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  1. Anyone else having this happen?

    It's the times...war/economy stuff is never good for this business...people get jittery and flaky IMO.
  2. STD’s on the rise in Colorado

    Trust, most providers are doing our own subtle check before we dive in ;p
  3. Is Tryst taking over?

    Most providers advertise in multiple places and stick with the ones that bring them clients. Just because a new site comes along, doesn't mean they will stop with an old one! It seems like TOB does well for certain areas, like CO, so you prob don't have to worry about that.
  4. Hot Springs & Hiking Recommendations?

    Wow thanks @CountryGentlemanand @gr8owl. Those both look really cool
  5. Hot Springs & Hiking Recommendations?

    OMG I just looked up that Mount Princeton spot...the pic on the website's home page looks soooo dreamy! Thanks for the recommendations.
  6. Hi there, Private Delights is a very popular site in the Bay Area. It doesn't have a forum like TOB but has reviews etc. Hope that helps!
  7. Hey y'all...wondering if you have any good recommendations for hot springs, preferably within 1-2 hours of Denver, but open to others. I love to visit them wherever I go! So far the one I've heard of the most over there is Indian Springs, but open to other recommendations too! Also looking for hiking recommendations within an hour or so of Denver. If it was just me I'd be looking for more strenuous hikes but I'll be with a friend so probably more moderate recommendations (maybe with a view??) would be amazing! Tell me your favorite spots!
  8. I agree with others, what you are talking about is closer to edging! It's really fun but I think for a lot of people with vaginas, it requires shaking things up a bit rather than straight-up intercourse for the whole time. You can switch between activities, hand, oral, and penetration to give her a break but still keep yourself in that spot where it feels great and you are close to the edge. Also, everyone does sex differently...I'm sure if you try enough people you will find a few someones who are eager and able to meet your desires with this. I call that type of search "an investment in your pleasure." ;p
  9. Astrology, if you are Intrested?

    My friend gave me a human design chart reading a few years back! It was so interesting. I especially found the association with the organs particularly interesting. I'd love to learn more about it, thanks for the link
  10. New to TOB :)

    @Kali Sensual Reikiaww thank you🥰
  11. Astrology, if you are Intrested?

    I am also interested in astrology! I think North Node and Chiron are two of the most underrated aspects to study in astrology. My favorite astrology app is called TimePassages. Have you read the book Astrology for the Soul by Jan Spiller? It is all about North Node and which house it falls into. It was a very insightful book, you might find it interesting!
  12. What’s your celebrity look alike ?

    I usually get Fiona Apple or Regina Spektor...
  13. Uranus never looked so good

    OMG I am soooo in love with the images from the Webb telescope...such an incredible development. Thanks for sharing!
  14. Hi y'all. I'm Delphine X. I actually signed up for TOB wayyyy back in 2018 in the fall out of NS closing down (RIP), but never used it much. I just reactivated my acct and am excited to get started on here and participate in the rich community you all have going on. Just saying hello! Xx Delphine