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  1. Wanna play a game??

    can i
  2. Tongue twisters

    As much wood as a woodchuck could chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood.... Lol it was funny when I got that answere right after I told someone else that...
  3. I'd go with some sexy legs the most, then a nice toned butt followed closely by some seductive eyes...
  4. I didn’t do it!!

    I would agree with most but not with the bold.... I would at least hope I'm not an "asshat" and I would likely not join if it turned to paid membership... It's the reason I get on here and not p411, so it's not JUST the asshats that would be ran off but you'd likely run off some of the nice guys too...
  5. This is some sick advice

    I drink hot apple cider with a shot or 2 of presidente and a little bit of honey
  6. Cancellation Notice

    That actually sounds hot to me.... Sometimes you don't need to have someone all dolled up but just straight out of the shower nice and fresh. And I actually think wet hair a little to no make up can actually be hotter sometimes...
  7. Eccie?

    Maybe everyone should just put him on the ignore user list.... The only time ever see anything from him is when another person quotes him (I found his posts and comments not worth even looking at anymore)
  8. Any Questions...

    I recently found out that the chicken crossing the street is actually a dark joke about suicide.... I tripped when I found that out, but the punch line of "to get to the other side" isn't actually talking about the other side of the street (which I actually thought this whole time), but instead it's about crossing over to the other side (as some believe) when you die....
  9. What a choice!

    Lol I have to go with first reaction... After raising the question to a bunch of co-workers... It was unanimous that you could always get a prosthetic lol...
  10. What a choice!

    Wow.... At first it seems like a no brainer and the initial reaction would be to lose the leg over the alternative. I mean you don't get any pleasure from your leg... But then reading Melinda's and pointy's responses it not so black and white, cause chances are you might start losing some functionality at some point and then you would wish you chose other wise and kept the leg for function over pleasure. I mean as long as you can please your partner, shouldn't THAT be something that matters too over just thinking selfishly... So at the end that would be a super hard decision.... Just my thoughts
  11. I've been told that 30 is the new 20.....
  12. Anyone ever have...

    I thought imperial palace on Broadway closed not too long ago.... Or was that another place (also Asian cuisine)... 2 story building by Sam's club/ Wendy's? Ate there once years ago (maybe 6 yrs or so), was pretty good when I tried it
  13. If you have nothing nice to say

    This coming from someone who highlighted in op just how many different forums and boards they are apart of.... If your a part of sooooo many forum boards how do YOU have any time to have an actual life? That would take a LOT of time to keep up with so many different things (all on the internet)
  14. Have you ever????

    I'm laughing my ass off so bad it hurts right now..... Hahahahha
  15. If you have nothing nice to say

    It's not so much about the "having nothing nice to say"... It's more that people on here aren't afraid to call someone out on bs and they just speak what's on their mind. as it should be.... Why stay quiet or sugar coat shit? If more people kept things straight and true to themselves, that would be more ideal to me then making things seem better and agreeing with something flat out wrong or stupid when you know it is.