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  1. You know that feeling...

    I'm still pretty new to the hobby, but I know I'm fortunate in that every experience I've had with a young lady has left me with that feeling. I also know that my self control is being tested in ways I never anticipated because of it. When that initial intense high fades away, the memories act as a slow drip to maintain the urge to do it all over again. It's an exquisite struggle.
  2. Who is your favorite retired porn star and why?

    Nikki Tyler
  3. #5 and #7 for me. #7 could lead to #1, #2, #6, and #8. #9 could also follow with the increased popularity and a determination to never settle for someone. The additional 10 years to take advantage of the my new skills would be valuable.
  4. If hotel rooms could talk

    When I was 18 both my girlfriend and I worked at the same hotel. She was a housekeeper and spent a lot of nights doing turndown service (fresh towels, bed made, chocolate on the pillow), and I usually worked late to "help" her. As we made the rounds, if a guest wasn't in the room when we knocked on their door, we would fuck on the bed, bathroom counter, chair, really anywhere we could for a minute or two. We kept a list of all the room numbers with the goal of fucking in every room in the hotel. We succeeded, and then some. That was an awesome summer.
  5. What's a MILF to you?

    I've always been of the mind that a MILF was 45+, with the body type not really having anything to do with it. However, when preparing to provide an example for this post, I found out my favorite MILF-type porn star, Cory Chase, is 37. Evidently it's more of a "I know one when I see one" thing for me.
  6. Please!!

    Who knew that Ewoks would eventually find their way to earth from their forest moon home and dominate in the NFL?!
  7. Sliders and nails

    The first In-N-Out to open will have a longer line than when Krispy Kreme opened in Park Meadows. I was in that mile-long line for doughnuts, and just might be in the line for an Animal Style Double-Double.
  8. What gives?!?

    I'm a newb myself, but I can tell you this is 100% how to get started. All the information you need is out there. Study, deliberate, then be polite and professional with your communications. Follow every one of the lady's rules and you'll be treated well in return.
  9. After an extended period of time lurking, gathering advice, and observing interactions on the forums, I finally jumped in a met a young lady. The willingness of everyone here to offer tips and advice was a huge help, and is most appreciated. I will most certainly return that generosity whenever possible!
  10. Sometimes you don't even need to be speaking any language at all to find a groove:
  11. Madly in love with Sophie - anyone else?

    Just watching that makes my hands hurt.
  12. Madly in love with Sophie - anyone else?

    Jess Greenberg isn't as musically talented, but she makes up for that in gratuitousness (is that a word?)
  13. Connect to TOB from outside the US

    It's "the dark web". The addresses aren't actual DNS names, so there is no DNS lookup, the sites aren't indexed by search engines, and they're only accessible via the Tor browser. The's a ton of shady shit on the dark web, but there's also quite a bit of useful resources depending on your needs.
  14. Connect to TOB from outside the US

    There's truth here, but security by obscurity only gets you so far. It's still wise to research the various layers of protection available, and determine how far down that path you're willing to go.
  15. Get a VPN if you don't have one

    These days, whether your're trying to access a geo-blocked site or not, using a VPN is just a good general internet security practice. Between ISP snooping, hackers, and oppressive governments, VPNs are a good line of defense.