rates are an issue. Some interesting multi tier scheme. Spoke with her candidly about it but she said she was “doing just fine.” She then went on to say she asked her clients to write her a review but they selfishly didn’t want to share what they had found. Seemed odd to me. I made the point - why advertise if you don’t need new clients? I’ll pass... So many lovely ladies on here.
  3. Messages not going through?

    Yeah. Pretty dumb. She contacted me for references and said "Sorry for the inconvenience." Naturally, I replied and shared refs. Just cutting my losses at this point.
  4. Messages not going through?

    Yep just tried that. It even pops up and says "message sent". Then I go to my outbox, and nada. I wish it would just say "message cannot be sent" or something along those lines.
  5. Messages not going through?

    Fair enough. This is related to another issue where I assumed I was already blacklisted. Then she ended up messaging me, so naturally I replied. Ugh oh well, plenty of fish in the sea as they say.
  6. I am trying to reply to a provider but I don't think my replies are actually getting to their inbox. Due to a misunderstanding, she had me blocked at one point. It seems as though its been resolved because she got my attention on a thread and actually pm'd me. I replied to her pm and her read status has never changed since. I've seen other activity from her and tried to send her a new message but the new message never shows up in my sent folder. I also tried just mentioning it to her in the same original thread but it never got posted because I think it was against the rules to communicate to individuals via the forum? In fact the mods removed her mention to me... Hopefully she reads this and unblocks me but just wondered if anyone else has experienced buggyness with the messaging system?
  7. Red Flag?

    Hopefully other new folks learn from it. You basically have one shot to make your provider of interest feel safe. If that gets ruined even for reasons out of your control, that’s it. It’s understandable that the provider not take unnecessary risk, it’s just not worth it for them. Sorry for any misunderstanding. Good luck!
  8. Red Flag?

    Lesson learned.
  9. They seemed to kind of fall of the face of the earth. The website is down and everything. Several ladies have gone indie but haven't even seen their listings as of late. Does anyone know if something happened causing BT to close?
  10. Alien Luvin

  11. Lower back sexy holes

    I'm also a huge fan of these. It really should be a checkbox on the provider stats section! Venus Dimples: Yes
  12. Red Flag?

    This is exactly the case^ Unfortunately I think I've been blacklisted on because of this. The reviews show the seen-on date and they are all different dates. Kind of a bummer because I was very much looking forward to seeing the provider. I cannot even reach out now because I think she blocked me. If you have a change of heart and have a chance to check with my references, please pm me!! Has this happened to anyone else? I totally understand everyone is ultra cautious now because of the changes. Just bad timing on my part I guess.
  13. Elara Star

    See quite a few new thumbs up reviews on Elara since the last comment here. Any new information? This thread seemed to come to a dead end. Why was she so questionable in this thread? PM if you have info you'd be willing to share.