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  1. I need advice from providers on this one. Apparently I'm the guy who lasts way too long which seems to leave the provider drained of her energy. I've had providers stop accepting my appointment request because of this. From my perspective I did acquire the ability to keep the feeling right before climax lasting for as long as I'd like. Since that moment right before climax feels so good and I'm able to control it, I usually will make that last for almost the entire hour. While in the moment I can transfer that climatic energy over to the provider sometimes making her climax once or twice. Total satisfaction on both ends is the result, however she might not wanna see me again or puts restrictions on future encounters. I know I could just climax faster, but I did book for an hour so it feel like I'm cheating myself trying to make it go faster. I wanted to hear from the providers perspective how a situation like this is viewed?
  2. Banned Companion/Provider

    I disagree if a provider is legit but still gets banned. No one speculated about why she got banned, we just shared that we had a positive experience with her. She doesn't only advertise on TOB so it does help her if she's banned on TOB, but clients share positive experiences they had with her. Those who may have found her on TOB but didn't get a chance to meet her might actually do their homework and refer to a post like this. If you got banned for whatever reason wouldn't you want your clients to stand up for your character? That's all I see happening in this post. Nobody's name or handle is being dragged through the mud. From my perspective I'd see her again despite the ban if/ when she visits again.
  3. Banned Companion/Provider

    Wow, Tatiana is absolutely amazing. I don't know why she would get banned.
  4. When will we stop shooting our youths!

    Unfortunately 99.99% of our society has zero clue what's going on/ why these things keep happening all over the country. Rather the 99% know it or not, they have all agreed and contributed to everything you see happening in our country. (unknowing agreement I might add. ) The question that remains is when will the masses wake up? I know most will say I never agreed to any of this, you're crazy bro. However an agreement doesn't have to be a carnal function of the mind, but rather an action one takes not knowing where that action is rooted. For example, if I agree to promote Santa Clause to my kids and buy them gifts saying those gifts came from Santa unknowingly I have agreed to allow deception into the subconscious mind of me and the child. From this point my subconscious mund will have to honor the "free will" of my actions then my thoughts will align with those actions sometimes blocking out truth. So in this example the action would be deception therefore deception is the seed planted in the subconscious. This is the game being played on the masses because those who have power and greed can only maintain power if the masses are ignorant. Ignorant of how much power the masses have to implement change, and ignorant to how they (the masses) are in agreement with everything bad happening based on their actions, not cognitive recognition. The patern of deception is always the same but no one is recognizing the pattern. They first plant the seed, then implement fear to shutdown the brain then implement a solution/agenda. Fear releases chemicals in the brain which makes it impossible for a person to think logically, and then will react to whatever they are told by their fake leaders, which are actually comprised of the most evil people on the planet in sheeps clothing. We saw this happen with covid. Around 2014 ish Obama came out and said "we will have a flu like pandemic 5 to 6 years from now". The seed was then planted and society said nothing. Then fast forward to the almost the exact perdition and boom now we had a pandemic. Next stage was to implement fear, which caused people to run and get vaccinated by a medical system that has zero cures in its resume and a solid history suppressing cures. There was plenty of evidence and even documentation from our own congress statting that the virus was created in a lab which the United States helped fund the research. In fact biological mutations like that takes about 800 years if naturally produced by nature. So the actions the population took out of fear is an agreement with whatever the agenda of the pharmaceutical companies is. I know, what does all this have to do with mass shootings and people going crazy?? Anything you allow into your mind will have an effect on how you act rather you're aware of its effects or not. Certain words have meanings that fall outside of Webster dictionary definitions, because some of the meaning of words were changed around the 1500's. For example the word "Entertainment" in the Webster dictionary will define Entertainment as amusement. However the true meaning of the word before it was changed in the 1600's meant to alter a person mentally, which meant that the true meaning of Entertainment is mind control. So in reality when we agree to be entertained we have actually made an agreement to have our thoughts altered. Our society is a direct reflection of our entertainment industry which actually puts real life events in movies, and use entertainment to twist the minds of the population. The population is in agreement because we support our own mental enslavement. This is why actors, musicians, sports figures ect are paid so much money, and teachers are paid so little. The powerful elites place their resources in their most precious gift, mental control, while the masses believes that our government has our best interests despite the evidence that supports that belief, which in itself is evidence of an altered state of mind. Bottom line is if we want all this to stop, we must first turn off the TV because it is 100% control by our enemies, and being used to alter our thinking. Work on changing the energy of our country from hate to love individually. How? We have to take it upon ourselves to always show love to our fellow man and woman. But first we have to find love for ourselves. I know this post was long, however there is never a simple answer to a complex question. Once love is present, division of the population is much harder, therefore the divide and conquer method is powerless.
  5. Learning Curve

    Great topic, thought I'd chime in. The subconscious can be your best friend or worst enemy if you don't understand how to use it. Walt Disney way to love is rooted in manipulation and control. In order to find true love one has to discover the love within. Most people haven't truly found how to love themselves. Our energy is electromagnetic, which basically means we attract our likeness, or what we have subconsciously accepted as truth. The only way we know what our subconscious beliefs are, we must examine the outcome we've had thus far in regards to relationships. This is a hard task because the individual who does this must take responsibility for whatever outcome those relationships yielded. Why? Because deep within every human is a knowing of future events. This knowing is constantly trying to communicate with us. Depending on which mind is ruling the person might ignore the red flags. For example if the egoic mind is ruling, the relationship will end in disaster every time because the egoic mind isn't rooted in anything so it can only produce devastating outcomes. Sadly, thanks to individuals like Walt Disney most of the population is hard wired into the egoic mind. But if the higher super conscious mind is ruling, that individual will be lead into their ultimate desired outcome provided they have made known to the subconscious what their desired outcome is. The path to completly love ourselves means we have balanced our energies. Once our energies are balanced we attract the love that we radiate. Walt Disney manipulates this balancing because he only shows fairy tales and gets the person to believe that you can have love if you meet the right person, which is actually backwards. He promotes deception because once we make an agreement with our actions to be deceived the subconscious will only produce thoughts that further lead an individual into deception leaving only "hope" as a bridge to their dream life.
  6. No Burner Phone/App Numbers?

    I can't speak for a provider but it's probably for their safety. Providers keep track of clients and their experiences with those clients by the phone numbers provided. Yes using your real number does create access to your true identity, but using a real number also provides a barrier between legit clients and potential dangerous criminals. It would be hard to separate good from the bad when everyone is using a burner or app numbers. You can probably get away with using an app number if you establish a good history with that number.
  7. Have I been blacklisted without cause?1?

    This has happened to me before. A provider that used to be on TOB who I scheduled an appointment with black listed me after I left her incall which she had me waiting outside for 30 mins after our scheduled appointment time. I noticed right after that I couldn't even get a response from providers I previously booked with on TOB. Since then I've just provided everything upfront to the providers I've wished to see such as references, date and time desired, and pics of me so that she knew I was foreal. Using that method has set me apart from the average request, and I've had no problems booking since. Trust the process bro, sometimes karma has a way of clearing out the bullshit for you. The ladies I've met since has been exactly what I've wanted. Whatever blacklist girls on TOB are using needs to be updated because I consider myself a great guy, and take pride in a mutually beneficial environment. However it's been a long time since I've booked any providers off TOB due to bogus blacklist post. In hindsight being blacklisted has open the door for me to meet some amazing providers. If you keep reaching out to providers with respect and being a gentleman you will see results.
  8. What is she doing in there?

    I've had this happen to me a few times, but I'd say this only happens on rare occasions. It doesn't annoy me because I'd rather someone be prepared for me then unprepared, long as the bed isn't still warm when I get in it. I've noticed the wait happens more with high volume providers. Some providers are just not good with time. I usually notice if she's bad with time during text communications. I recognize that it's very difficult to be the provider, the secretary, schedule keeper, housekeeping, and security. For this reason I'm very patient and I never let my anxiousness be felt on her end. That attitude has helped me because the same energy is given even when I'm late for an appointment.
  9. Delicious

    I think it's a fake. I reached out to her and she responded right away. Her donations were rather low and she asked for a deposit upfront. I could be wrong, but I get scammer Vibes from this one. Didn't even ask for references.
  10. Eve

    Go see her with confidence bro. I haven't seen her, but I have seen other girls from this agency. Top notch service that you will not regret.
  11. AMP's are still winning!!

    I'm always at a crossroad whenever I want a massage. I workout at least 4 days a strong ( never week) so when I need a massage I'm always looking for someone who can hit some trigger points. I know we have providers that are amazing and can provide quality massage and eye candy, but for me the eye candy isn't necessarily the focal point. This is what puts me at a major crossroad because I used to skip AMP's in favor of eye candy but the massage I receive whenever only looking for eye candy would always be hit or miss. AMP's are hit or miss too, but I have always had a keen ability to spot out the good ones. Some of the best massages I've had has been from some Lil old lady's with magic in their hands. Lol I guess the convenience of an AMP is what hits for me too. No need to schedule an appointment, you can drive up and walk straight in and have someone available most of the time. However you don't get the privacy of a specialist who provides an experience that AMP's cannot compete with. At the end of the day I know when I walk into an AMP that I'm probably not gonna get FS so I don't go in with that expectation, and most of the time I only want a massage when my muscles are tight. I suppose that's what keeps me going back to AMP's because most of the eye candy providers are so hot but don't offer FS, and I leave always feeling like I should've used that donation on FS. Keeping it real the business side of me is always like you could've had 3 AMP visits out of that one experience. However, I will say that there are some tantric providers that are off the charts and I never feel like I missed out on a FS experience when I visit. Please note this thread isn't a knock on anyone but just my own opinion ( trolls stay away please), I know everyone has their own "likes". Thats what makes life so amazing because there is always someone available to meet everyone's needs.
  12. Lady's please do your research on these pharmaceutical companies, FDA, and CDC before you allow them to put anything into your body. Not judging anyone actions, I know your hearts are in a good place trying to stay protected, but these companies have a very low percentage when it come to cures for anything. They basically have a 0% record for cures and 100% record for side effects. I care about all of you and think research before actions is critical. I only say this because I've been on calls with advisors for these companies and the information I received is very alarming. Once these companies become publicly traded on the stock market that means they need sick people to remain relevant. Off my soap box, I just wanna see everyone healthy. Much Luv peeps!!
  13. Girlfriend

    I'm just here to cheer for you bro... That sounds amazing, hope you have an absolute blast, no pun intended. 😁
  14. 411 on Kat Green

    I reached out to her once to schedule an appointment. At that time she was only doing outcalls which I prefer incall appointments so I never got a chance to meet her. If outcall is an option for you I would definitely give her a call.
  15. What is YOUR KINK?

    This may sound unbelievable, but I once made my wife wet without touching or saying anything to her. I simply just imagine playing with her pussy while laying next to her in bed. Next thing I know she was all over me. My kink would be making women I see in public super horny through telepathy, to the point where they can't help but fuck a complete stranger. In addition, I would make her cum like she never has before. Leaving her with a sweet memory that gets the juices flowing whenever that moment is replayed in her thoughts.