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  1. Was told not to bother old clients

    YMMV usually with any/all providers of course, because chemistry is always different from one person to another and what happened between 2 people may not happen with another and sometimes even when you have the same people involved it's still YMMV, because you might both be in a different mood or the chemistry is slightly different the second time around. But with the op, more and more you get potential clients messaging other clients for at least a little bit of general info so that you have an idea of what kind of time you could possibly have apposed to having no clue and if it's someone with multiple reviews themselves there shouldn't be much of an issue because you should look out for each other to stay safe and out of trouble.... Now if you or the one your messaging about info on a lady only has 1 or 2 reviews then that's when people get a lil more hush hush imo
  2. Would you complain?

    Think the only complaint I would have is that hearing it would make me really hard lol.... The biggest turn on for me is hearing a woman moan with pleasure
  3. New Business Names

    A young lady I see used to have on there like a house cleaning type name like a maid service.... Which she did clean out the pipes lol
  4. Ohmibod

    A lot of ladies on the live Cam sites use this and other similar toys such as the lovense because they can connect it to vibrate when you tip them.... I would give the site I frequent but I don't know if that's against the rules, pm me and I could direct you to a good one if interested
  5. Positions

    Holy f***, wow..... I think I need to try that one day
  6. Positions

    I would say lady on top is my favorite.... You get such a great view of her body, I like It when she is in control, and her on top Leta her control the speed the motion and she can still move around positions
  7. Sesta Fosta Workshop This Weekend

    ahh now that makes sense.... I was wondering why you never see playboy, penthouse and a few other nude magazines at 7/11 anymore
  8. Ladies remember.

    lol, I can say personally for myself I prefer to text cause I feel too nervous trying to talk on the phone, and it seems easier to say something wrong on the phone rather then text and then realize you shouldn't say that and change your text. It just seems more easy and convenient to send a text to me, but I'm also very much on the quiet and shy side when it comes to women though too.... Just my $.02 if it helps any of the ladies understand the texting a lil more for some guys at least
  9. Your worst nightmare...

    As already stated, she was talking about the client she was referring to in the op that this thread was originally talking about in the first place.
  10. Review not showing

    I just recently joined and started trying to post reviews but noticed it was almost 2 weeks my second review was still pending, after messaging one of the mods what was going on I was told that they needed more info a about specifics on how I contacted her, and that they flagged it due to being submitted on the same day I visited her and how long it was afterwards. A few days later I saw a regular lady I've been seeing for a few years now and submitted a review only for that one to get held up as well and received a message from admin requesting me to get reference from the 3 ladies I have seen. After a few messages back and forth trying to confirm things I received a message tonight that I have been flagged as a potential "self review" and will receive their decision withing 48 hours of what's going on..... So you could have it worse then it just disappearing on you
  11. Hello, kinda new here!

    I'm a Denver native born and raised and I would have to admit that I actually do take this wonderful state for granted, every once in a while I look up and see it as if for the first time and realize (wow, that is beautiful)... As well as other things, growing up I was always an athlete and spent half my childhood in the mountains, and I didn't realize just how much I took our altitude for granted until I was in San Diego for basic training (USMC) and felt just how easy it was to breathe. But it wasn't until I came back home after a year away at see level that it really set in how hard it is on your body to breathe and "be in shape" here.... It's pretty easy to miss the beauty and big things that seem so small when you've lived somewhere pretty much your whole life
  12. Deal killers and the opposite

    I take the side where tat's are a huge turn on for me but as long as they are tasteful. And the main factor that kills everything no matter how much good quality you have in everything else is attitude, if that's not there then the whole thing just completely dies
  13. Your worst nightmare...

    Srry but reading through, the way I took Lacie's comment is that she was referring to her client NOT Ron Jeremy... And that's why she would take offense to the comment If I am correct in my assumption I'm sorry to hear that news lacie
  14. DO negative reviews have an expiration date??

    I would actually be in the space of just starting reviews myself in the sense of being able to start helping establish that I'm not a bad apple, but also because I actually can't be active very often so I would also fall under going good periods of time before I am able to see another lady so I'm hoping getting out there with reviews to see would help make it if anything at least a LITTLE bit easier to verify I'm a nice gentleman that is safe
  15. If The Hat Doesn't Fit....

    My suggestion to that (if needed) would be to keep the box unopened if possible this way the lady shouldn't have much of a problem with verifying the quality and all... Just my $.02