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  1. Hi there TOB

    Just saying to ya'all. I joined a while ago but wanted to say hi to everyone in Colorado! This looks like a really well run forum.
  2. Summer Lyn here. Just seeing if any of my friends from Carmichael area here..
  3. Sacramento Love

    Welcome.. Summer Lyn.
  4. Hi devin, nice to see you here too! I think it kind of makes sense
  5. Welcome Jessa! NS refugee here. Welcome to TOB.
  6. Sacramento Love

    Count me in! sactown!
  7. Switterland Luck?

    I just joined yesterday and while its a little confusing, I've found some people from NS already You're all right though, its a little too spread out.
  8. NS refugees

    Hi, I'm here. Just found my way from NS. Its so nice to see everyone here!