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Found 4 results

  1. Figure us Sacramento people need a forum to call home. Anyone who works or plays in Sac, Here is a nice spot to post and tell us all how things are going. I know so many are worried and scared right now. Hopefully stuff settles down soon.
  2. Providers and Hobbyists of the Coast line, please checkin and post here.
  3. damn nightshift is gone...what to do ??? damn !!
  4. Maybe I'm doing something wrong here. I'm normally okay with tech. And the title above, Who knows what I want to ask... I keep reading on various boards about using Twitter to make connections, but for the life of me, I don't know an easy way to tell who is in what city. I tend to follow ladies in cities I visit, but it's not always clear where they are located. Q. Ladies/Gents that travel, is there an easy way to determine who is in town that you follow on your twitter feed? I use the different regional boards and p411 for the most part. But I like to read into personality by scanning ladies posts and/or tweets. Maybe that is the only thing to do for now. Years ago I used Dopplr to track when people I knew where in the same town as me. Maybe I need to find an app like that.