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  1. TOB is dead

    I was heckled on ECCIE due to being a BBW. I had been a member of Aspd in it's final days and was on the site when it went dark. It was a site that has had no match since its passing.
  2. I've been using Protonmail since it debuted several years ago. I still have my Gmail accounts under my old stage names but will be closing them soon. I also use Opera (which has a built in VPN). Protonmail also has its own VPN called ProtonVPN.
  3. Ladies, you are not alone.

    I knew BP would go down eventually. I know of several advertising avenues that are still open. Someone just alerted me earlier today that another major advertising venue has gone down. I can provide those sites for the ladies on TOB.
  4. New to TOB

    I am new to TOB but not new to Companionship. I was a well known BBW companion on Long Island from 2006 to 2017 (under a different name) before being forced to go into semi-retirement due to a near outing. Now I'm back but will not be showing my face anywhere online. You can say I'm somewhat UTR.