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  1. Title- thus is 1938

    The truth DOES taste a bit bitter sometimes.... just because someone doesn't like it doesn't make it wrong. There IS a lot of similarities and it IS an accurate comparison whether people want to admit it or not plain and simple.
  2. Regulars Grandfathered Rates

    You do realize he was talking about the comment made about selling furniture right? Or did I miss something?
  3. You can take my COVID vaccine if I don't.

    Academic Appointment Professor - University Medical Line, Orthopaedic Surgery Member, Bio-X Member, Maternal & Child Health Research Institute (MCHRI) Member, Wu Tsai Neurosciences Institute Administrative Appointments Faculty Senate, Stanford University School of Medicine (2013 - 2019) Director, Motion & Gait Lab, Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital Stanford (1989 - Present) Chair, Research Committee, American Academy for Cerebral Palsy and Developmental Medicine (2013 - 2015) Boards, Advisory Committees, Professional Organizations Member, NIH AACPDM Steering Committee on Common Data Elements for Cerebral Palsy (2018 - Present) Board of Directors, Society for Brain Mapping and Therapeutics (2013 - Present) Spectrum Child Health Research Institute Committee Member, Stanford University School of Medicine (2013 - Present) Research Committee Member, American Academy for Cerebral Palsy and Developmental Medicine (2009 - 2015) Taskforce on Childhood Motor Disorders, NIH (2001 - 2012)
  4. You can take my COVID vaccine if I don't.

    So to me some of that (maybe more like half) got a bit confusing and at points it sounded like there was some back and forth. Where it sounded like we need more people to take the vaccine but we dont have enough actual real data yet, so those that are hesitant have the right to be because it may not be as safe as people think it is, but we need more people to take it to find out..... but a big thing to me was they compared Isreal with a very high vaccine rate as having more problems and India where there is very low vaccine rates having far less problems right now? Did I hear that correctly? Data like that raises my reserves even further if I'm not taking it out of context....
  5. You can take my COVID vaccine if I don't.

    More: The truth about COVID-19 vaccines. Everything you need to know. Here is one of my big takeaways from the first articles from kaduk.... -The US has a population of 328million people -the number of people infected with covid is 42million -And the number of deaths is at 668 thousand Now if you do the math that means -0.20% of the total population has died -1.59% of the total number of sick has died -and only 1.28% of the total population has actually gotten sick ...... if you actually run the real numbers, what exactly I the actual problem???? Those numbers as a whole are actually nothing especially if you look at the actual death rate of the population as a whole....
  6. Regulars Grandfathered Rates

    I've had one lady I was seeing "regularly" that actually said she was raising her rates but that I would still only be charged what I already was. In her case she took card so SHE put the it in herself.... my current atf that I've been seeing for a couple years now I heard mention she raised her rates when having a 3some with another lady but was never told anything about it raising or by how much but I've raised how much I bring little by little any ways before I heard her say anything, I think the extra I was starting to bring was what her current rates are though (haven't actually verified yet) though if it is I may think about raising what I bring a little more if I can afford to... as a blue collar worker 20 can still be a lot but I would think it still shows a little appreciation by at least making the attempt.
  7. Weird

    I just don't get it.... you know who she is and what she does, if you start a relationship then you should be willing to accept ALL of her. You can not expect or even ask the other person to change. Guys that get into a relationship with a provider and expect them to stop and make them the only one in my opinion are retarded. You know what/who you are getting involved with so you should take them how they are and if you can't then you shouldn't pursue them at all. It's just not right to get involved with a provider and then get paranoid or controlling in any way, nor can it be healthy at all.
  8. You can take my COVID vaccine if I don't.

    Haven't you noticed? That's the new normal, everyone today MUST cry racist or some kind of offense to pretty much everything when they don't like what they hear anymore.
  9. Today I look at that like oh hell no, are you stupid? But teenage/early 20's me would have been the one to attempt it without hesitation, especially as the highly confident (or cocky some would say) high class athlete that I was.
  10. There's also the factor that some lost a lot of subscribers already also because they jump the gun and unsubscribed do to the "No porn". So that may affect who decides to stay or go...
  11. And don't think the parents won't sacrifice their own children for that 1 shot.... you point out there are parents on here... well what do you say to the parent that lost their child overseas because their bleeding heart turned into a dead body? A young marine thought a crying toddler in the street needed help, and as he picked it up the MOTHER of that toddler pulled out an rpg and blew them both up from the other side of the street. That marine was also warned not to get too close because it could be a trap but did not listen by the way.
  12. Though we do care to a degree I have lost brothers in arms for THIS very thing, go to help a child in need and get shot or blown up in the process. Evil will do anything and sacrifice anyone for its own purpose. For those that have been over seas long enough know the consequences that could come for caring too much. What ticks me off is when people go on rants about hardships and struggles of things going on in other parts of the world when we have our own problems that seem to get ignored.... help the children in afghan, or the starving in Africa, or a whole list of issues. When how many of those same people walk/drive by a homeless camp with starving children and don't do anything about it? How many struggling families are right next door to us barely getting by. Have you looked at the stats of how many children barely eat if at all right here where WE live? How many children are abused or bullied and no does anything until it's too late? How many homeless (and even those that aren't) vets have mental issues because of the horrors they have seen or been through over seas because people would rather us focus on OTHER problems rather than our own? And from personal experience I have a buddy that thought a young child was in need of help and when he let his guard down to help he was shot in the shoulder by what was believed to be their older brother no more 9 or 10- he now collects disability and has a few surgeries on that shoulder because as he got shot a bomb also went off close enough for some shrap metal to do more damage.
  13. Favorite Roleplay Ideas

    There is also sister's best friend, wife's best friend, best friends sister, wife's sister, child hood/ long time best friend, sexy Co worker,
  14. Local long term provider: pro and cons.

    Last I heard they CAN join buy they need 2 other providers to vouch for them. The issue with that though was if the new girl does something bad the 2 ladies that vouched for her risk their own profiles.... see the dilemma? I know if that's true and I was a lady, I wouldn't take the risk...
  15. New TOB lovely

    I can see your perspective and would hope it to be true that said person DOES enjoy what she does but it's the way they say things are disgusting and those that enjoy them are slobbyists (that's basically what she said without saying it straight up) rather then just leaving it at "that's not what she is into or comfortable with and you either like it or find someone else" that has me leaning in the other direction unfortunately. Again I would like to hope my "ASSumptions" may be incorrect and she isn't just a "in it for the money only" because this should be something you really ENJOY doing with the bonus of making a little money