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  1. Are you an Explorer or Home bird?

    I like the security of finding those 1-2-3 regulars that you know you click with and occasionally venture out for new tastes here and there....

    all natural... usually don't like real big (although my atatf has pretty big ones) but as long as they are natural they are good. For me personally when I find out someone has fake (as long as I'm not told they are, I probably wouldn't know the wiser) it's just and instant turn off for some reason
  3. Looking for incall

    Just look at a recent post where there was a ton of drama from a shared incall and you can see for yourself
  4. 411 SerenityRose

  5. How much is too much description in a review?

    I thought it was strange and felt like i was being singled out or something in a way seeing how the ones I was submitting was no different form others that had no info at all.... Also in the activities shared I would see plenty of just fs at the top and there was one I was denied because I needed to have more then just fs.... But that was before any of the changes and I was just starting to review (was even accused of being a possible self review of which that review was never accepted and was told I had to get references from the 3 ladies I reviewed at that time)
  6. How much is too much description in a review?

    Actually my first couple of reviews (before they disappeared) I had problems getting to pass because they kept getting declined for NOT having enough details..... I think it might be a new reviewer thing
  7. It's getting close to making your jack-o-lanterns

    I usually hate pumpkin pie.... But I would love to taste that pumpkin pie too
  8. Shopping questions

    You can find some good stuff on wish they have all kinds of things on there
  9. New to The Board

    Hello, and welcome to the board.....
  10. Where to keep the supplies?

    I think seeing toys out in an area easily accessible is a bit of a turn on.... That to me let's me know there ARE toys to play with and encourages me to reach over and try playing with them to add more to the ladies good time
  11. Text or talk?

    I always prefer text.... I really don't like talking on the phone (even with close friends and family), just something about talking in the phone that makes me uncomfortable for some reason and that's just in general for anything to be honest
  12. The "Poop Knife"

    Hahaha you know that when someone sees that, they can't resist looking
  13. The "Poop Knife"

    Wow...... That had me laughing hard.... Like really?
  14. Sharing references?

    I'd noticed that my request reference has been blocked but I don't remember sending multiple requests to anyone. I've requested 4 ladies (at the request of tob) and 3 of them accepted them the 4th isn't active on here so it never went through. my question would be, is there a way to get unblocked for any possible future requests?
  15. Definition of a timewaster

    just my $.02, I've seen too many crashes and close calls because someone just HAD to hit the gas as soon as the light turned green and there was that car that HAD to make the light..... So I'm one that usually waits a second or two in general