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  1. Where to keep the supplies?

    I think seeing toys out in an area easily accessible is a bit of a turn on.... That to me let's me know there ARE toys to play with and encourages me to reach over and try playing with them to add more to the ladies good time
  2. Text or talk?

    I always prefer text.... I really don't like talking on the phone (even with close friends and family), just something about talking in the phone that makes me uncomfortable for some reason and that's just in general for anything to be honest
  3. The "Poop Knife"

    Hahaha you know that when someone sees that, they can't resist looking
  4. The "Poop Knife"

    Wow...... That had me laughing hard.... Like really?
  5. Sharing references?

    I'd noticed that my request reference has been blocked but I don't remember sending multiple requests to anyone. I've requested 4 ladies (at the request of tob) and 3 of them accepted them the 4th isn't active on here so it never went through. my question would be, is there a way to get unblocked for any possible future requests?
  6. Definition of a timewaster

    just my $.02, I've seen too many crashes and close calls because someone just HAD to hit the gas as soon as the light turned green and there was that car that HAD to make the light..... So I'm one that usually waits a second or two in general
  7. Fort Collins sting

    Wow saw something on the news about a sting in fort Collins and if I heard them right there was only 11 or so guys busted out of over 200 guys that replied to the post.... I feel sorry for the ladies that put up with that many time wasters that contact you and nothing ever happens.
  8. Just wondering question

    I'm with some of the other guys I think it could be a nice thing when a lady shows interest in you too. I actually set up with a yl that I probably would not have if she had not contacted first, and it turned out to be worth seeing her (especially since she wasn't from here)
  9. providers who don’t want reviews

    First I would ask if you have expressed this with the yl so she may have the chance to correct the issue? Then I would say It looks like her main reason for not wanting reviews is to keep things that happen private. So couldn't there be the option of putting in a review with only the basic info of-- service received yes/no, would recommend yes/no, pictures accurate yes/no.... And just leave it at that with no description of anything? Then you would still be respecting her wishes of keeping things only between the 2 of you while still doing your fellow gentleman a service by letting them know her pics were not accurate, at least at the time YOU visited her.
  10. Cheating

    I'd actually like to thank you for chiming in with that whole thing, especially about being in a serious relationship for longer years of more then 7,8+ years and the whole thing was actually pretty informative and put in a more respectful manor and more of something I actually needed to help understand even if at least a just little more.
  11. Cheating

    Now if we can be adults here and just agree that we all have different opinions but we don't intend to judge each other (and that is what is so great about this community) and drop the subject and move on that would be great
  12. Cheating

    I did NOT comment out of judgment and if it came off as such it was not meant to, as I said I have a tendency to not know how to put things in the right manor at times.... My personal opinion is just that and from what I see in today's society is that things that would have never been accepted in the past where people had true values such as honor, commitment and integrity and actually acted as though pride in one's name and family actually ment something are slowly starting to become very rare. Maraige USED to actually mean something and was was actually seen as something sacred. Now it's just like getting a car.... Get one now and replace it with another one that drives better after so many years. But do not take me as being judgmental cause it really does not matter for the fact that it doesn't actually affect me. Do I think it's wrong? Of course I do, but I can't actually judge someone else I don't even know for doing something I see as wrong. If that was the case I'm sure there are many things I do that could be "judged" by someone else. And when there is full on retaliation and defensive behavior for what I said that is probably because the person that gets overly mad about it is probably one of the 90-99% of people that would cheat and say mind your own business what I do is mine alone and blah blah blah, but then if they found out tomorrow that THEIR SO was doing the exact same thing to THEM, it would be a complete different story and would be pissed off about it.... But how could they when that is what THEY are doing? All I was trying to point out originally is that I honestly don't get the whole thing in general
  13. Just the Little Things in Life...

    The smell of rain is one of the best things ever and so soothing
  14. Cheating

    For those that judge my comment as judgemental, I would defend it a bit by throwing out there that I do come from a broken home as a kid where my dad got caught cheating on my mom (more then once) and I know from the kids point of view how it affects things. And the thing that hurt everyone involved (because it there IS more involved then just the 2 people) was more of the fact that he tried hiding and covering things up even when he was called out on it instead of being honest about how his needs in one area or another was not being met the way he wanted. And coming from yet another angle, I have a coworker dating my sister where I SEE how he flirts with everyone that has a hole between their legs and sometimes even goes out of his way to do so, but then when my sister takes a picture with an old friend (a guy) or has any kind of actual conversation with a guy friend she has known for years he gets supper pissed off and it's she is in the wrong.... So sorry if the topic in any way shape or form might hit a nerve for some of us in a way that just seems as being judgmental in other eyes rant over with thank you
  15. Cheating

    I actually think you may be in the majority, and are probably correct, which is why I don't understand the whole concept. In my opinion if it's not working why still stay and not just go your separate ways and find someone that does meet your needs instead of sneaking around and hiding things where there is the potential of getting caught and causing more drama for all parties that could be avoided to begin with