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  1. Screening…..

    I definitely encounter guys who are unwilling to screen, but I've found that many of them eventually circle back and will decide to go through the process. Either way, it's not something I compromise on. My safety is non-negotiable. Feel free to DM if you'd like to chat methods or discuss more.
  2. Darn. Thx for clarifying that though
  3. Is there a way to post a "tour" ad?? I'd love to post an ad in NY for my trip next month, but can't figure out how to post one outside of Colorado..... 🤔
  4. Suggestions about verifications!!!

    I actually just typed up my methods to send to another friend. Happy to pass along to any provider who is interested- feel free to DM me. I consider my methods to be pretty thorough
  5. Need some GFE. Single + Virgin @26 :(

    Especially as a newbie without references, I think you'll be better off scheduling something as it can take a while to screen people who don't have TOB or P411 okays. Good luck!! Hope you have a blast.
  6. Anal

    Totally- so many factors at play for this activity. Maybe that's the way to go. I had just added a lil menu to my site, but it's literally been up for like 48 hours and I've felt so stressed about it. lol. I think I'll go remove it now. Maybe make a password protected page for existing clients. 🤔
  7. Anal

    Curious about where that can be done on P411. I don't see anything like that. I know private delights allows you to have a "no" list, but PD doesn't seem to be as active out here as it is in Vegas or LA. I've considered just straight up adding a menu to my website because I hate doing anything upsell-y or discussing $ in person. I want everyone to know exactly what to expect going in to our date, but obviously there are major issues with posting a menu. So I go back and forth on it. There are also benefits IMO to discussing things like greek ahead of time in order to properly prep, but again it can feel sketchy to discuss these things. I've also considered just having it be something only for return clients, that way we can discuss during or after our first date. So frustrating that there don't seem to be great options.
  8. What to wear

    I saw a post on a friend's twitter that got me thinking about this. I've always just opened the door in lingerie (assuming it's incall) and gone for casual, but cute outfit for outcall w/ lingerie underneath. Obviously if someone requests something else, I'll try to accommodate. I'm very curious now though! Clients- what do most of you prefer? Providers- what do you typically wear?? What about heels? I'm always on the fence with heels unless someone requests them since I'm already 5'7" without heels and don't want to make anyone uncomfy if I'm the same height or taller than them.
  9. Is it worth it?

    I circled back after doing the stay at home mom thing for several years. I actually enjoy it much more these days than I did when I was 18-21. I used to work for agencies and the vibe was different. Also, as a single mom the flexibility and financial freedom it allows me is unparalleled and I'm so grateful for it. Not saying that you should or shouldn't, but after my nearly decade hiatus returning to SW has been amazing. 💗
  10. Yay texting back now to set up our museum date. xoxoxo
  11. New P411 ?

    It took me FOREVER to find my messages 🤣