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  1. Spinners At a 1:30 this girl is able to literally spin on top a few times.... I don't know if she fits the description of a spinner by size though... But man I would love to try that at least just once to see what it feels like to have someone on top and actually twist all the way around
  2. Spinners

    A lady so petite and small that if they wanted to she could easily spin around on your cock without pulling out... Without using the actual urban dictionary (too lazy to look up the word for word definition) that's the closest I could get for you lol
  3. 411 on Mimi0x

    If you zoom up the pic you can see more of what looks like an actual word, or name? I can't make out WHAT it says but yeah zoomed out and at that angle it does look like just the letters le
  4. It could work if they are on here.... Request a reference through tob and if they don't accept it within the time frame, they don't get a review....
  5. Gfe or not

    That can actually be pretty hot....
  6. I knew i didn't know the details of it so thank you guys for clarifying some of that for me.... (that's one of the things I like about this community)
  7. Didn't that cake shop that refused to make a cake for that gay couple win their case in court? If so then that one case throws out what you just claimed about it being illegal.... I'm not positive but I believe the case went in favor of the cake shop because it was his right to refuse service to anyone
  8. Who is your favorite retired porn star and why?

    Sasha Grey.... She had such a seductive look to her
  9. It's not necessarily LOOKING for love a lot of times nobody actually has any actual control on when or where certain feelings such as love happen. That's why it's called "falling" in love with someone because sometimes it just happens whether you like it or not... But you do have control of how you deal with it, and some people just cut the cord and leave the situation before it starts getting too far (if they catch themselves in time)... Just my thoughts on it
  10. I care about your opinions!!

    The best thing you can do is just be yourself. The big points go to a provider that is welcoming and can break the ice opening things up with good communication and genuinely enjoying themselves when you see them. The more friendly and more I feel like I'm seeing someone real and genuine opposed to someone just treating it like a job and going through the motions of let's just get this over, the better
  11. Test run

    I was actually starting to do the same thing in the beginning when I didn't know any better and was actually told by one lady that was the way to go. But I've learned to pick my dates a little better and take my time more, so now it's back to hour dates for me again. It's all about choosing the right ladies.
  12. Suggest a new ranking in the info box: Flake Factor

    or not everyone is very picky and for them it IS the truth that they had a good time but maybe it could have been better? Maybe they figure she was having an off time, maybe they knew that THEY didn't connect but it wasn't the ladies fault because not everyone is going to connect but does that mean she was a flake? No not necessarily.... There is tons of different scenarios and circumstances that you saying that no one has any balls to call it how it is MIGHT be crossing a line a little bit. Especially by someone who doesn't contribute themselves. If you don't have the balls to post anything yourself you have no ground to stand on to talk about others
  13. PAIN

    Hahaha..... That reminds me of trying to take a crap after eating MRE's for a few days.... Never any fun, I always dreaded when I finally had to go
  14. Lina Mesa/ Jessica Martinez

    Just throwing it out there (not saying it is true or not in this case because I have no clue) but there are times that you could read and right another language with full fluency but not be able to actually speak or fully understand it verbal nearly as well... Just saying because growing up I knew people that could read and write Spanish but if you tried to speak it to them they was completely lost
  15. What's Kinky???

    Wow... Not into the BDSM and especially not being zapped but your illustration of everything else was hot as hell and got me curious of trying it out (as long as its very lightly)