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  1. Review Comment Option

    This would undoubtedly make reviews more useful for men selecting providers, if that’s their purpose. The idea that you can always pm the reviewer assumes both that you are aware of the need to ask a question and that the reviewer will be more honest privately. The former is mystifying, the latter possible but by no means likely. The idea that reviews are just opinions has some validity, except when it doesn’t—when the lady is 30 lbs. more than her pictures, claiming she is an exact match is inaccurate, not merely a (subjective) alternative fact. Since reviews for showing up and walking away aren’t posted, open, public dialogue is the best solution.
  2. This One Is Going To Sting

    The OP engaged in victim blaming when he said providers are subjected to ncns because of their rates. That might be read as an attempt to get them all to lower their rates (actually, how could it not?), which is the very definition of haggling. As for the rest of this, Holy crap! where do you find the time? I'll spend my free time this Sunday subjecting myself to the imaginative activities one of the (fairly compensated) ladies who advertises here can come up with.
  3. This One Is Going To Sting

    Classic victim blaming. All I can make of the logic is, Why spend all that time haggling with providers one at a time when you can haggle with them all at once?
  4. Finally on TOB

    Welcome! And, thanks for one of the all-time great smiles.

    At least some providers read reviews as a check. Had one decline to see me because I didn't like to sit and talk. Reminded me of the session I had when I was trying to get references. It was like being in a strip club and chatting with one of the dancers (right down to the outfit), with BCD activities being the private dance--entirely scripted and only about 20 min (I guess that would at least be 4-5 songs). I'm sold on the maxim, rejection is protection.
  6. Thanks, Country Gentleman!

    What qualifies as an agency?
  7. Actual Massage Skills?

    1. Lovely Raquel - deep tissue 2. MileHighMaddy - Thai Depends whether you think it needs pressure or stretching, though I wouldn’t doubt either could cross modalities (caveat - it’s been probably 5 years since I saw both)
  8. 411 on Topnotchchloe

    This yl's first review showed up one day after the visit (I remember, because I benefited from it). A quick scan of a few newer members shows this one with the first two reviews turning around within 3-4 days and this one getting 2-3 day turnaround. That's as far back as I went, scanning for those with few reviews. So, my guess is it's a benefit for new members, which makes the whole system of delay curious (I thought it was about verification).
  9. Lelechanel

    She's gone by Angelica St James and Kendall Rose. Found just one review from when she did doubles (as KR) with Karmadasani - 7/4/21.
  10. This may be the most elaborate deposit scam ever (note, new # 720 928-1106), I text to see about setting something up Told to visit divinemassages.com and fill out a booking form, includes type of massage and extras menu, which is surprisingly explicit That sends me an email of my 'pending reservation' through Salonbookingsystem with a booking ID After we go through everything below, I "should receive an automated email" with the address I text the booking ID Asks what payment platform I'd like to use I play along and pick one Tells me how to send the deposit and again mentions the confirmation email with address (this one might go to my spam--apparently only after the money is sent does the system glitch) I ask what the deposit amount is Says, "as stated on the website" it's 50% I returned to the website and read everything. No mention. I reply - "I get a confirmation selfie before I send a deposit." Replies, "I don't send custom pics anymore as I've had people use them to verify fake profiles under my name on different sites." But, includes another file photo like those in the ad. Also refers to the many positive reviews on the website and mentions "working with a management agency so ['she'] has to keep everything legit." I reply, "No, thanks." and it could be that this is just a new way of doing things and I missed out.
  11. 411 on Ayla (Tryst)

    I'm not sure I would consider this "upsell," which I think of as having to pay more for what I thought I had already paid for. Ayla's ad says, "Base rate." (Some of the others in this group have detailed, lengthy menus with prices in their Tryst ads.) Of course, since nothing illegal is offered, everything can be discussed in advance. That's what I did (with another in this group), and I got what I paid for and enjoyed it thoroughly.
  12. A new newbie questions

    First, you're gonna do something stupid. But, you're asking good questions, which means it might be less stupid and less frequent. You're right to be skeptical of TOB reviews alone. I've had a couple recent experiences where those promised a much more enjoyable time than the lady delivered. The more information I can find and the more places I find it, the better chance I can end up with what I'm looking for. I'd suggest soliciting info through PMs, but you might not get much being brand new. As a rule, I don't do deposits. It's a rule I broke once and was damn glad I did. Again, the more you know . . . As far as DL--what do you have to lose? If you're willing to lose that, go for it. I've had two ladies (with multiple glowing reviews here) ghost me in the past couple months after I sent DL and business info. They have that now. I've found, "What are your rates?" a pretty good way to find out their rates. I ask it very time--websites are often out of date (I don't want to come up short) and it seems p411 is the premium price (Are guys there always asking for a discount?). On occasion, ladies get pissed off that you ask. That's useful information all on its own.
  13. Samantha on Eros

    Different name, different number, same pics on RubRatings
  14. New TOB lovely

    You can find more info here - https://privatedelights.ch/USA/Colorado/Denver/Sencee. She has one of those “No” lists that should be simplified to ‘FUN’
  15. Guys, when what you say happened in the review required you to buy more time (since we all know that's all she's selling) than the normal session rate, help us out and let us know. Otherwise, we're led to believe the quoted price means plenty of 'time' for that.