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  1. Interesting perspective here... since it feels so good to keep the feeling before climax AND you can control it, sounds like you are thoroughly enjoying yourself, so stopping in the time you've agreed upon means you get to keep seeing the providers you enjoy and get to enjoy all the lovely sensations. Doesn't seem to be so complicated. If you wanna experience the feels longer... perhaps book for a longer session?
  2. Join the A-Team!

    Love when this spot gets hit, mmmmhmmmmm
  3. Hello Loves!

    Thanks ya'll, appreciate you a lot!
  4. Hello dear! Welcome. Hope you're having an amazing trip. Some of my favorite spots to eat are Root Down- Farm to Table, Chez Thuy (amazing Vietnamese in Boulder), Hey Kiddo (with a secret bar- ok yeah). Definitely recommend you check out Sensatia Caberet for one of their shows too!
  5. Katya here, excited to say hi and meet all the amazing humans here. Feel free to say hi, just getting started so any tips are much appreciated. xoxoxoxo
  6. Oh hi, TOB!

    Hello there! How's it going?